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My objective is to acquire a position that will challenge me, allowing me to bot h utilize and expand upon my skills and interests, not only in Computer Science, but also in Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy. The ideal position would incl ude research and software development in Astrophysics, including one or more of the following: Astronomy, Cosmology, Mathematics, Physics (esp. Particle Physics ), Quantum Mechanics, and Relativity. EDUCATION Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1997, GPA 4.0 Dissertation: An Architecture for Behavioral Locomotion M.S.E. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1991, GPA 4.0 B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, 19 89, GPA 3.6 Departmental Honors in Computer Science H.S. John F. Kennedy High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1985, GPA 3.7, Outsta nding Mathematician Award PUBLICATIONS R. Belt, J. Hauge, J. Kelley, G. Knowles, R. Lewandowski, L. Riddle, R. Mandelba um, B. Reich, H. Girolamo. Combat Vehicle Visualization System, Proceedings of SPIE AeroSense, Orlando, FL, April 2000. R. Mandelbaum, L. McDowell, L. Bogoni, B. Reich, and M. Hansen. Real Time Stere o Processing, Obstacle Detection, and Terrain Estimation from Vehicle Mounted St ereo Cameras, Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer V ision, Princeton, NJ, October 1998. Barry Reich. An Architecture for Behavioral Locomotion. Ph.D. Thesis, 1997. T echnical Report IRCS 98 04, University of Pennsylvania, 1998. Norman I. Badler, Bonnie L. Webber, and Barry D. Reich. Towards Personalities f or Animated Agents with Reactive and Planning Behaviors. In Robert Trappl and P aolo Petta, Editors, Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors: Towards Autono mous Personality Agents, 1997. Thomas S. Trias, Sonu Chopra, Barry D. Reich, Michael B. Moore, Norman I. Badler , Bonnie L. Webber, and Christopher W. Geib. Decision Networks for Integrating the Behaviors of Virtual Agents and Avatars. IEEE Virtual Reality Annual Intern ational Symposium '96, Santa Clara, CA, 1996. N. Badler, B. Webber, W. Becket, C. Geib, M. Moore, C. Pelachaud, B. Reich, and M. Stone. Planning for Animation. In N. Magnenat-Thalmann and D. Thalmann, Edi tors, Interactive Computer Animation, Prentice-Hall, 1996. N. Badler, B. Webber, W. Becket, C. Geib, M. Moore, C. Pelachaud, B. Reich, and M. Stone. Planning and Parallel Transition Networks: Animation's New Frontiers. Proceedings of Pacific Graphics '95, pages 101-117, World Scientific Publishin g, River Edge, NJ, 1995. John P. Granieri, Welton Becket, Barry D. Reich, Jonathan Crabtree, and Norman I . Badler. Behavioral Control for Real Time Simulated Human Agents. In Pat Hanr ahan and Jim Winget, Editors, 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, pages 1 73-180, April 1995. Michael B. Moore, Christopher Geib, and Barry D. Reich. Planning for Reactive B ehaviors in Hide and Seek. Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Computer Gene rated Forces and Behavioral Representation, Orlando, FL, May 1995. Michael B. Moore, Christopher Geib, and Barry D. Reich. Planning and Terrain Re asoning. AAAI Spring Symposium on Integrated Planning Applications, Stanford, C A, 1995.

