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11 Step Cancer Survivor Program


Discover How Stress Causes Cancer and How To Heal Within

11 Step Survivor Program Cancer Personality Cancer-Stress Link

11 Step Cancer Survivor Program

The 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program, developed by the Puna Wai Ora Mind-Body Cancer Clinic and Healing Center, has been designed to educate you on how cancer came to be present within your body, so you can take the necessary steps to heal within. Cancer occurs when a person suppresses for long periods, feelings of anger, hate, resentment and / or grief. This prolonged emotional stress causes stress-hormone cortisol levels to spike within your body, depleting important adrenaline reserves, causing a breaking of the cells 'oxygen krebs cycle', leading to cell-mutation and cancer. Understanding why you have cancer is CRITICAL in your ability to heal from cancer and to incorporate the 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program set out below. We recommend that you start by reading the following website page (The Cancer Personality) that will help you to understand how cancer was created within your body at the cell-level - as a direct consequence of your prolonged emotional stress. We are here to help you. If you need any help along the way, please email us at punawaiora@gmail.com with your questions.

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Step 1 Healing Emotions / Eliminating Internal Stress

Emotional stress (chronic levels of supressed anger, resentment, hate and / or grief) causes cancer at the cell level, by causing a depletion of adrenaline, which results in a build-up of sugar, leading to low oxygen levels, fermentation, and cell mutation (cancer). See the Cancer Personality and the Cancer-Stress Link for further details. Cancer can only exist in the continued presence of unhealed emotional pain. This suppressed emotional pain presents as "severe internal stress" depleting adrenaline - and fuels the daily growth of new cancer in the body. Healing emotional pain (anger, resentment, grief, hate) is the most CRITICAL step in recovering from cancer. It is the first step in your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program. We recommend the following three tools to permanently remove internal emotional stress (unhealed emotional pain) that is causing your cancer: The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD (which guides you to express and release cancer-causing emotions at the deeper subconscious level where cancer begins); EFT for cancer (to permanently remove negative emotions that have been found to cause your cancer) and the free Cancer Healing Guide (which guides you to express and release unspoken feelings that continue to fuel your cancer). All three tools are recommended to heal the root emotional cause of your cancer. Note: Every person diagnosed with cancer has a tendency to suppress emotional pain throughout their life, yet it is a single 'trigger event' that has occurred approximately 2 years prior to the diagnosis of cancer that has caused cancer to develop. Every different type of cancer has a very specific 'psycho-emotional conflict' that has caused cancer in that region of the body to develop. The emotional cause for colon cancer, for example, is very different from the emotional cause for lung cancer. To see what 'psycho-emotional conflict' has caused your cancer click here.

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Step 2 Avoiding / Removing All External Stress

Step 2 of the 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program is to avoid and remove all external stress. Any external stress will feed cancer at the cell level by causing a depletion of adrenaline. ALL stress should be avoided,

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11 Step Cancer Survivor Program


without exception. According to Lothar Hirneise, world-renowned cancer researcher, late stage cancer survivors have all made considerable SYSTEMS CHANGE. This means they have either changed jobs or finished working altogether, ended relationships or marriages that are stressful or depressing, moved house, moved to a peaceful location etc, all for the purpose of removing ALL stress from their lives.

Step 3 Reducing Stress Hormone Cortisol Levels

Finding additional ways to remove / reduce stress inside your PHYSICAL body will help to calm the autonomic nervous system and lower stress cortisol Levels that have been proven to suppress immune system function. Those with cancer have abnormally high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Regular aromatherapy massage, yoga, tai chi, meditation, relaxation techniques, and regular laughter, will all help to lower stress cortisol levels. Lowering stress cortisol levels is an important part of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program. A DAILY regime of one-two or more of these relaxation techniques should be a minimum requirement for those recovering from cancer. The use of laughter should be strongly considered. There are many instances of cancer patients who have used laughter therapy (i.e. Watched VERY funny movies/comedies everyday during their recovery) without using mainstream medicine and have fully recovered. One example of a young woman curing herself of cancer using prayer and laughter therapy (without using mainstream medicine) is mentioned on the video The Secret. Laughter is found to lower bloodpressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost immune function by raising levels of infection-fighting T-cells, diseasefighting proteins called Gamma-interferon and B-cells, which produce disease-destroying antibodies. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, and produces a general sense of well-being.

