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Happiness is an ideal, is the work of imagination. Happiness is a result of the events that we are not opposed.

Happiness means to get back to yourself. Happiness is a destination, there is no time to reach a point of happiness. True happiness is optimism. Happiness means to think about all the times you were sad and remember them smiling. It's hard to define happiness, When you think about it, imagine a state of bliss and euphoria, physical and psychological magic, harmony with yourself and others. Instead, it's very difficult to find appropriate words to describe this state as a whole, which most often a fragmented live. No other feeling is not as comprehensive as happiness: it may, at the same time you reinstalled and you literally crumbling. It can not be bought, felt, because it is a feeling that you have to break included. Happiness comes from the soul, inside. You can be happy in many ways and for several reasons. You can be happy, thank you for less, you can have a dizzying happiness and sweet in the eyes of others, and you do not think you ever wronged. Happiness is a state of relaxation, harmony and communion with the world and myself. I know my happiness costruiesc of small events and can help them and others do it! Ma simt fericita atunci cand simt in fiecare dimineata si fiecare seara ca viata e minunata, zambesc sincer, sunt sanatosa si iubesc cel putin un om pe lume. Pentru mine fericirea este atunci cand esti iubit, cand razi, cand zambesti si numai tu stii de ce,cand ploua cu soare, cand e furtuna, cand primesti primii ghiocei, cand rasare soarele,cand te trezesti dintr-un cosmar ingrozitor, cand te lovesc valurile marii, cand esti tinut in brate, cand il faci pe celalalt sa rada, cand reusesti sa transformi plansul unui copil in ras, cand dansezi in ploaie,cand soarele imi inunda camera. Sunt fericita cand ii fac pe cei din jurul meu fericiti, ca iubesc si ma simt iubita. Being happy is by some, to love. And indeed, love is first of all happiness, being loved comes only afterwards. We can not say anything with certainty about happiness, but that is what she perceives and feels each. Se spune c fericirea este o aspiraie comun tuturor oamenilor. Pe principiul c noi toi cutm binele, sau ideea de bine, altfel spus, cu ct ne este mai bine, cu att suntem mai fericii. Putem sa trezim aceasta stare de bucurie existenta in fiecare dintre noi, admirand natura, fiind relaxat, receptiv, deschis, daruind momente de bucurie celorlalti, fiind impacat cu tine, cu oamenii, fiind tu insuti si nu in ultimul rand, infruntand nefericirea