Barry D. Reich, Hyeongseok Ko, Welton Becket, and Norman I. Badler. Terrain Rea soning for Human Locomotion. Proceedings of Computer Animation '94, pages 76-82 , Geneva, Switzerland, May 1994. Hyeongseok Ko, Barry D. Reich, Welton Becket, and Norman I. Badler. Terrain Nav igation Skills and Reasoning. Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Computer Gene rated Forces and Behavioral Representation, pages 219-227, Orlando, FL, May 1994 . PRESENTATIONS "A Working Behavioral Locomotion System", Delaware Valley Artificial Intelligenc e Association, March 1995. "Planning for Reactive Behaviors in Hide and Seek", Fifth Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation, Orlando, FL, May 1995. WORK EXPERIENCE COMPUTER CONSULTANT, NEUROMATTERS, INC., NEW YORK CITY, NY, OCTOBER 2010 - JANUA RY 2011: Misc. consulting for an image triage system based on EEG responses to rapidly-di splayed images. Created an OpenGL feedback screen that included keyboard intera ction for target image selection, and animation, where a set of images would rea rrange itself from the presentation order to the EEG "scoring" order, giving the user an indication of the effectiveness of the system, and of the level of cali bration achieved. All programming was done in C++ using Visual Studio 2010. PRESIDENT, ALEPH NULL SOLUTIONS, INC., ROCKVILLE, MD, NOVEMBER 2009 - PRESENT: Acquired a DARPA contract in early 2010 to create an elaborate graphical user in terface (GUI) to display and interact with robots and soldiers maneuvering in an d around a set of buildings. The system features full 3D geometry with keyboard - and mouse-based viewing controls. Robots may be selected and commanded, and t he system continuously receives telemetry, updating both the scene and "Blackboa rd" windows in real time. One of the most complex features implemented is the a bility to stream live audio and video sensor data from the robots into pop-up wi ndows. The system was completed and delivered on time, and it performed success fully during several demos. The software is written in Visual C++/CLI (.NET) us ing industry best practices in software engineering and revision control. COMPUTER CONSULTANT, GENERAL DYNAMICS ROBOTICS SYSTEMS, WESTMINSTER, MD, FEBRUAR Y 2009 - MARCH 2010: Developed a novel, lossless, low-latency bandwidth-reduction solution for high r esolution video imagery. While leading the development of software to fuse and display video data as panoramic images on screens inside manned ground vehicles, I identified the problem of the total camera output exceeding the communication medium's physical limits. After two months of research and experimentation, I developed, implemented, and optimized a new, lossless compression algorithm that solved the problem by exploiting patterns resulting from the particular hardwar e setup. Became the Autonomous Navigation System (ANS) group's expert on Road Network Def inition Files (RNDFs), including developing a C++ software system to parse RNDFs , and store them in efficient data structures, to perform Mathematical operation s on them, from simple, immediate calculations, such as distance to a curve, and best location estimate through iterative refinement and curve matching, to comp lex analyses over time to aid in lane navigation by estimating such factors as s ensor bias and temporal drift. The software, which supports both Linux and Wind ows environments, includes a graphics library, GPS and UTM support, basic image processing and computer vision functions, bitwise streaming, and data compressio n. Coordinated collaboration between GDRS and Auburn University on DRTK (dynamic re al-time kinematics) projects, organized visits, and coordinated data collection

efforts Consulted on internal projects, reviewed documents, and participated in discussi ons on various topics including 3D state estimation and tracking of humans and o bjects, human, obstacle, and negative obstacle detection, Mathematical algorithm s for camera calibration, intersection mapping, graphics pipeline processing and Intel CUDA, and traffic planning COMPUTER CONSULTANT, KELLY SERVICES, INC., ROCKVILLE, MD, JULY 2008 - FEBRUARY 2 009: Responsible for completing "People Cards" web-based personnel information system for Booz Allen Hamilton Developing system on personal computer before porting back to Booz Allen servers Utilizing Microsoft's Virtual Machine technology (including VMRCPlus), Fedora an d Red Hat Linux (including full system administration), Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Smartie, and other standard web design, development, and admi nistration technologies ASSOCIATE, BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON, ROCKVILLE, MD, APRIL 2007 - JULY 2008: Created Requirements, Evaluation Criteria, and Candidates document as a proposal for the National Children's Study's (NCS) integration architecture solution - T his required researching the current trends and best practices in integration ar chitecture and communication systems, especially SOAs and ESBs Developed software for NCS in Microsoft Visual Studio C# .NET Technical Lead and Project Management for the Informed Consent Module - Responsi bilities include: organizing and leading meetings, maintaining a task list and a schedule, and testing and analysis of the new interactive video software on a t ablet computer with electronic signature capture and hard drive encryption Wiki Administrator - Responsible for organizing and maintaining the NCS Wiki pag es Created a developer's guide for the software effort and a project overview docum ent for the Informed Consent Module Online courses and classroom training on various topics including: Booz Allen's "Core Values", Enterprise Service Buses, and Secure Coding Practices

