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ROBERT H. THOMAS * 3300 Narvaez Ave. # 145 San Jose, CA 95136 * 408-723-2745 * 408-910-6238 rt15ca752@westpost.


CAREER OBJECTIVE To contribute to the improvement of Quality Assurance/Control in the workplace CAREER PROFILE QUALITY MANAGER / ENGINEER offering a solid educational and hands on support bac kground, over 20 years experience. A strong record of performance in quality co ntrol, systems development, manufacturing & design engineer support along with c utting-edge construction methods lending to product profitability. Significant qualifications include: * Working in project quotation, design, development, manufacturer and customer s upport of airborne systems for defense. * Strong analytical, organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. * Extensive experience in business development by leading, negotiating, proactiv e in product development and motivating personnel to effect the bottom line pos itively. * Comfortable with new and innovative technology, and maintaining high QA/QC sta ndards on legacy products. * Maximize opportunities and delivering results on prototypes and production. * Meeting deadlines with quality results through time management and attention t o detail. * Continually achieving high levels of productivity and efficiency through plann ing, prioritizing and multi-tasking. * Providing total commitment to colleagues and serve as customer advocate on all assigned project. * Interacting well with people at all levels internal and customers. QUALITY MANAGER/MANAGER / QA/QC ISO INT'L CONSULTANTS 2009-current Provided Internal and External ISO 9000-2008 &AS9100 audit services for clients. Preparation of audit material. Training client personnel to become ISO 9000-2008 certified internal auditors. Customization of Quality Manual and development of associated documentation to b ecome a ISO registered company.. Guide client through the ISO registration process. L-3 RANDTRON ANTENNA SYSTEMS 2006-2009 Enhance production by validation of design during R/D phase of project. This req uired participation in the production and acceptance testing (RF high and low e nergy testing) Involved in material testing, assembly process. Provided interf ace with customer from inception and provided CAPA/FEMA. support after delivery . Provided ISO9000/AS9100 training and audits, Provided input to the pre-contrac t bidding process for QA budgeting, job costing and support Tracking of QA/QC support cost, as well as final inspection plan documents. Assist sub-contractor s with quality control compliance to product standards. Managed, product qualit y control, more than 25 small antenna projects. * Streamlined Quality System to be compliant with international standard and gai ned registration with minimal adjustments.

* Improved customer relations with several major customers improving quarterly p erformance ratings for product quality on time, zero defects and on budget. * Enhanced productivity through the development and implementation of build book s with the product development team. * Reduced project problems through developing solid trust and communication with job owners and sub contractors which raised production with less down time. . QUALITY MANAGER MILAN TECHNOLOGY, 1999-2005 Hire by Milan Technology to help develop a quality a system that would meet rnational standards and to achieve ISO9000/9001 international registration. jor duties included writing a Quality Control program to be followed by the , assist in choosing project management software and control for the team. ged with on-site evaluation of existing and new suppliers supported design, arch & development and production domestic and international. inte Ma team Char rese

* Improved customer relations with 7/24 hour technical support. * Enhanced quality by 100% test of all products at subcontractor. * Implemented new inspection techniques which reduced manpower and saved the department thousands of dollars per year. * Raised company awareness, with product performance monthly meetings. * Introduced SPC throughout company, and the tracking of supplier and customer s atisfaction. * Raised company effectiveness by systematic improvement of product Quality. PROJECT MANAGER / ENGINEER INVISION TECHNOLOGY, 1998-1999 Instrumental in procedures development/validation and provide project inspection duties such as surveying. Train internal auditors to meet international standa rds ISO9000/9001. * Led the division in achieving QC/QA certifications. * Enhanced departmental workflow and work product quality through training. * Earned the reputation as a mediator in our organization by getting the work co mpleted on time and within budget. PROJECT QUALITY MANAGER / DIRECTOR TRAINING * SOUTH BAY CIRCUITS SUPPLIERQUALITY MANAGER/ENGINEER *AEROJET GENERAL CORP. EDUCATION Graduate Anderson High School Course work College Prep. Graduate, Southwestern College Business Supervision / Management Graduate, National University BBA SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS ISO Lead Assessor-ISO9000-2000, AS9100, Certified Auditor NASA NHB 5300, DOD ISO 9000-2000 Internal Auditor licenses instructor CAM

ESD Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook. MRP systems, BaaN, ManMan