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date oral questions Sep-08 Bakral and banerjee.

Went inside at 5.25 and came out at 5.30 He asked me very simpl questions 1 draw avr and explain 2. Draw echo rounder diagram and explain 3 limit switch for life boat moto 4 function diagram and use of pole chang motors

ORALS AT DGS 1200 HRS on 12.09.11 FROM 1730 to 1800 hrs MR. BHOSLE & BAKRAL

FUN-4B 1-draw crankshaft deflection curve & wat u understand by this graph. 2-thrust bearing clearence ,DRAW & explain. (2-stroke) 3-jack bolt full details ..w.r.t tie rods..& why we use jack bolt. 4-sfoc calculation ..how u know that it is correct .. 5-power calculation..

FUN-6 1-Types of threads 2-which type of thread on propeller 3-anchor chain cable checks in DD & types 4-gen LO sample send ashore .what in reports with all values 5-preapre 20 mm edge plate ..& how u verify it

FUN-5 1-emg. generator regulation 2-eco sounder 3- what inside transduser 4-esb safety 5-type of induc. motor 6- construction of squiral cage motor. drawing

cleared fun 5... thanks to all FB group..

ORALS AT DGS @1200 HRS BY MR BAKRAL AND MR BHOSLE ALL FUNCTIONS (2ND ATTEMPT) Fn 3 : 1- what is risk assessment ,draw the risk matrix, 2- how water tight integrity is maintained in hatch covers. 3- how testing is done. 4- what gaskets are used.

Fn 4B : 1- what was the type of turbocharging in your ship. 2- diff between pulse and constant pressure type. 3- what will u do if one unit has to be cut off.

4- how will u put turbocharger out of operation. 5- latest development in turbochargers. 6- entire chain tightening procedure and wat will happen if chain is slack 7-fresh water generator productions drops ,reasons for the same. 8- SFOC calculation and value of ur ship.

Fn 5: 1- types of motors used on ship 2- diff types of induction motors. 3- what is preferential trip and the need for this trip. 4- draw avr diagram and explain. 5- msb safeties.

Fn 6: 1-boiler furnace bulge and repair. 2-types of threads and wat is the thread of propeller nut. 3- types of anchor cable. 4- how will u check thrust bearing clearance in aux engine explain with diagram.


orals DGS........12/09/2011 @1000 HRS Mr Dutta & Mr Trassi.... fun 4b type of engine worked on stroke /bore ratio of each of them? changes that need to be made in ships to go to a European Port? what is the use of heat exchanger after the booster pump on the deck of a lpg ship? fun 3 X section view of a vlcc? coating in side the tank? height of a db tank and breadth of the wing tank? what is intact stability? fun 5 types of lighting in p/p room of a tanker ? where is the switch located? what is the specialty of the switch? types of fuses? draw and explain pref trip? fun 6 flooding in engine room? draw bellow used in between exh v/v and exh manifold? how will u fit the bellow after it has expanded? cleared fn 6


1) (vta) varable turbine area..nozzle ring has vanes which can be changed accosding to the load...

2) and now we have uncooled turbocvhargers.

for fresh water generator problem i started talking about 1)ejector pump not building up pressure.

2) not return valve in the line is having prob ie sometimes the flap brakes i said we faced a problem in my ship he agreed 3) feed line there is a orifice that is chocked. 4) there is back pressure from overboard valve.question. 5) condenser and evaporator dirty. he said ok and moved to next

A means of producing cargo vapour from liquid is often required on gas carriers. For example, vapour may be needed to gas-up cargo tanks or to maintai

problem in my ship he agreed to that.

ed to gas-up cargo tanks or to maintain cargo tank pressure during discharge. This latter need will be more obvious in the absence of avapour return line from shore. Acc

of avapour return line from shore. Accordingly, a vaporiser is usually installed on board for these purposes.Cargo vaporisers may be either vertical or horizontal shell and

either vertical or horizontal shell and tube heat exchangers.They are used with either steam or sea water as the heating source.