RESEARCH SCIENTIST, GWU BIOSTATISTICS DEPARTMENT, ROCKVILLE, MD, FEBRUARY 2004-A PRIL 2007: Lead "Hardcore" Software Engineer for TrialNet, a 12-year study aimed at curing Juvenile Diabetes - Primarily focusing on data structures, algorithms, software engineering, and software development for the international data collection syst em for all TrialNet studies Languages, Operating Systems, and Software: C, C++, Rexx, ICE (an object-oriente d version of Rexx), HTML, JavaScript, XML, R, CMS, Windows XP, Linux, Visual C++ , C++ Builder, SQL, DB2, Emacs, XEdit, Jira Wrote a tracking system in C/CMS to maintain user-defined state machines contain ing arbitrary code, associated with states and transitions, embedded in user-def ined objects, that is capable of processing one billion events per year Developed database management systems to keep track of inventory for barcode lab els, forms, and general supplies Developed a document management system similar to Windows Explorer to help organ ize the roughly 100,000 folders and files associated with TrialNet Responsible for the development of most of TrialNet's C and C++ code including L inux CGIs and Windows DLLs CONSULTANT, ALAN PENN & ASSOCIATES, INC., ROCKVILLE, MD, DECEMBER 2005 - SEPTEMB ER 2006: Software Engineering Analysis for CAD Image Assistant software for computer-aide d diagnosis of breast cancer Java GUI for error-free, user-friendly editing of various XML files for system c

onfiguration CONSULTANT, NBR COMPUTER CONSULTING, L.L.C., ARLINGTON, VA, NOVEMBER 2005 - PRES ENT: Visual C++ GUI for Japanese (Hiragana) and Chinese (Pinyin) character entry and verification Perl CGI for a client to demo encoding and decoding of data coming from and retu rning to a device similar to EZ Pass, but for parking meters CONSULTANT, SARNOFF CORPORATION, PRINCETON, NJ, FEBRUARY 1998 - NOVEMBER 2002: Lead software engineer, architect, and programmer for VFE-200 - Responsible for VFE training Developed complete RS-232 and Ethernet communications packages for all projects running on and communicating with the VFE, PC's running Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP , and Sun workstations Developed elaborate Windows-based PC GUI's to communicate with and control the V FE and the newer Acadia video processing board using C++ Builder and Visual C++, MFC, OpenGL, and FLTK Programmed image processing systems, most notably: visible/IR fusion, stabilizat ion, registration, mosaicking, stereo, target detection and tracking, focus-aid, contrast enhancement, variable zoom, change detection, split screen, motion det ection, lens distortion removal, and picture-in-picture, all at 720x480, 60hz, i n color, and with low latency Programmed hardware drivers including mouse, head-tracker, gimbals, pan-tilt uni t, and trackball All projects required CVS, SPOX (a real-time operating system for embedded syste ms), custom, vision libraries, and Code Composer (debugging software for multipr ocessor, multitasking, embedded systems), thorough knowledge of parallel program ming techniques, and operating system-level concerns such as deadlock avoidance, task prioritization and scheduling, semaphores, and mailboxes for intertask syn chronization VICE-PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, REALTIME MEDIA, INC., WYNNEWOOD, PA, FEBR UARY 2000 - AUGUST 2000: Structured, staffed, and ran the R&D and Product Development departments Created marketing collateral materials, full product descriptions, functional sp ecifications, and sales demos for all products, pre-existing, under development, and proposed Arranged or initiated strategic alliances with loyalty program and game vendors, and with a patent attorney Responsible for new product research and management including: creating working specifications and web site flow charts, establishing prize schedules, rules and regulations, building game card decks (data files), testing, launching, maintai ning, and ending promotions, and handling winner notification and fulfillment RESEARCH SCIENTIST, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA, PA, AUGUST 1989 MAY 1997: Dissertation: "An Architecture for Behavioral Locomotion" presents the design me thodology and a concrete implementation of a locomotion control system for simul ated human agents or robots Implemented Marching Cubes, a visualization algorithm for isosurfaces in volumet ric data such as MRI - This implementation is released as a standard part of the Jack human modeling and simulation package developed at The University of Penns ylvania Designed and implemented novel algorithms for fast height-field-based clipping o f sensor view-cones Implemented Ken Perlin's Hypertextures, a volumetric rendering algorithm based o n accumulating opacity in 3D potential fields - Developed a mechanism for distri buting the processing and rendering among 20 clustered Sun workstations Developed ray tracer and particle systems software, both running in near-real-ti

