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Tamie Fischbach 303-550-9823 tf136fe4e@westpost.net http://www.linkedin.

com/in/tamiefischbach CAREER SUMMARY Applications Software Developer expert in the design, development and delivery of cost effective, technology solutions, effectively troubleshooting defects and completing projects on time. Equally effective supporting manufacturing and finance environments with thorough problem analysis; reputation for superior problem-solving ability. History of exceeding service level agreement criteria by retaining accountability and committing to "getting it done." Skilled in: * * * * * * * * Accurate Reporting Thorough Unit and System Testing Information Gathering Project Planning System Analysis Technical Support Goal Setting / Prioritizing Process Improvement

TECHNICAL SKILLS Languages: COBOL II, Batch with SQL, CICS with SQL and BMS mapping; XML, HMTL, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLER, EasyTrieve, JCL, SyncSort, CA7/CA11 File Structures: VSAM, DB2, IMS Debugging Tools: INTERTEST, EXPEDITOR, ANIMATE, FILEAID, PLATINUM Operating Systems: TSO ISPF, MVS/OS, DOS VSE/ESA Source Control: Endevor, Panvalet PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Western Union, Centennial, CO 1996 - 2010 Financial services company supporting Money orders, Money transfers, Payment and Prepaid services. Application Architect Excellent consulting skills led to selection as key member of 6-person Retail Money Order team challenged with developing and maintaining the Sales and Paids Balancing system. Directed requirements, design, coding, unit testing, system testing, assisted with QA testing and user acceptance testing. Scheduled and reviewed code walkthroughs and configuration management, and coordinated implementation plans for assigned projects. Assisted business users with questions regarding online applications,

missing transmissions, day-to-day business activity. * Created an internal automated system to send vital files and reports to agents when outside vendor product failed. Quick resolution ensured that no agent or file was missed and all work was completed on time. * Designed, wrote, and unit tested an online application system that enabled business users to setup new agents, eliminating 6 days of lag time. New agents began selling money orders within 24 hours. * Challenged with redesigning the job flow for a large customer, allowing the collection of sales fees to occur at a more strategic time. By identifying client needs, prioritizing tasks, and working remotely, project parameters and client expectations were met under a tight deadline. * Established "best practice" standards for coding, unit test results, and implementation. High levels of consistency and improved work quality eliminated the need for follow-up maintenance. * Created and implemented processes that sorted Western Union money order serial numbers from First Data Corporation serial numbers. Thorough follow-up with agents issuing incorrect money orders avoided breach-of-contract issues and fines. * Successfully reduced Help Desk staffing requirements by creating a background online application for DB2 tables and creating XML code accessed by outside vendor for Interactive Voice Response. Supported vendor testing and implementation needs. * Eliminated days of manual keying by producing one-time programs to mass update rows in DB2 tables and records in sequential files according to business requirements. * Identified and implemented cycle-tuning enhancements to shorten batch processing allowing for a larger online processing window. Eliminated redundant reports and multiple file readings. * Participated in IMS to DB2 conversion to update the sales and paids balancing system; resulted in a system that is much simpler to maintain and more efficient. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE MTS Manufacturing, Eden Prairie, MN Manufacturer of laboratories and generator shelters. Senior Programmer Analyst Active member of the applications support team, included on-call responsibilities. * Created programs to replace manual support of manufacturing application modules including bills of material, material requirements planning, product traceability, repetitive manufacturing, cost management and project definition. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science (BS): Computer Science North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND