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ARTHUR RUIZ (512) 524-2572 * ar13e11c0@westpost.

net Production Manager * Maintenance Manager PROFILE Over 18 successful years of combined experience in Production Operations, Superv ision, Training, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Equipment/Property Repair Mainte nance, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Client/Employee Relations * Experienced in forecasting operational demands and coordinating production ra tes * Prioritize tasks; learn new technology and apply successful time management * Dependable, reliable, safety conscious and well organized * Equally effective working in self-managed projects and as a member of a team * Utilize leadership to improve and train team members; committed to high quali ty work and attentive to details EXPERIENCE Cerqa Copyright Printing (formerly Copyright Printing); Austin, Texas 2001-2011 Operations Manager * Demonstrated exemplary leadership attributes in directing production operati ons overseeing scheduling, purchasing, inventory management and employee/client relations for this $25-30M company * Interviewed, hired, managed and trained a team of 12; oversaw that training programs followed ISO standards and lean manufacturing; monitored timesheets, pr oduction hours and payroll through the computer system, keeping up with employee vacations and turning into HR * Successfully increased and surpassed various production efficiency and safet y management records by reviewing operations, breaking them down and redesigning processes, retraining personnel and changing the way the crew worked together * Oversaw equipment maintenance; coordinated diagnostics, testing, inspection, troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenance of various tools and equipme nt all the while utilizing knowledge in OSHA training, and environmental health and safety procedures * Educated team on how to work together while keeping everyone on the same pag e; listened intently to any issues or challenging obstacles; dissolved barriers by designing and implementing step-by-step procedures and tools that simplified processes * Identified long-term strategic opportunities, provided clear corporate vision and philosophy * Led overall strategic direction, growth initiatives with budgetary responsib ility, including print production, overhead and profit contribution * Built a world-class culture from the perspective of driving results and innova tion as the business increased as well as monitored trends and fluctuations in t he market, downsizing in distressed economic times as necessary * Set focus, goals and strategic vision for the team and utilized resources (peo ple, materials and the facility) to their maximum potential, providing company w ith greatest ROI, which included training operators on how to work faster while keeping quality high * Utilized safe behavior management fundamentals; ensured safety training and environmental compliance * Worked with Sales and Customer Service Reps on jobs regarding better plannin g, production, profit and customer satisfaction * Recognized issues; clarified understanding and corrected behavior inconsiste nt with policies; demonstrated a zero tolerance to those behaviors; ensured crew member performance issues were resolved using appropriate progressive correction action * Focused on cutting costs and increasing production while maintaining safety

and quality control * Developed presentations for team covering daily goals, production time lines , quality control/assurance and operations Capital Printing; Austin, Texas 1991-2001 Shift Lead (2009-Present) * Hired, supervised and trained seven (7) Operators in all phases of print pro duction operations; delegated responsibilities, evaluated performance and mediat ed conflicts; ensured schedules were adhered to, and tasks and assignments were completed on time * Coordinated/led system operations, shift activities and monitored/operated p rocess systems using computerized controls * Maintained safety at all costs; conducted safety meetings periodically as we ll as abided by OSHA/governmental/environmental compliance * Communicated regularly with management regarding print schedules; used broad and comprehensive knowledge of concepts, practices, procedures in analyzing pro duction operations; monitored instrumentation control panels; calculated figures for reports * Checked equipment, monitored/adjusted flows and feed equipment; entered and retrieved data through automated PC systems * Ensured incident investigation documentations ere completed thoroughly and e quipment maintenance repairs were resolved * Conducted periodic checks of operational equipment, recommended changes to methods and operations * Coordinated repair for equipment outage and preventive maintenance * Delivered presentations to personnel covering goals, processes, operations, company standards and issues, quality excellence, OSHA/safety regulations, yearl y projections, and responsibilities of each operation and company as a whole TRAINING: ISO Compliance for Quarterly and Annual Audits; Management, Production and Employee Counseling Seminars COMPUTER: Windows, Word and working knowledge of Excel