me on a (SIMD) Connection Machine

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER AND RESEARCH SCIENTIST, NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, GAITHE RSBURG, MD, SUMMERS 1986 - 1989: Completed a Physics internship, developing a force and torque sensor control sys tem for a robot arm Wrote a camera fixation program and driver for a camera and rail system interfac ing with a PC Wrote a Grinnell graphics board emulator for Sun workstations Invented and refined a technique for bit-wise run-length encoding of video image streams COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, HARRY DIAMOND LABORATORIES, ADELPHI, MD, SUMMERS 1984 - 198 5: One of two selected (of 75 applicants) to participate in the Department of Defen se Summer Job Program at this site - Secret clearance was required Wrote BASIC programs on a VAX to aid in the analysis of chemical compounds ENTREPRENEURIAL EXPERIENCE CO-FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, ALEPH NULL SOLUTIONS, INC., BOYDS, MD, NOVEMBER 2009 PRESENT: Founded Aleph Null Solutions (ANS) as a scientific and educational consulting co mpany Beginning with a DARPA contract to create a graphical user interface and control system for a robotics and image processing/computer vision project, ANS is esta blishing a reputation for the highest quality software engineering practices and solutions, focusing on creating Visual C++/CLI (.NET)-based systems. ANS's educational consulting includes collaboration with Kids Adventures, LLC to provide tutoring and other educational programs to school children FOUNDER AND CEO, THE IMP LAIR GROUP, LLC, PHILADELPHIA, PA, JULY 2001 - DECEMBER 2006: Consulted for Active BreakTime, Chicago, IL - Designed software to prevent carpe l-tunnel syndrome and techniques to motivate compliance Gathered together over 40 of the most talented game designers and developers fro m Philadelphia and around the country to form one of the first "Game Consulting" companies to educate, motivate, and entertain clients and employees of both sma ll companies and large corporations CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, DILL PIXELS, INC., PHILADELPHIA, PA, OCTOBER 1995 - DECEMBER 2006: Wrote a custom visualizer with real-time animation precisely synchronized with c lassical music for a new musical notation by Visible Music, Inc. Created The Ramagon Interactive Construction Kit, an educational entertainment s oftware product for children Consulted for CGInteractive, specializing in e-commerce, auction, and reverse au ction web sites - Duties included technology assessments, site design, and the a pplication of dissertation work to the development of a behavioral model of auto nomous site evolution based on a statistical analysis of user patterns Collaborated with DRaW, Inc., to produce OpenWorlds, a high-performance VRML too lkit using OpenGL and Optimizer Produced a two-minute video, "ENIAC & Beyond", for the University of Pennsylvani a's celebration of the ENIAC's 50th anniversary - Vice President Al Gore showed the video COMPUTER SKILLS

Over 30 years of programming experience including all common languages, especial ly C, C#, and C++, all common programming styles, especially Procedural, Functio nal, Scripting, Web-Based, and Object Oriented, and all flavors of Windows, Linu x, and Unix operating systems Expert with Emacs, Excel, C++ Builder, Visual C++, JBuilder, MFC, OpenGL, LaTeX, and GUI design and development Experienced with Internet technologies and languages, especially Apache, PHP, SQ L/MySQL, Java, Perl, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Smartie, and VRML Extensive knowledge of networking protocols including TCP, IP, UDP, and RS-232, and with error detection and correction protocols for all of the above MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS ACHIEVEMENTS Received an honorable mention for a score of 49 on the Putnam exam One of thousands to participate in a statewide Mathematics competition - Earned third place scholarship to UMD Scored perfect 800 on PSAT Math, SAT Math, Math Level II Achievement Test, GRE A nalytical, and GRE Quantitative Top performing member of the Kennedy High School Math Team 1983 - 1985, Captain 1984 - 1985, One of two invited to join the Montgomery County, MD Math Team - Pa rticipating on the "B" team (of A-D), won the national championships at Penn Sta te in 1984, B division, and as a member of the A team in 1985, won the national championships, A division, beating New York City's A team for the first time in the history of the competition Scored sufficiently well on the AHSME to qualify to take the AIME - Scored 8/15 on the AIME (a score of 10 was required to make the International Mathematical O lympiad Team) Two years of high school Physics and two years as a Physics major at UMD (effect ively "minored" in Physics) Scored perfect 5 on the Physics AP test, and received 18 total credits at UMD fo r this, combined with Math and Chemistry AP test results REFERENCES TOM TRIAS, M.S.E. Vice President of Software Engineering Aleph Null Solutions, Inc. 309-731-4808 DR. JEFFRY S. NIMEROFF CEO JSN Consulting, Inc. 609-714-3399 DR. NAJI YOUNES Associate Research Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology George Washington University 703-836-5121 DR. ROBERT MANDELBAUM Principal Investigator DARPA 610-389-5202 MIKE WELLFARE, M.S. Senior Staff Signal Processing Engineer General Dynamics Robotics Systems 410-840-5750 x3628 DR. NORMAN I. BADLER Associate Dean for Academic Affairs School of Engineering and Applied Science University of Pennsylvania 215-898-5862