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This is Dove.

Why we created this book.



what Dove is, what it isn’t, what we want it to be.

us to speak with one voice.


us sustain the level of growth Dove has enjoyed in recent years.

everything created in the name of Dove.


us to produce work that makes our consumers take notice, that makes our competitors jealous, and that makes us proud.

a vision to guide us as we take Dove into new categories.

This is Dove. H OW D OV E C A M E TO B E T H E TA R G E T THE INSIGHT THE PROMISE 07 13 25 29 T H E D O V E W AY VA L U E S & P E RS O N A L IT Y VO I C E B E AUT Y T H E O RY 35 39 69 75 T H E D I S C R I M I N AT O R THE ESSENCE I N C LO S I N G 10 5 10 9 113 .

S . 6 How Dove came to be.1 9 9 9 . D OV E B A R . . U.

I N 1 9 5 7. A N D I T D I D N ’ T. was mailed to U. and more women were converted.S. shared her discovery of Dove’s benefits with television viewers. With each decade. T H E D O V E B E A U T Y B A R W A S I N T R O D U C E D I N T H E U N I T E D S TAT E S . which the first time to advertise Dove. 1 9 9 9 . a charismatic and memorable ( and anything I N 19 8 8 .How Dove came to be. consumers. T H U S B E G A N A V E R Y T R U S T I N G R E L AT I O N S H I P B E T W E E N T H E B R A N D A N D I T S U S E R S . A year later. Dove’s first direct marketing effort. and Dove’s “Conviction of Users” testimonial campaign was born.S. but stereotypical ) “beauty” named Jean Shy joyfully I N 1979. Dove started its formal medical program in the U. Its creamy pouring shot became a Dove brand property. Testimonials from real women were used for I N 1981. D OV E B A R . Newspaper articles featured it. Dove bar achieved its first double-digit share in the U. J A PA N .S. more women tried it. I N 1969. W O M E N T R I E D I T . an independent clinical study proved the included an at-home Litmus test. I T P R O M I S E D W O M E N T H AT I T W O U L D N ’ T D R Y T H E I R S K I N T H E W AY S O A P D I D . Dove bar milder than seventeen leading bar soaps. Dermatologists recommended it. Friends told friends about it. more women heard Dove’s promise.

Test markets in France and Germany followed in 1990. . and keep it. 2 0 0 0 . IN 1999. Dove is a brand built on a simple and enduring principle: make the consumer a real promise. U. D OV E B A R . 19 5 7. of Moisturizing Body Wash.1 9 9 7. D OV E D E O D O R A N T. 19 8 8 . I TA LY 19 5 0 S . D OV E B A R . D OV E B A R . L I T M U S T E S T. Dove took its first significant step outside D O V E E X I S T S T O D AY in over 80 countries and is one “Conviction of Users” testimonial campaign. S . 19 9 9 . I TA LY I N 198 9 . D OV E B A R . D OV E H A I R . Dove was successfully launched in Japan. addi- I N 1991. And in 2000. 19 8 0 S . S . C A N A DA 19 8 9 . as well as the medical program. Dove began its global rollout. Consistently. J E A N S H Y. A new adver- the cleansing bar category in the U. with the launch tional categories swiftly followed: deodorants in 1997 and body lotions in 1998. U. S . tising idea developed in Canada —“Litmus Test”— added a powerful weapon to Dove’s communication arsenal: the use of objective proof. J A PA N 19 9 1.S. D OV E L A U N C H . S . U. followed by an aggressive rollout during 2001 and 2002. Around the world. U. the Dove Hair Care launch took place in Taiwan. TA I W A N of Unilever’s fastest-growing brands. Dove was launched in Italy using the I N 1995.

