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3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2nd Annual Soup Day!

Next Sunday, January 29 (after all of the Masses)


Sunday, January 22nd O. L. S. Youth Ministry

Presents: Who is Jesus? A three-part investigation of the basic Christological question: 'who is Jesus?' All youth are invited to attend. (7:30-9:30 pm) Part I
The Historical Jesus - Wed., Jan. 25th

OLS Youth Ministry is proud to announce our 2nd annual parish soup day! All parishioners are invited to come and warm up with a hot bowl of homemade soup and a roll for $3 and help support St. Gregorys Orphanage in India. On the menu: three different soups, made from scratch: chicken noodle, minestrone, and butternut squash.

Vatican Choir Rehearsal

OLS is on its way to the Vatican. Pilgrims and Singers are invited to take this Pilgrimage. The first rehearsal of the OLS Vatican Choir will be Saturday morning, Feb. 11, 8:30 - 10:00. Rehearsals will be every two weeks. If you are interested in singing in this unique choir, please email Gordon Mansell for a special information package. gdmansell@sympatico.ca

Join us in the church for an evening that explores the trajectory of salvation history from a historical perspective, focusing on the religious and socioeconomic context of 1st-century Palestine; John the Baptist; and the life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. Part II
- The Christological Process - Tues., Feb. 28th

Join us in the church hall to investigate the early churchs reflection on the religious significance of Jesus within the Gospel and dogmatic traditions. Part III
A Contemporary Account of Sin and Salvation Wed., Mar. 21st

Mass Intentions This Week

January 23rd 29th
Please join us as we pray for the following, in our Announced Mass Intentions

Mon.:(9 am) Tues.:(9 am) Wed.:(9 am) Thurs.:(9 am) Fri.:( 9 am) Sat.:(9 am)

+Giovanni Riccio Debra Gervasio Intentions of Breda McCormack

Kathleen Stanley

Join us in the church to explore the relationship between sin and soteriology or redemption, both in its traditional form and in an updated fashion, drawing on the work of Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard Lonergan's 'Law of the Cross.'

+Giovina Comi Comi Family +Maria DeVittor Dean Family +Loretta Quinlan
Aunts Doris, Sharon & Olive +Jan Murawiecki Family

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2012

Ecumenical Prayer Service

Come and join us in prayer with: His Grace Archbishop Thomas Collins, His Grace Anglican Archbishop Colin Johnson, Lutheran Bishop Michael Pryse, Slovak Catholic Bishop John Pazak, Assyrian Catholic Bishop Emmanuel Mar Emmanuel and other city-wide religious leaders on: This Weekend: Sunday, January 22nd at 3:00 pm St. Michaels Cathedral (refreshments to follow)

Aline & Clement Wall

Aline Wall & Family

Sun.:(8 am)
( 9:30 am) (11:00 am) (12:30 pm)

+Kisielewski Family Grace +Henryk & Marianna Czerniejewski For Our Parish and Parishioners +Maria Talaj Thomas Kavanagh

Lunch Time Organ Concert Series

Wednesdays at 12:15 pm - Free Jan. 25 Feb. 1st

- Organist: Paul Jessen - Organist: Peter Bishop

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time World Day of Pray for Consecrated Life
Will be Celebrated on Thursday, Feb. 2nd In the Archdiocese of Toronto we are blessed to have living and serving among us more than 1,050 religious men and women of over 100 different religious congregations. This international day of prayer is a wonderful opportunity for us to thank God for the gifts of these religious sisters, brothers and priests and to pray for Gods blessing upon them, in their efforts to faithfully live the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. All are welcome to a special Mass: Next Sunday, Jan. 29th at 3:00 pm St. Pauls Basilica Come and celebrate with and pray for, these men and women religious who are such a vital and important part of the life and ministry of the Church in our Archdiocese.

Sunday, January 22nd Important C.W.L. Meeting

Tuesday, January 31st - after the 9:00 am Mass All CWL members are encouraged to attend this important meeting to discuss & vote on the future of our Council. Guest Speaker: Archdiocesan President - Mary Hawkley. Refreshments will be served.

Vendors Wanted!
Michael Power St. Joseph H.S. Is Seeking Vendors for the fair portion of their Mother Daughter Wellness Tea Artisans, crafters and hobbyists are wanted to set up Vendor Booths on March 6th at 6:30 pm. Contact Liz Petrini at MPSJ for information at 416-393-5529 ext. 6042.

Vocation Seeds
The call of the disciples is so familiar to us that we tend to miss the wonder of the disciples response, which was immediate and complete; they leave everything and follow Jesus. Can we do less if we feel that God is calling us to the priesthood, religious life or deaconate? If you think God is calling you to a Church vocation, call Fr. Hansoo at 416-968-0997 or email: vocations@vocations.ca

Lift Jesus Higher Rally

Give Thanks, Be Healed, Restore Your Hope! Sat., March 3rd 9 am 5:30 pm Metro Toronto Convention Ctr. (North Bldg.) The 20th Annual Catholic Renewal Ministries offers an Uplifting Day with: Powerful Talks; Videos from Missions; Eucharistic Healing Procession; Divine Mercy Celebration; and High Mass with Archbishop Collins. Cost: $19 Separate Youth Rally for Teens! Join us for a high energy day with music, skits, talks and testimonies. Cost: $10 For Tickets / Information: 416-251-4255 or pdkromer@rogers.com www.lift-jesus-higher-rally.org Faith Connections

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today's Gospel describes how Jesus called his first disciples and the immediacy with which these men dropped everything to follow him. We can only begin to imagine what Jesus' presence must have been like to invoke such a response in these first disciples. While a few of us might relate to such a radical conversion, many of us would find such a sudden change in ourselves or in another person unsettling. There are few things for which we would willingly drop everything. And yet this is the immediacy with which these first disciples responded to Jesus. These first disciples were willing to drop everything in order to make Jesus and the Kingdom of God the most important things in their lives. How might our life change if we understood the Kingdom of God to be as important and immediate in our lives?

Theology On Tap
Mon., Jan. 30th at 7:00 pm Duke of York Pub (39 Prince Arthur) Young adults (19-39) are invited to a social evening of thought-provoking discussion on Religion and Public Policy with guest The Very Rev. Lois M. Wilson, CC, retired Senator and first female moderator of the United Church of Canada. Munchies provided, cash bar, come and bring a friend! Call 416-467-2645 for more information.