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Deer Valley

Elementary School

Mission Statement - Working together, the faculty and

families of Deer Valley Elementary are committed to em-
powering children to become responsible, respectful, and
resourceful citizens.

Welcome to Deer Valley! We are a K-5 school established in 1991. We currently

serve approximately 800 children.. Through our program students are given a
variety of engaging opportunities to facilitate their love of learning . Teams of
teachers work together as professional learning communities to seek strategies to
best meet the needs of students and to assure high levels of learning by all..

We offer many layers of support staffing including: enrichment teacher, read-

ing coach, math coach, technology specialist, counselor, school nurse, and Enrollment: Deer Valley Elementary School
more. We offer daily PE classes and scheduled music, art, counseling, health, Enrollment: 800 4990 Ross Bridge Parkway
and library times.
Classroom Teachers: 45 Hoover, AL 35226
Academic Resources: Student Programs: Specials (Art, Music, Li- (205) 439-3300
Enrichment Community Service brary, Enrichment, PE): 7 Fax: (205) 439-3301
Student Council Character Education Paraprofessionals: 8 ________________________________
Broadcast Explorer Classes (4th & 5th Math Coaches: 2
Reading Coach
Math Coach
grade interest classes including: Reading Coach: 1 Principal: Dr. Wayne Richardson
art, music, performing arts, Technology Coach: 1 Email: wrichard@hoover.k12.al.us
Technology Coach
2 Computer Labs cooking, etc.) Counselors: 1.5
Field Trips Spelling Bee Office Team: 4 Asst. Principal: Scott Mitchell
Library/Media Center (over Geography Bee Administrators: 2 Email: scmitchell@hoover.k12.al.us
14,000 books) Performing Arts
Professional Development Peer Tutoring Programs Parent Volunteer Opportunities:
Opportunities Safety Patrol
CARE/BBSST Team Instr. Support Actively involved PTO Fundraisers Field Trips
Science Lab Room Parents Kindergarten Kickoff Book Fairs
Summer Reading Program
Extended Day Service
Library Helpers School Pictures Yearbook
Office Helpers Parent Fair Career Day
At Deer Valley We Believe: Classroom Volunteers Read-a-thon PTO Board
*All children can learn. Vision and Hearing Screenings Teacher Appreciation week
*Self-esteem is fostered in children through respect, encour-
agement, and a spirit of community and cooperation.
*A school should provide a loving, nurturing, safe environ-
ment where learning is celebrated.
*A school should help children become independent, confi-
dent, self-directed learners and encourage curiosity and risk-
*Each student is a valued individual with special talents,
abilities, and needs that should be met with a variety of indi-
vidualized programs that are challenging, engaging, and
*A school should instill an appreciation and respect for all
individuals through character development and good citizen-
*An open line of communication between students, parents,
and the school is vital to each child's education.
(Board policy, File: JAA) No student shall be denied the benefits of any educational program or activity on the basis of race, color, handicap, ability, creed, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT
national origin, immigrant status, English-speaking status, or sex. All programs offered by schools within the school district shall be open to all students
(Board policy, File: GAAA) No person in the school district shall, on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, handicap, national origin, or similar personal
consistent with statutory and judicial requirements. Admission of students to special and advanced programs or activities shall be based on appropriate
distinction, be subject to discrimination in regard to employment, retention, promotion, transfer, or dismissal. Inquiries regarding compliance and complaint procedures can
criteria. Inquiries regarding compliance and complaint procedures can be directed to: Dr. Barbara Mayer, IDEA Coordinator, Kimberly Worley, Section
be directed to:
504 Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Camp, Title II Coordinator (grades K – 5) Ron Dodson, Title II Coordinator (grades 6 – 12), Dr. Barbara Mayer, Title
Mary Veal, Equal Opportunity Employment Coordinator Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243 (205) 439-1000
III Coordinator, Carol Barber, Title IX Coordinator, Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243(205) 439-1000