12 The Target. .

15 the target “ O N E I S N OT B O R N A WO M A N .” — Simone de Beauvoir . O N E B E C O M E S O N E .

more accepting of herself.’ ” There is a point when a woman discovers who she is. does my bum look big in this. This understanding comes to some women at 20. That ’s not to say she’s perfect. I certainly don’t go around thinking. to others at 50. never. When she is guided by what feels right to her. When she stops the frantic search and accepts herself. or without her share of insecurities. not by what feels right to others. It just means she is more centered. . imperfections and all. to some.16 17 the target SAFFRON “I’m very happy with the way I am. ‘Oh my God. Our target is more mature.

you get more open to meeting people. play. when you’re fine with your family.” The “center of gravity ” of her self-esteem lies more in how she feels than in how she looks. . relationships. but she may not notice if she does not get one for a few days. I think you get more beautiful. She is unlikely to check her lipstick several times in a day.18 19 the target F E R N A N DA “ When you have an active life. It has more to do with how competent she feels in dealing with life ( be it work. or parenting ) and with how good she feels about herself. She will be flattered by a compliment about her looks.

. Hers is a beauty quest with limits. Is she willing to spend DA N I E L A “ I’d do things for beauty but I wouldn’t go to an extreme. nor need it as a crutch. She’s keenly interested in beauty. or to withstand pain for the sake of beauty? No.21 the target The fact that how she feels is paramount to our target doesn’t mean she’s given up on how she looks. But she won’t use it as a tool. you know?” enormous amounts of time or money. Just not into someone other than herself. Is she willing to transform herself in the name of beauty ? Yes.

“ I’d rather have fewer quality items than a whole wardrobe full of cheap T-shirts. What she is interested in is whether it is going to work.” JULIA . To her. the cost of a beauty product isn’t the ” main issue. She is in that group of women who could be called “beauty pragmatists. and will happily pay a premium for the latter.22 23 the target She can discern hype from quality.

24 The Insight .

” to people. . and virtual everything. in any culture. for real answers. There is decreasing opportunity for real human contact. From its earliest beginnings as a cleansing bar. real satisfactions. pseudo solutions. both functionally and emotionally. for the joy of real sensation. institutions and brands that represent the real deal. Credible authorities are harder and harder to find. the “un-hyped. consumers are increasingly attracted to the authentic. Dove is firmly rooted in reality. Dove delivered real benefits. without any stretching.27 the insight T H E W O R L D I S E X P L O D I N G W I T H T E C H N O L O G Y. fake ingredients. As a result. Without any redefining. D OV E ’S G U I D I N G I N S I G H T I S : T H E Y E A R N I N G F O R T H E R E A L Dove can answer this yearning.

28 The Promise .

W H AT A D O V E P R O D U C T WILL DO: _It will work.31 the promise FUNCTIONAL PROMISE Dove will constantly elevate and therefore redefine the standard of care in every category it enters. It will be highly efficacious. noticeable difference in the skin / hair feel. _It will make a genuine. The product and package will be beautifully tactile. _It will have “endorsable” mildness. and will reward the senses. _It will look and feel good. _It will be perceivably superior. . Dove promises its consumer that it will make no product that does not genuinely improve the condition and feel of her skin / hair.

. And because it is a private and small feeling.32 33 the promise E M OT I O N A L P RO M I S E Dove gives a woman a highly personal. it is actually bigger and more meaningful to her. uplifting little feeling about her own beauty. unexaggerated.

34 The Dove Way .

and it informs and guides everything to do with the brand. I T I S W H AT M A K E S T H I S B R A N D W H AT I T I S . It encompasses: Dove’s values and personality. .37 the dove way There is a distinctive Dove Way. Dove’s voice and Dove’s point of view on beauty.

38 39 the dove way T H E D O V E W AY Values & Personality “ P E R S O N A L I T Y I S A N U N B R O K E N S E R I E S O F S U C C E S S F U L G E S T U R E S .” — T he Great Gatsby .

Dove is a Keeper of Promises. Dove is Optimistic.40 41 the dove way values & personality Dove is Real. Dove is Timeless. . Dove is Beautifully Uncomplicated.

