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The Miami Winter Music Conference is the annual meet'n'greet for the dance industry's
biggest players and wannabe superstar DJs. But it's also, as our step-by-step guide explains,
an excuse for bad clothes, reckless drug binges and mindless misbehauiour. So let's haue i t !

1 Brits abroad sported: Derrick May, both members of Adult., and a stripper wearing a
As usual, the Florida holiday massive - sorry, business thong swimsuit which travelled right up her back like a guitar string
people - put on quite a display. Zoe Ball broke a (3) Southern Fried at Nash Hotel. Norman Cook rocked fellow superstar
ten-foot four-poster bod at the Astralwerks DJs (Erik Morillo, Darren Emerson, Judge Jules) and goggle-eyed candy
party by hanging off the wooden supports. ravers alike with a bootleg of Prince's 'I Would Die 4 U', Minimal Funk's
Norman's response: 'My wife's mad!' Then 'Definition Of House' and the Kylie/New Order power-bootleg. No one
came reports a British DJ tag team scored really needed the ruinous penthouse afterparty, but somehow they
some crack, retired to their hotel rooms and couldn't resist...
proceeded to go a bit 'rock'n'roll', smashing up their TV sets with a set (4) Danny Tenaglia's 20-hour maralhon at Space was hot, dark and dirty
of golf clubs. Worse still, a DJ at the Subliminal party had to abandon his - and that was just the outdoor terrace. Yoko Ono performed a live and
set because the ecstasy he'd taken was making him throw up. Nice screechy version of her newly remixed 1971 B-side Open The Box'.
going, fella Some people's ears were still ringing a week later

2 Dealer's choice 6 Ouerheard

Miami 2002 was short on big records and most of the future Norman Cook: Everyone keeps coming up to me
pop hits, like Shakedown's 'At Night', had already been signed and saying, "I was dancing with your wife last
prior to the conference. However, Robbie Riviera's Rokik track, night'"... Tom Middleton: 'I have now learnt the
'Memories' (a hands-aloft house anthem akin to DB verb, "to Miami". I have been Miami-ed... Taxi
Boulevard's 'Point Of View), was signed to Italian label Airplane for driver (after seeing conference-goer picked up in
£200,000. UK labels, including Ministry and Credence, are now trying to an ambulance): 'Why do people take drugs, man?
sign the record worldwide. Going price? £400,000. Meanwhile, intimate He was vomiting white stuff... Zero 7: 'Miami is making us realise that
modernist crash palace The Hotel was the place to be seen for LA has real soul and integrity'... Girl in boilersuit to boy in red studded
wannabe industry players. DJs, A&Rs and PRs were often to been seen T-shirt at the Gigolo party: 'Put your hand up my ass, go on. Don't
clustered in 'meetings' over a strawberry daiquiri or two. Or three. Or... pretend it won't feel like butter'

3 The tunes 7 Spotted!

Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen' Armand Van Helden/Ali G leaving the Astralwerks party... House
(Neil Barnes remix) heavyweight Kenny Dope feasting on rice and beans at a Cuban
X-Press 2'Lazy' restaurant... Jackass star Johnny Knoxville partying hard during the
Metro Area 4 'Daytime Parties' Stuff magazine party at the Nash Hotel... So Solid Crew cruising
Tom Middleton 'Take Me With You' Ocean Drive in Westwood's stretch-jeep... Yoko Ono. Chris Lowe
Blaze 'I Remember House' and an A-Z of DJs international at the Danny Tenaglia party
Josh One 'Contemplation'
8 Stats entertainmen t
-4 M i a m i s t y l e Estimated attendance: 6,500
Looking good: Tiga's pale blue Kangol; Lottie's white Number of parties: 109
bikini; Jacques Lu Cont, dapper in basket-weave Average temperature (outside): 80 degrees
Northern Soul shoes. Looking for excuses: Judge Jules in a cycling top; Average temperature (inside): Hot!
Mr C sporting a peroxide punk haircut, faux barbed wire necklace and Percentage of parties featuring a Radio One DJ:
sleeveless red vest at the Danny Tenaglia party. Ugh Length of stretch-jeep hired by Tim Westwood, fi
he broadcast his Radio 1 show: 64 feet
5 Party... DJs whose record box contained Neil 'Leftfield' Barnes's bootleg mix of
... 'til you puke - the best nights out in Miami were: God Save The Queen': 2 (Pete Tong and Darren Emerson)
(1) Astralwerks at beachfront hotel Nikki Beach: proper Hours of heavy rainfall during the Radio 1 beach party: 4
sunshine, Jacques Lu Cont (tunes: Playgroup! Peaches! Price of strawberry daiquiri at The Hotel: £8
Shakedown!). Cassius (spinning cool Jaxx-like tracks from Preferred ecstasy pills at WMC: The Versace (blue, tastefully imprinted
their new album) and Daft Punk (Thomas serene; Guy- with a picture of Gianni Versace)
Man in a Transformers T-shirt). The letter's set proved
strangely lacklustre, propped up by old-school house anthems. 9 M i a m i throat

But they did score the coolest musical move of the Conference, A combination of excessive living, tropical supergerms and
opening with the Miami Vice theme tune close proximity to hundreds of Brits who have spent years
(2) International Deejay Gigolo sleazed il up at a strip joint called Vegas playing fast and loose with their health caused an outbreak
Cabaret. Ice-cool DJ Tiga played his own TBX mix of 'Sunglasses At of Miami Throat'. Among those who ended up whispering like a broken
Night' and Linda Lamb delivered a trashy, gothic 'Hot Room'. Also mobile phone - Gilles Peterson and Damien Skint' Harris. Cough!

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