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Lynn Christy 1870 Morningside Court Azusa, CA 91702 626.664.4156 lc1e3c6ba@westpost.

net Director of Marketing and Business Development Expertise in client development strategies that increase brand awareness, deepen market penetration, and propel profits. Keen eye to developing marketing collat eral to promote a consistently positive corporate image, improve public percepti on, and drive customers to action. Autonomous and entrepreneurial self-starter with 20+ years of experience driving all facets of marketing for a multi-million dollar corporation. Equally confide nt and competent in communicating with C-level, management, hourly employees, cu stomers, vendors, and the media. Areas of Expertise Sales and Marketing: Market Research & Analysis | Business Development | Client Relations | Public Relations Event Planning | Presentations | Brand Manageme nt | Media Buying | Marketing Collateral Management: Budgeting | Change Management | Consulting | Training & Development | Workforce Planning Experience HART, MIERAS & MORRIS, INC. - Law Firm specializing in Estate Planning 1988-2009 Marketing Director / Manager of Living Trust and Estate Planning Seminars As Marketing Director, spearheaded the event planning, advertising, and execu tion efforts for up to four estate-planning seminars each month for 350 attendee s per event. Determined target markets for direct mail campaigns, negotiated ven ue rates, tracked mailing responses, and conducted all pre- and post-event follo w-up with participants and staff. Served as moderator at events, and drove participants to set appointments at close of every event. As Manager of Living Trust and Estate Planning Department, hired and trained all support personnel. Collaborated with IT staff to develop a software program that significantly reduced labor time and cost in producing individualized estat e-planning documents. Conducted new client intakes with attorneys, supervised pr oduction of client documenta-tion, and conducted client meetings for signing and follow-up. Planned, implemented and tracked department budget. Key Marketing Accomplishments: Expanded client base by 80% by implementing and managing aggressive marketing a nd development efforts. Catapulted firm`s seminar volume from one per year to as many as 50 per year. P ublic seminars averaged 40-50% client capture; sponsored seminars averaged 60-90% client capture. Came in 10% under budget by leveraging cost-effective marketing management and vendor negotiation techniques including media buys. Hosted seminars to update clients on new laws affecting their estate plans and to offer additional services. Key Management Accomplishments: Created estate-planning program that generated $5M/year income for one presenti ng attorney.

Developed and implemented a system to integrate law firm`s estate-planning clie nt base with other estate-planning service providers, resulting in greater servi ces to clients and increased income for all providers. Opened eight satellite offices in Southern California to meet demand created by marketing programs. Director and Producer 1984-Present As resident creative drama director for a Pasadena theatre group, draws talent f rom both the professional industry and the community to plan and produce three s tage productions per year. Obtains copyright permissions, prepares budget for bo ard approval, hold auditions, directs, coordinates with music department, public izes event, oversees and manages all professionals and volunteers for set design , scenery, lighting, and sound. Staffs and supervises front and back house perso nnel. Directed more than 100 plays; performed 10,000+ times in productions acros s the US.