Dove is “alive” aware of the issues facing its consumers. N. Real is not a value to be talked about. D OV E I S F I R M LY C O N N E C T E D T O T H E R E A L W O R L D . Dove will be better than its competitors at uncovering true insights. . It will never use “ad-land”speech. Because it believes that language drawn from reality will always hold more meaning. Dove won’t make a product unless it understands its deeper meaning and relevance in a consumer’s life. Dove’s product and advertising concepts will hold meaningful promises. Its creative briefs will offer the clearest direction to creative teams.42 43 the dove way values & personality Dove is Real. Dove’s Real is never ugly or depressing. it is a value to be demonstrated. Nor passive or boring. D OV E S E E K S R E A L M E A N I N G . Dove draws its creative inspiration from lived experiences and emotions. R E A L R E L E VA N C E . And it .B. It is much more than a look or feel. will often share a point of view about them.

D OV E ’ S P R O M I S E S A R E TA N G I B L E . the Dove consumer feels little. There is a perception that “if Dove says it. need to “discount” the promises made by Dove to a level she is prepared to believe in. .” This should be nurtured and protected. P E R C E I VA B L E A N D P R OVA B L E . Dove’s performance drives an enduring relationship with its users. Unlike what she does with most brands. if any. it must be true.44 45 the dove way values & personality Dove is a Keeper of Promises.

47 the dove way values & personality Dove is Beautifully Uncomplicated. .

Its simplicity doesn’t translate to cold. Rather. . basic or boring.48 49 the dove way values & personality beautifully uncomplicated D O V E I S C O N F I D E N T E N O U G H T O B E U N C L U T T E R E D. there’s a modernity to it. because it simply doesn’t need it. A look and feel that lacks embellishment. Elegantly simple. A stunningly simple beauty. Pure. It is clean. Self-assured enough to be uncomplicated.

50 51 the dove way values & personality beautifully uncomplicated .

Dove’s simplicity doesn’t need gratuitous touches. .52 53 the dove way values & personality beautifully uncomplicated THIS IS. T H I S I S N ’ T. ( B OT TO M ) Dove’s simplicity should never be basic or boring. T H I S I S N ’ T. THIS IS. ( TO P ) …And should never feel cold.

.55 the dove way values & personality Dove is Optimistic.

57 the dove way values & personality optimistic D OV E I S A B E A R E R O F G O O D N E W S . peace and all things positive. It is a brand name that symbolizes hope. . It sees the potential in its consumer and sets out to make the most of what she has. Dove is uplifting. rather than to fix what she doesn’t. There is nothing contrived or over the top about Dove’s optimism. happiness. right down to its name.


” . T H I S I S N ’ T. “ happy face” kind.60 61 the dove way values & personality optimistic T H I S I S N ’ T. Dove’s optimism isn’t the superficial “spring in your step.

63 the dove way values & personality Dove is Timeless. .

I T I S I C O N I C. . Dove is a contemporary classic.64 65 the dove way values & personality timeless D O V E I S N O T T H E F L AV O R O F T H E M O N T H . Because it is enduring. Dove’s timelessness can be very “hip . funky.” But not trendy. I T I S E N D U R I N G. or trying too hard to be modern. R AT H E R .

the dove xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 66 67 the dove way values & personality timeless THIS IS. Dove should never be seen as trying to be trendy. T H I S I S N ’ T. or trying too hard to be modern. .

the dove xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 68 69 the dove xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx way T H E D O V E W AY Voice .

