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Awareness/Counseling Program

at CHATTERGUL & HALLKHAS VILLAGES 14, 15 December 2011

at CHATTERGUL & HALLKHAS VILLAGES 14, 15 December 2011 A joint venture of Ahlulbayat Foundation, Kashmir

A joint venture of

Ahlulbayat Foundation, Kashmir


Ibn Sina Centre for Information & Culture By

Moulana Hakim Sajad Hussain

(Secretary, Ahlulbayat Foundation, Kashmir)

Hakim Mohammad Ilyas

(Chief Organizer, Ibn Sina Centre for Information & Culture)

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Chatergul and Hallkhas (backward, Far-flung)


Ghulam Mohammad Mir


78 Kms from Srinagar

Travel duration


½ hours appox.


33o-20' to 34o-15' north latitude and 74o-30' to 75o-35' east longitude.








Literacy rate

46% Courtesy (Census Department J&K Govt.)


1, Govt. Primary Health Centre


1, Govt. High School


includes Tanzim-ul- Makatib, Idara Aufaq ChatterGul, Idara Auqaf Halkas,




Karvani Medhi, and Idara Khatam-ul-Murseleen trust


RR camp at distance of 1.5 kms









(now converted into Imamia Information Centre)


Mostly farmers with a good number of Govt. Employees (44)


AAlHajj Syed Yousuf, Imam Juma, Halkha 9906869788 Mr. Syed Athar Ali Rezvi (M.sc Computer) 962218666



Land of Countless Springs

500 years old grave yard,


Largest ammunition depot of army in J&K

Average life span 50 -55 years



1. Interaction with students/skilled youth

2. Interaction with President Idara Auqaf Halkah/Idara Auqaf Chatergul

3. Interaction with Tanzeem-ul- Makatib students and administration

4. Meeting with Sarpanch/Panchs

and administration 4. Meeting with Sarpanch/Panchs ISSUES DISCUSSED: 1. Uncertainty/uneasiness among


1. Uncertainty/uneasiness among youth/students regarding education

2. Lack of awareness about different courses, placement, centrally sponsored schemes

3. Interest-free Education loans for Student offered by J&K Bank

4. Entrepreneur Development Programmes

5. Non availability of Computer Education in around 10 sq kms

6. Inactive role of District Administration

7. Nonexistence of Satbavana programs/projects by army


1. Setting up of Coordination Committee for duo villages It is for the first time in the history of this area, a coordination committee was setup which brought two villages together under the esteemed guidance of Moulana Hakim Sajad Hussain and Hakim Mohd. Ilyas


comprising 10 members from six different organizations from both the villages with the Sarpanch/panch patronage.

2. Lack of awareness A Comprehensive interactive session was conducted in 8 distinct gatherings by Moulana Hakim Sajad Hussain and Hakim Mohammad Ilyas, imparted the Career Counseling in Engineering, Technology, Management and other such courses/programs in and outside India. Thrust was laid upon to acquire technical and vocational courses through, ITI, Polytechnic. Moreover, it was suggested to visit www.facebook/ibnsinacic site for more information regarding jobs/courses/admissions etc., run by Ibn Sina Centre for Information & Culture. Light was also thrown on various Centrally Sponsored Schemes viz, Skill Development Initiative, Vocational Training Providers SDYJK, PMRP and other schemes. Scholarships of J&K Govt. Social Welfare department, Jyoti Scholarships, Aryan Scholarships were also discussed. Students pursuing higher education were also informed about benefits offered by J&K bank, like education loan with zero % interest.

3. Entrepreneur Development Programme While discussing with skilled youth, Hakim Mohammad Ilyas familiarized Jammu & Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (J&KEDI), and suggested to register themselves with the EDI, a pioneer institute of entrepreneurship development in the state, and which is playing a major role in providing a pro-entrepreneurial environment to foster the progress and prosperity. The objective behind the institute is to assist the beneficiaries in formulating and implementing its policies for entrepreneurship development by helping the practicing and potential entrepreneurs through a host of services like research, consultancy,


information, training and education. Expressing his views, Moulana Hakim Sajad Hussain suggests for economic growth/stability in their own capacity by virtue of starting occupation like Milk Dairy, Cattle tame, Sheep husbandry, Poultry etc.

