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TODD A. OBERMANN 2916 Griffith Ave. Clovis, CA. 93611 (559) 294-9924 to139a5ae@westpost.

net ____________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY: Extensive hands-on experience in production, engineering, project man agement, quality, marketing, research and development. An energetic, innovative professional who can thrive in a fast paced, high demand, dynamic work-environment, and is skilled at interfacing with al l levels of an organization. HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS Effective in utilizing resources, improving processes, increasing quality and reducing costs. Able to articulate ideas both verbally and in written form in a highly effec tive manner. Strong analytical skills with the ability to resolve technical issues. Computer literate with experienced use with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and MRP mainframe programs. Able to build motivated teams that consistently exceed production goals. Thoroughly familiar with a broad range of manufacturing protocols, including SMT, KANBAN, JIT, TQM, 5S, and KAIZEN continuous improvement principles. Skilled in Project Management, Production Management, Value Engineering, and Quality Control, Planning, Production Control, Lean Manufacturing Principles and Assem bly Development. College graduate with M.S. and B.S. in Industrial Systems Technology. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PELCO, Clovis, CA 1/09 12/10 Production Manager Lead and supervise production operations of internet protocol based camera, requiring experience in working in a fast paced, high-tech environment with expertise in scheduling, quality mana gement, team building, training, cost control, troubleshooting and process improvement. Administered actions that reduced assembly defects in pressurized camera system s by 85% during the first 3 months of becoming a production manager. Instituted quality program that maintained an out-of-box failure rate for all p roducts made of <0.1%. First production manager to meet production goal continuously over a12 month pe riod. Set in-house records for quality and productivity on camera systems, by setting up a single piece flow production system and reduced rework labor costs by 60% within 6 months. PELCO, Clovis, CA 6/99 1/09 Engineering New Product and Compliance Manager

Reporting directly to the Vice President of Product Development in the coord ination, management, and release of new products through the factory. Responsible for the implementation of manufacturing and production technologies which include production processes, tooling, equipment and docu mentation. Created and established a completely new product launch group to Pelco in an ef fort to eliminate disruptions between Engineering and Production support groups, which increased product rele ase and time-to-market by 70%. Actively served on product development teams to influence design decisions for higher quality standards and productivity, in both Manufacturing and Production areas. Assumed complete responsibility for all new product launch activities to ensure a smooth transition into production. Led project team(s) to establish achievable task dates to meet the needs of mar keting proposals for new designs. Coordinated efforts with department management on project resources to achieve project target dates. Conducted research on potential manufacturing and production technologies that could be applied to existing and future products for the company product line. Upheld, recommended and authored changes to product development related procedu res and assure that all required documentation is current per ISO 9001 standards. Led all legislative efforts to bring Pelco into compliance with all RoHS requir ements for green initiatives. VENDO COMPANY, Fresno, CA 6/97 6/99 Project Manager Responsible for the coordination, monitoring and management of major existing and new project development initiatives for the company. Initiating Quality Function Deployment (QFD) pr actices ensuring that the customer receives the products and services they desire, within the time limitations t hey assess, at prices that meet the economic objectives of the company. Facilitated all preliminary project brainstorming and planning sessions while a ssuming complete responsibility for the overall coordination and management of the major development activit ies for each new project. Responsible for bringing together all necessary resources in a timely manner to achieve established project development timelines. This included working closely with other departm ents to ensure Marketing priorities were consistent with the companys strategic plan and that activities mat ched the established agreed upon priorities. Obtained information on new and improved technologies which enhanced the compan ys products and services while keeping abreast of the industry events and activities which aided in det ermining the companys next course of action. VENDO COMPANY, Fresno, CA 7/95 - 6/97 Value Engineering - Supervisor Provide support to the Product Engineering team and other functional departm ents to implement programs which

remove excess cost from existing designs and provide production facilitation in the implementation and transfer of new technology and manufacturing processes. Reduced production costs by over 1 million in one year through a series of rede signs and the use of alternative materials by direct interaction and communication with existing supplier s. Participated on product design teams to insure new products and revisions were capable of being effectively implemented into the production process. Assured testing of purchased components through Product Engineering resources a nd implemented supplier proposals for cost reductions. Monitored and supported all engineering line liaison personnel that reported to my position. VENDO COMPANY, Fresno, CA Product Engineer/Line Liaison 10/94 - 7/95