. no puffery. no hype. (“Dove doesn’t dry your skin the way soap can. It is eye level and unpretentious. This in no way means Dove doesn’t indict its competition. ) But its ” purpose in using indictment is to let the consumer know what unmet need has now been met. pure and uncluttered. Its voice is clean and clear. This is the brand that was built on indictment. Its vocabulary contains no mumbo jumbo. not to point a finger at the competition. Dove speaks only when it has something to say.70 71 the dove way voice Whatever Dove says must ring true. no “ad-land” clichés. Dove doesn’t “sell itself” or boast.

no matter how many people may be listening. rather than impose its own. but it doesn’t try to be “funny. Dove is never judgmental. but still true to Dove. It doesn’t take it upon itself to tell consumers that it “knows what they want” or what to think. When Dove users speak for the brand. rather. Dove has a sense of humor.72 73 the dove way voice Dove is never presumptuous or patronizing. And though it’s sincere. It is never an onslaught of information.” Often. It presents the facts and lets the consumer reach her own conclusion. intimate. it is a voice of shared discovery — one woman to another— about how Dove has proved itself to her. an offering. . When Dove offers objective evidence. Its voice is personal. and as much as possible. these should feel fresh and new. Dove speaks to one person at a time. it’s far from overly earnest. It makes the consumer feel she’s being talked to as an individual. it is just that — objective. Dove will embrace the voice of its users. And as Dove begins to speak in new voices.

the dove xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx



way the dove xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx


Beauty Theory



the dove way beauty theory is

Unlike its competitors, Dove makes it clear that it sees beauty in imperfections, and doesn’t worship stereotypes. Dove’s beauty is self-defined, beauty with brains, democratic. Dove recognizes not only the exterior, but also the woman within. There is depth of character behind the eyes, a strength and vitality of personality showing through.

Dove doesn’t insult women by depicting them with arrows or squiggles drawn across their faces. Although it is natural, Dove’s beauty does not look like the cliché of natural beauty, of “fresh faces, or of “wind blowing across the face .” ”


When Dove captures a moment of emotion, it feels unguarded and very personal. It is never faked.



ST Y L E O F P HOTOG R A P H Y Dove’s beauty should be portrayed with uncluttered photography that does not camouflage the depth of a woman’s beuty. .


.ST R E N G T H O F C H A R AC T E R Dove’s beauty captures the strength of character behind the eyes.



Dove’s beauty is not the cliché. T H I S I S N ’ T. natural beauty.94 95 the dove way beauty theory is not T H I S I S N ’ T. . fresh.

but never unattractive.96 97 the dove way beauty theory is not T H I S I S N ’ T. . Dove’s beauty is natural. T H I S I S N ’ T.

T H I S I S N ’ T.98 99 the dove way beauty theory is not T H I S I S N ’ T. undistinctive. clean look. Dove’s beauty is not the seen-everywhere. .

100 101 the dove way beauty theory is not T H I S I S N ’ T. Dove’s beauty should never feel posed. . T H I S I S N ’ T.

102 103 the dove way beauty theory is not T H I S I S N ’ T. T H I S I S N ’ T. . Dove’s beauty is not the stereot ypical model beauty.

104 The Discriminator .

.106 107 the discriminator _In each of its categories. meaningful functional discriminator of superior care. _Dove’s value of Real. This will most often be related to moisturization. Dove will have an important. _Dove’s Beauty Theory.

108 The Essence . .

110 111 the essence Beauty Without Artifice This Essence guides us to build Dove into a true beauty care icon. . It guides us to give our consumers beauty promises and products that hold real meaning and performance. cluttered messages and clichés. steering away from puffery. while honoring our unique point of view on beauty.

112 In closing . .

YO U W I L L F I N D B E AUT Y. I F Y O U S E A R C H F O R B E A U T Y.” — Moishe Safvie .114 115 in closing “ I F YO U S E A R C H F O R T R UT H . Y O U W I L L F I N D V A N I T Y .

Deodorants)—to inspire our efforts to build Dove into a C 4 billion beauty care brand by 2006. passion. .116 117 in closing This book has been developed by the Dove Global Brand Teams (Skin. Hair. It is dedicated to all those whose past efforts have made the brand what it is today. and to those whose future efforts. imagination and perseverance will make this brand even greater.

© 2 0 0 2 L E V E R B R O T H E R S C O M PA N Y .