4. Introduction of Information Centre Hakim Mohammad Ilyas (Chief Organizer) introduced the Ibn Sina Centre for Information & Culture and its activities. He clarified that the jurisdiction of the organization is dissemination of information which includes the Counseling/awareness programs, updating information on Facebook page regarding courses, placements, scholarships etc. He added, Ibn Sina CIC is working as a nodal agency that acts as interface between students and credible sources of information to improve the quality of education. The political turmoil, particularly for last 23 years that affected the Valley has left no section of society untouched. Like other sectors, EDUCATION too had a blow. A large section of society has remained unaware about the information which is crucial for their career because of non-availability of a proper guidance. Lack of counseling on academic, professional and other career related matters often leads to impragmatic and fruitless decisions. This deficiency of decision-making ruins the precious career of many. This alarming situation calls for immediate and concrete steps to be taken towards the eradication of this crucial lacuna of information centre. Hence Ibn Sina CIC was formulated to fulfill the above deficiencies. Further, he requested the students to use Facebook page and email of ibnsina IIC regularly. The students in particular and other responsible citizens of the area appreciated the work and conduct undertaken by the organization.


Volunteer/enthusiastic youths of the area decided to setup an Information Centre on the pattern of IBN SINA CIC. At the same time Syed Hussain, President of Idara Aquaf, Halkha dedicated one of the assets (building) namely “SabeelGah” for the said purpose which was later entitled as Imamia Information Centre (IIC).

5. Coordinator for Imamia Information Centre (IIC) Mr. Syed Athar Rezvi (Msc Computer, MCSE, Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi) being the only computer professional in the vicinity, was unanimously designated as Coordinator of the Imamia Information Centre (IIC) by Coordination committee, which was supported by the people present on the occasion.

6. Computer Education at IIC As admitted that, there was no computer institute in this area and adjoining villages within 10 square Kms., it gave a thought that there should be a Computer Education Program at IIC. Moulana Hakim Sajad Hussain, Hakim Mohammad Ilyas & Syed Athar Rezvi donated their personnel computers to the IIC. Meanwhile Moulana Hakim Sajid advised Hakim Mohd. Ilyas, being an expert in this field, to devise the syllabus/curriculum for different courses run by the IIC. Syed Athar Rezvi, Coordinator of IIC, asked for certification of courses for which Hakim Mohd. Ilyas assured that he would take up the issue to certify the courses run in IIC, through Coordinator, Community Development Polytechnics Srinagar. (A scheme launched by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India)

7. Inactive role of District Administration


The area suffers from many problems like underdone roads, rarely power

supply and ordinary culverts. These dangerous broken wooden culverts

have become problematic and cause of accidents for the pedestrians. As

per the reports, District Development Commissioner, Anantnag along with

a team of officers, had paid a visit on 10 th of Muharram this year, and had

given the directions to look into the matter.

Agha Syed Ruhullah Honb’le Minister for Agriculture, Science & Technology

also visited the area earlier this year. He had assured the locals that solar

lights would be installed very soon at the streets, Masjids and Imambara.

But unfortunately nothing has been done so far. It is worth to mention here, that a blood donation camp was organized by local organizations on 7 th & 10 th Muharram 2011. 43 points of blood were donated by the mourners. On the occasion DDC, SSP Anantnag and other dignitaries were also present. This Blood was supplied to District Hospital Anantnag subsequently.

8. Nonexistence of Satbavana programs/projects by Army

Panch and residents of the area expressed that Army has never undertaken

any work under Satbavana. However in the contiguous and adjoining areas,

they have installed solar lights, built washrooms, toilets culverts and

sponsored students for education. Subsequently the Army Officer was

contacted, who assured, that the needful would be done soon.

The brief report of the proceedings was communicated to the District Development

Commissioner, Anantnag.

Copy for Information, with a further request to take steps for maintaining Transparency and coordination among organizations

1. Chairman, Ahallulbyait Foundation, Kashmir

2. Executive Head , Ibn Sina Centre for Information and Culture

3. Idara Auqaf, Halkah/ Chatergul

4. Muntazim, Tanzeemul Makatib , Halkah/Chatergul



Kharul Mursleen Trust, Karvan-e-Medhi , Halkah/Chatergul

6. Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture and Science & Technology

7. District Development Commissioner, Anantnag

8. Colnel, Rystriya Rifiles, Chatergul

9. Chairman Educational Trust, Kashmir

10. Vice Chairman Educational Trust, Kashmir

11. Moween Committee, Tanzeeem-ul- Makatib, Kashmir

12. Convener, Idra Falah Aam , Kahmir

13. Chairman, Muthari Cultural Centre & Open School

14. Library, Idara Abul Fazal Abass, Magam

15. Munshi Ghulam Hassan, Chief Petron, Idra Falah Aam, Kahmir

16. Mohd. Shafi Khan, Principal & District Session Judge/Ex-Chairman, ETK

17. Justice Hakim Imtiyaz Hussain, Ex-Chairman ETK

18. Ashiq Hussain Zadhi, Vice President J&K Bank

19. Mohd Salim, Sheishgar ,Convener, Muhaibayait Ahallubyait Kashmir

20. Kartar Singh Katal, Coordinator, CDTP (Community Development through Polytechnics)

Imamia Information Centre (IIC) will be inaugurated by the District Development Commissioner in the month of February 2012