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Wesley Burns WESLEY BURNS 20 Lane 420 Lake James Angola, Indiana 46703 260-316-2375 wb1396fd0@westpost.

net EDUCATION Information SystemsTech IPFW GE Management Training IT GE CAREER SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE * SQLPLUS/Access /Cobol RPG/ Basic * Spreadsheets/Excel/Lotus 1-2-3 * Report Writer/Crystal/Quiz/Quick * MIS/systems consulting * Design/testing/debugging * Manufacturing Systems * Financial Systems * User orientated CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS * As a Private Consultant I Quote system for a Trailer Smart Suite application to Job Bidding and Job Ticket * Systems team member for the conversion from BAAN ERP to ORACLE UNIX system. Designed reports and inquires using ODBC to Access and Excel. managed the design and development of a Manufacturer using Excel. Converted Lotus Access and Excel. Designed and developed system using Access for a Service company.

* Manufacturing Systems Lead for the implementation and support of the BAAN ERP system. * Team member on the selecting and implementation of a new computer hardware platform and software systems to be jointly used by all Manufacturing Facilities in our division. * Lead Manufacturing Systems person to convert from an Automated Shop Floor System to a JIT Warehousing and Manufacturing System. * Lead System Analyst on conversion of all applications for Y2K. * Senior Manufacturing Systems Analyst in the start up of a new Manufacturing plant. Designed the interfaces from HP3000 Manufacturing system to an Automated Shop Floor Control Conveyor system and a HP1000 control system. WESLEY BURNS PAGE 2 CAREER EXPERIENCE PRIVATE CONSULTANT 2002-2011 Application Designer Designed and wrote applications in SQL PLUS, CRYSTAL, ACCESS and EXCEL for several area companies. BAE CONTROLS SYSTEMS FT WAYNE INDIANA 1981-2002 (GE/LOCKHEED MARTIN) Senior Systems Analyst Manufacturing System Lead for conversion of Baan ERP System to ORACLE UNIX System; Coded Subroutines using SQLPLUS. Interface ORACLE using ODBC using Access and Excel; Senior Analyst on BAAN Manufacturing System. Maintained Automated Manufacturing Systems HP3000. Reason for leaving: Retired to work less hours COOPER INDUSTRIES DOTCO HICKSVILLE OHIO 1975-1981 Manager Information Systems Developed models, statistical data, management reports, and safeguards for proprietary software; Designed databases for planning and scheduling Manufacturing Systems using an IBM System 3; Project Leader for conversion to Corporate Computer Systems (IBM to

Honeywell. Reason for leaving: More opportunities DUNLIN WARD & DEWALD FT WAYNE INDIANA 1969-1975 Manager Information Systems Developed processing systems for financial applications. Managed a team of programmer analysts. Manager of Service Bureau Applications. Reason for leaving: Gain manufacturing background COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES INC. FT WAYNE INDIANA 1963-1969 Programmer Analyst Developed and programmed systems for Service Bureau Applications. Managed a team of programmer analysts. Reason for leaving: Advancement REFERENCES PROVIDED UPON REQUEST