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Step one: (Truck should be parked on a level surface, wheels straight ahead)

Disconnect right front shock absorber from axle bracket. Using torch, burn off 4 nuts on right front spring U-bolts. Remove two U-bolts and axle bracket (bottom plate). Install new axle bracket with new U-bolts and nuts provided in kit. IMPORTANT: Do not reuse the old U-bolts and nuts. Torque U-bolt nuts to 200 foot pounds, and re-attach shock absorber. Step two: Make a reference mark on draglink to denote front. Remove draglink. Adjust new draglink to proper length by comparing to old draglink. Tighten collar bolt and nut to 85 foot pounds. (Remove and discard two rubber bushings in draglink ends. Lubricate liberally all internal parts at each end of draglink.) The collar will be towards the rear of the truck when installed. Install new draglink. If you dont have experience in installing draglinks, it is suggested that you get assistance from a professional for this step. Make sure the two exhaust ports are facing down. (Store old draglink for future use.) Tighten draglink ends, back off to first cotter pin hole, insert cotter pins. The front end of the torque valve rotates for adjustment. Step three: Mount power cylinder fixed end to axle bracket using 5/8 bolt, two rubber bushings and two metal spacers. You may have to trim rubber bushings to fit. Insert bolt downward and tighten to 85 foot pounds. (Use a liberal amount of grease on all these parts.) Loosely mount tie rod bracket to tie rod so that it can slide back and forth. Use 6 bolts, 6 regular nuts and 6 jam nuts. Alternate direction of bolts (3 facing rear, 3 facing front). Set hand brake and place truck in gear. Raise front of truck off ground so that front wheels turn freely. Put wheels in full right turn. Extend power cylinder piston all the way out. Push piston in and fasten to tie rod bracket. Tighten bracket to tie rod. Mount bracket so that the rear is slightly above horizontal. Torque the regular nuts to 32 foot pounds and torque jam nuts to 17 foot pounds.

Step four: Remove two air lines from TEE in firewall, and gently bend them out of the way. Remove auxiliary air line TEE from firewall. Put aside you will reinstall later. Create an assembly of Street TEE, Shut-Off Valve and ELL as shown in diagram. Screw this assembly of three parts into female fitting on firewall. Screw Safety Valve input port onto ELL in above assembly. Screw ELL into output port of Safety Valve. Screw male hose connector into ELL. Screw old TEE into opening on new Street TEE and refasten old air lines to old TEE. Run air line from Safety Valve to center port on draglink. Pipe-to-hose adapter screws in draglink, female hose connector screws onto this adapter. Route hose along frame rail and up firewall, fastening it so that it has slack when draglink moves. Screw male hose connectors into both ports of power cylinder. Run two air lines from draglink to power cylinder. Pipe-to-hose adapters screw into draglink, then female hose connectors screw onto these adapters. Right-hand port on power cylinder goes to front port on draglink. Right-hand hose should loop over power cylinder and be tied to cylinder with plastic tie. HINT: Put a little oil on hose fittings before inserting into hoses a tight fit is normal. Route air hoses so they can move with the equipment. Use plastic ties to secure them to truck. Lubricate three grease fittings, two on draglink and one on tie rod clamp. Lower truck to ground. Start engine. System will operate when air pressure reaches 90 psi. Escaping air noise is normal as wheels return to center position. Remember, this is a power ASSIST system. It activates after you start to turn the steering wheel a few degrees. Practice before going out to impress your friends. Call if you need help with the installation. 631-749-0100 or toll-free 866-749-0100