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After the facing Imperial super-heavy tanks in the Damocles crusade and later conflicts, the Tau required greater super-heavy support for Cadres. The Manta, although an excellent weapons platform, was too rare, large, and valuable. The perfect choice for modification was the Orca Mark II because of its availability and flexible design.

Points 680
The variant is the Scorpionfish Missile Gunship and it carries a missile loadout of Seeker, Tracer, and SubMunitions missiles. Its main weapon is the Variable Missile Launcher (VML), which is capable of firing any of its three missile types.

UNIT: 1 Scorpionfish


Weapon Missile Pod Seeker Missile Tracer Missile SM Missile Conc. SM Missile Dispersed Markerlight (LR)

36 72 120 96 96 72

7 8 D 6 4 Na

4 3 2 4 5 Na Assault 2 Heavy 1


TYPE: Super Heavy Skimmer STRUCTURE POINTS: 3 OPTIONS: Blacksun filter, disruption pod, decoy launcher. WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: * Ventral turret : two (2) twin-linked missile pods. * Dorsal turret : Variable Missile Launcher. * Landing gear. SPECIAL RULES:

Ord. 1, destroyer, 5 blast Heavy 1, 5 blast Heavy 1, 7 blast Heavy 1

* Targeting Array (BS already included). * Bow, Port, and Starboard turrets - one (1) long-range (LR) networked Markerlight with 180 degree arc.

* Orbital Skimmer: The Scorpionfish operates as a skimmer, but can lift off into orbit. If it lifts off, it cannot return to the battle. * Variable Missile Launcher (VML): The VML is a partitioned turret with two sides. Each side is an independent weapon capable of firing at different targets. It can fire either two (2) seeker or one (1) Tracer or one (1) Sub-munitions missile per side per turn. The VML is a primary weapon. * Munitions stockpile: The Scorpionfish sacrifices its transport capability to carry missiles. It can hold a maximum of twenty-four (24) seeker, six (6) Tracer, or six (6) Sub-Munitions (SM) missiles. Each Tracer or SM missile is the equivalent of two (2) seeker missiles for loadout purposes. Prior to the start of the game, the player determines the missile loadout (number and type). If the Scorpionfish is destroyed with 50%+ of its missiles unfired, than add two (+2) to the DR on the catastrophic damage table. * Dedicated Missileship: The Scorpionfish has enough crew to direct missiles. All missile types fired from the VML can be fired either as guided missile (requiring a markerlight) or as an unguided missile where all normal shooting rules apply. * Tracer Missile: The Tracer Missile is a large missile and carries a devastating warhead specifically designed to inflict crippling damage to war engines and titans. * Sub-Munitions (SM) Missile: The SM Missile is a large cluster munitions missile designed to maximize destructive area. The SM missile has two settings: Concentrated - a 5 blast template or Dispersed - a 7 blast template. The player decides the setting prior to rolling to hit.