Step 4 Increasing Melatonin Levels

Those with cancer have abnormally low levels of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland of the brain during deep uninterrupted sleep. This is important because 1) Melatonin is responsible for inhibiting cancer cell growth and 2) because melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the immune system. Those with cancer have low melatonin levels because the internal stress they feel means they have difficulty sleeping well. Daily meditation has been shown in studies to significantly increase melatonin levels and should be strongly considered as a key element of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program. It has also been shown that those who meditate regularly, have very low incidence of cancer. See: Increasing Melatonin for detailed research. We recommend all patients incorporate a daily meditation into their lives. Simple daily meditation: Sit upright and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply to relax your body and mind. Repeat the words slowly in your mind: "I AM MY HIGHER SELF", over and over. Your Higher Self is simply your higher spiritual self, or God Presence. Doing this for 30 minutes every day will bring healing light from your higher spiritual self into your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Step 5 Boosting / Supporting The Immune System

Step 5 of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program is to boost / support your immune system. High stress cortisol levels, parasites, pathogenic microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus), chemotherapy and radiation will all significantly weaken the immune system, whose job it is to keep the body healthy and to destroy cancer cells and other harmful pathogens in the body. Therefore it is vitally important to support the immune system during recovery from cancer and during remission. We recommend you incorporate at least one protocol to boost and support your immune system. Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy can also be used for this purpose and should whenever possible, be used PRIOR to chemotherapy and radiation. Consider the following: Fever Therapy (highly recommended), Lemon Juice Therapy (spiritually channeled remedy that is highly recommended) DMG and Avemar. Special note: If you are undertaking chemotherapy and/or radation therapy, take Graviola capsules to prevent side effects such as hair loss, nausea, joint pain and general malaise and energy loss.

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11 Step Cancer Survivor Program


Step 6 Cleansing the Body of Microbes and Parasites

Prolonged stress suppresses the immune system. When the immune system is suppressed, somatids (tiny healthy organisms necessary for life that live in our body and our blood) - pleomorphise (change) from harmless (spore like forms) to harmful viral, bacterial, and fungus like forms. Cancer cannot exist without these viral-bacterial-yeast-like fungus that a) ferment the glucose in normal cells, breaking the (oxygen) krebs cycle of the cell, causing cell mutation and the birth of new cancer cells and b) ferment the glucose in cancer cells, providing a natural growth factor for cancer cells and tumors to grow within the body. See the Cancer-Stress Link. It is important to include at least one protocol to eradicate this cancer-fungus-microbe in your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program. See the Cancer-Fungus Link for available options. It is also important to de-worm larger parasites within the body. These parasites weaken the immune system and secrete toxins in the body. A herbal formula such as Clarkia or another parasite cleanse should be undertaken every 6 months. See Parasites and Cancer.

Step 7 - Detoxifying the Body

Step 7 of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program is to detoxify the body of toxins. What are toxins? Toxins include mycotoxins or acidic waste products caused by 1) microbe and parasite secretions, 2) a poor diet, 3) chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, 4) anti-biotics, 5) chemotherapy agents, 6) fermentation of stress hormones, 7) poor exercise regime causing build up of lactic acid, 8) dead microbes and parasites, and 9) dead cancer cells.

These toxins build up primarily in the liver the master immune system organ. When the liver is overloaded with these toxins, your immune system is weakened, you feel sicker, and cancer and virus-bacteriafungus thrives. It is very important to have an on-going detoxification plan to detoxify the liver (the master immune system organ), the colon (intestinal immune system), the gall bladder and the kidneys, to prevent toxins building up within your body. When you are killing microbes and parasites or using an alternative or orthodox cancer treatment to kill cancer cells, it is important to detoxify the body at the same time, as your liver cannot remove from the body all the dead microbes and cancer cells that are being killed in the process. We recommend you include one protocol for detoxing the liver and colon on a regular basis. See Liver-Colon Cleanse.

