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SK Mendiknas Nomor : 262/D/O/2008 Peningkatan Status : STMIK Serang & STIE Serang
Kampus Kaloran : Jl. KH. Amin Jasuta No. 15 C Serang Banten Website : www.unsera.ac.id E-mail : Info@unsera.ac.id

REMEDIAL SEMESTER GANJIL Tahun Akademik 2011/2012\

Nama Mata Kuliah Jurusan Hari/Tanggal Dosen : Bahasa Inggris V : SI VB : januari 2012 : Rohadi, M. Pd

I. Answer these questions about some english expressions/conversation and grammatical sentences
1. Pete : How about having dinner with me tonight? Kate : Thanks you, Id love to. From the dialogue above we conclude that .. a. kate declines the invitation d. pete invites kate to have dinner b. pete want to have dinner e. pete make a date with kate c. kate love pete 2. The boy : , madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you? The old lady : By all means. a. Hi c. Hello e. Nice to meet you b. Excuse me d. How do you do 3. April : my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent university in America. Ivone : .. a. Im glad to hear that c. its common e. Im not satisfied b. Im sorry to know that d. Im not surprise 4. Cavin : You know Ritas father is hospitalized for his serious illness. Barbara : . a. She must be very sad d. Its borring b. She must be very happy e. its good idea c. Excuse me 5. Director : Type and report the meeting conclusion immediately! Secretary : All right, sir! The underlined words express .. a. demand c. instruction e. comment b. request d. command 6. when father came, children . A TV programe. a. was watching TV c. watching TV e. watches b. were watching TV d. watch 7. David usually to the book store twice a month. a. attending c. has attended e. attended b.attend d. attends 8. Teacher 1 : Did you see the head master? Teacher 2 : Yes, he in the library now. a. reads a magazines d. read a magazine b. is reading a magazine e. has read a magazine c. was reading a magazine

9. Deborah : My brother . To america for countinuing his study next weak. Roberta : Thats great. a. will leave c. leaving e. left b. leaves d. has left 10. Tina : When you cut your hair so masculine? Martin : I have the barber cut it yesterday. a. does c. did e. doing b. do d. have done 11. Mr. Watson is teacher. She teaches in (famous - a school big) the good arrangement for the words in the bracket is . a. a school big famous d. a famous big school b. famous a school big e. a big famous school c. a big school favorite 12. Farah : you look very busy with your work. .. Reidy : sure. If you dont mind. How kind you are. a. are you tired ? b. can I help you ? c. do you like to help me ? d. can you do me a favour ? e. would you like to help me ? 13. A : you seem to busy. May I give you a hand ? B : oh, no thank you. I can do it my self. The underlined sentence expresses .. a. offering help b. asking for help c. expecting help d. anticipating help e. waiting for help 14. clief : John lost his money on his way to school this morning. Frisda : oh, poor John. The underlined sentence expresses .. a. regret b. opinion c. sympathy d. obligation e. expectation 15. Dona : I think the government should give more attention to the education. Norman : I think so. Because the school fee is too expensive for the poor to pay. The underlined words are used to express . a. offer b. surprise c. opinion d. pleasure e. agreement

in the missing words to the following passage . In the morning of hari raya, the muslims (16) .. mosque services in their new clothes. After that, they will (17) .. for forgiveness from their elders. This is on important custom of the muslims. Visiting relatives and friends is another customary practice. They may also (18) .. their frends of other races to their homes where many delicacies are (19) .. on this special occasion. 16. a. come b. reach c. attend d. find e. arrive 17. a. say b. ask c. tell d. talk e. said 18. a. invite b. invites c. inviting d. invited e. to invite 19. a. serve b. serves c. serving d. served e. to serve 20. Ari : M y t e a c her gave me an assignment to write a book review. Can you tell me what book I should review? Adi : Well,youd better review The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. a. sorry to say that b. Id like to suggest that c. if I were you d. I have no objection e. Thanks 21. Nadia : Hey, Adi. Do you have any plans for tomorrow. Adi : No. Why? a. Im p l a n n i n g on mountain climbing b. Nothings come up yet. c. Im thinking of going to Mount Salak d. Maybe you can go camping e. I am going to fishing 22. Ari : Hi, Ari Do you know about the weather for tomorrow? Adi : .........it's going to be hot and sunny. a. I predict b. The plan is c. Im planning d. What Im saying is e. I am watching is 23. Anita : Dad, I really need some fun after the exam. Father : Well, okay. But promise me to go home before 11 sharp. a. I propose to hang around. b. I promise to hang around.

c. Give me some time to hang around. d. May I join my friends to hang around? e. I am sorry. 24. Nabila : Your laptop is broken. Dafa : What! You broke it again? Nabila : . What is the best expression to fill in the blank? a. You should have been careful. b. Give a chance c. What a pity! d. Sorry. Its my fault. e. Oh, Please 25. Teacher : I cant stand those naughty boys anymore. I caught them smoking in the bathroom. Headmaster : Calm down, let me take care of it. And we should talk to them. The underlined sentence expresses a. Dislike b. Advice c. Surprise d. Ability e. Pride

26. Randy

: I heard that your father has bought you a new blackberry. How is it? Mulyadi : Right. Im very happy, but it doesnt work well. Theres something wrong. with the system I think. Randy : you should bring it back to the shop where your father bought it? From the dialog we conclude that.. a. Randy wants to practice using a blackberry. b. Mulyadi wants Randy to repair the blackberry c. Randy suggest Mulyadi to go to the shop, complain d. Randy wants to help Mulyadi to repair the blackberry e. Mulyadi wants to show his blackberry to Randy

27. Woman : Oh God, I was so disturbed by the ringing mobile phone on the exam. Man : Im sorry it was my fault. The underlined sentence means that the man a. He has got new mobile phone b. He hasnt switched off his mobile phone on the exam. c. He made a phone call on the exam. d. He received a call on the exam e. He doesnt admit it was his mobile phone. 28. Woman : I plan to buy a standard helmet tomorrow. Will take me to the store? Man : Sure, I will What does the woman mean? a. She wants to buy a standard helmet. b. She asks the man to buy her a helmet. c. She wants buy a helmet for the man.

d. She asks the man to lend her some money to buy the helmet. e. She intends to buy a standard helmet. 29.Teacher : This classroom is very dirty. Clean it! You have twenty minutes to sweep the floor. Students : Yes. Sir. The underlined sentence expresses a. Command b. Advice c. Support d. Surprise e. Sorry 30. Shop assistant : Good afternoon. May I help you? Andy : Yes.. I bought this pair of shoes yesterday I believe I have asked for size 43, but you gave me 42. a. I want to blame you. b. I propose to exchange the shoes. c. I have a complaint to make. d. I am really curious. e. I am not satised with your service. II. Make 5 irregular verbs you have known in order and make a complete sentence using the verbs you write (at least 4 tenses) e.g. 1. Go Going Went Gone He goes to the mosque every Friday (simple present) My father is going to his little brother now (present continuous tense) The teacher went to the gallery yesterday (simple past tense), etc.

Good Luck !