Provide technical support to the production line and all manufacturing suppo rt groups. Implemented Just-In-Time assembly line operations. Trained manufacturing opera tors in new processes. Performed part evaluations on discrepant hardware through the Material Review B oard system. Resolved schedule and material delays with the Purchasing Department. Planned, directed and coordinated activities of Project Engineering, Purchasing , Quality, Manufacturing and Production Control. Modified engineering CAD drawings as required to support production efforts on the assembly line. STANDARD RENT-A-CAR, Clovis, CA 1/94 - 10/94 Assistant Manager Manage and coordinate the efforts of the store office in determining office profitability and sales strategies while ensuring excellent customer service. Managed the daily operations of office personnel, generated manpower forecasts, monitored sales and budgets. Interacted daily with insurance adjusters and agents in the process of auto cla ims. Pursued marketing programs with dealerships, auto-body shops and garages. Impl emented research and development program with respect to business development opportunities. Conducted screening interviews with prospective employees and performed hiring, training, development, motivation, and evaluations of personnel. Accounted for stores total revenue earnings, managed account bookkeeping, cash balances, daily finance reports and prepared overall financial goal-setting forecasts and marketing stra tegies. READ-RITE CORPORATION, Milpitas, CA 1/93 - 11/93 Manufacturing Process Engineer Support HGA and HSA manufacturing groups for local and offshore production l

ines. Provided technical support to the development of new manufacturing technology. Performed contamination analysis and qualifications with respect to outgassing and cleanliness specifications. Developed manufacturing process instructions for system operations to ensure pr oper functioning of equipment. Resolved technical issues to keep the assembly lines operational and functionin g. Planned and implemented (JIT) Just In Time assembly line operations. Trained m anufacturing operators in new processes. Performed equipment evaluation and implementation of new too ling designs for manufacturing. HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Space & Communications Group, El Segundo, CA 1/91 - 11/92 Quality Assurance Engineer Manage the quality inspection of complex space flight hardware to the confor mance of engineering drawings, schematics and product standards. Trained and directed Quality Assurance personnel on the inspection and test of high reliability electrical components and fabricated hardware assemblies. Improved laboratory productivity 50% by introducing new procedures and equipmen t. Determined root cause and corrective action for process improvements through Ma terial Review Board involvement on hardware development. Managed all material safety data sheet information for over-the-road shipments of hazardous waste material. HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Space & Communications Group, El Segundo, CA 3/89 - 1/91 Planning-Production Control Supervisor Coordinate and oversee the efforts of manufacturing personnel to ensure time ly delivery of space flight hardware to integration within budget. Resolved schedule and material delays with product line management for propulsi on satellite systems Generated manpower forecasts, monitored budgets and ensured completion of emplo yee work assignments. Developed work measurement systems for productivity tracking and reporting of r esults to contract military personnel. Facilitated corrective actions for discrepant hardware analysis in determining cause analysis and future preventions. TRW, Operations & Support Group, Redondo Beach, CA 11/87 - 3/89 Senior Project Coordinator Interface with design engineers and customer representatives during audits r equiring good communication and interpersonal skills. Planned, directed and coordinated activities of project planning, production su pport, assembly and test. Identified scope of work, reviewed blue prints, estimated man-hours and created job plans for work scheduling. Represented the manufacturing organization in negotiations with divisional mana

gement. Led military officials on production audit tours for military buy-offs, requiri ng department of defense security clearance. HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Space & Communications Group, El Segundo, CA 6/85 - 11/87 Manufacturing Technical Rotator/Production Control Planner Provide technical support to product line personnel through various aspects o f planning, manufacturing, tooling, scheduling and fabrication. Coordinated the manufacturing design of flight hardware with vendors within a s et schedule date of completion. Reviewed engineering drawings and test requirements to develop planning procedu res for the design and manufacture of communication satellite systems, for both military defense and commer cial applications. EDUCATION CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO, Fresno, Ca. 5/02 Masters of Science Degree - Industrial Technology CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO, Fresno, Ca. 5/85 Bachelor of Science Degree - Industrial Technology