Step 8 - Cancer Nutrition / Re-Alkalizing the Body's pH

Cleansing your body from the inside out also means making sure whatever you put in your body from now on is free from toxins. It is PARAMOUNT as part of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program - to stop smoking and to stop drinking alcohol and to change your diet to one rich in anti-cancer foods. These are foods whose compounds have been proven in studies to fight and kill cancer cells in the body. See Beating Cancer With Nutrition. It is also essential to have a strategy to re-alkalise the body's cells to a pH of 7.0 or greater. Cancer cells can only survive in a low-pH environment and this is why nearly all those with cancer have a low pH of between 4.0 - 6.5pH. This low pH is caused by the excretion of "mycotoxins" which is the acidic 'waste product' of the fungus-microbe in the cancer cell. And the presense of the fungus-microbe itself is caused due to prolonged emotional stress and poor nutrition. See Cancer-Stress Link As cancer cells find it difficult to survive in a high pH alkaline environment and cannot survive in a pH environment of 8.0 or greater, it is therefore essential to include a 3 step protocol to restore correct cell pH. See pH and Cancer for this 3 step protocol to stop cancer in its tracks.

Step 9 Overcoming the Subconscious Death Wish

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11 Step Cancer Survivor Program


All late stage cancer survivors have a strong inner belief that they can beat their cancer and overcome it. This is because all cancer begins with a 'subconscious wanting to die', and if this can be reversed, then the patient will survive. We strongly recommend you read the following article that has been channeled from Spirit on this subject: Cancer = A Subconscious Wanting To Die. This strong will to live sends direct messages to the immune system to 're-activate' and destroy cancer cells in the body. Those who feel cancer has beat them, or who feel tired of life and have lost their passion and joy for life, in otherwords have lost their will to live, send subconscious messages to their immune system to shut down and stop working altogether. It is important to understand that cancer is only a warning that you have momentarily 'lost your will to live' and that you can regain it at any time. The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD has been designed to motivate you on a daily basis to choose life. Guided imagery is used to empower you to 're-activate' your immune system, and to help you visualize a new life filled with joy and with purpose. See also Life With Cancer for 8 practical ways to reverse the Cancer Death Wish.

Step 10 Connecting To God / Accepting Divine Healing

Those who have faith in God to heal them have a much higher rate of survival according to many cancer studies undertaken in this area. Prayer is a calling to God that you want to live, and this helps overcome the subconscious death wish, mentioned above. At Puna Wai Ora Mind-Body Healing Center, we regularly receive messages from God and the Angels to guide us in the work we are doing. When we asked what is the best late stage alternative cancer treatment available, the first reply we received was prayer. The Angels spoke of the Lords prayer said out loud daily - preferably in Latin - was the most effective late stage cancer treatment. See Cancer Prayer for versions of the Lords prayer. They indicated it was important to also: 1. Ask God for forgiveness of any wrongdoings; 2. Ask God to fill them with white light and love, 3. Ask for the pain to be diminished in Jesus name; (or another spiritual being you pray to) 4. State Please bless me with white love and light in Jesus name and let the healing begin, and; 5. Thank God, Jesus and the Angels for their healing and recovery. These are the words of God delivered by the Angels: God will decide if a miracle happens. They need to connect with themselves more that they are on the right path to awareness of spiritual realms and God. They must believe in God to get through, to have more faith and trust in God. Once they open up, they will be open up in more ways than one. Their pain will not be as intense, they will be comforted." See Cancer Angel for a 5 step spiritual healing program to heal your spiritual body.

Step 11 - Choosing An Alternative Cancer Treatment

The final step of your 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program is to choose at least one alternative cancer treatment that feels right for you. In most cases you should only need to choose one treatment in addition to the above steps of the 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program. We highly recommend that your alternative cancer treatment at least include one dietary cancer treatment such as the Johanna Budwig Diet, the Gerson Therapy Diet, the Bill Henderson Diet Protocol (which is based on the Budwig Diet) or the Brandt Grape Cure (if you are up to it). See also: Beating Cancer With Nutrition. Very important: Always choose a diet you enjoy, as it is important that everything you do in your life bring you joy, not misery. Other options available are listed here: Alternative Cancer Treatments.

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