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Ateneo Placement Office Open Forum with Students 20 Jan 2012, MVP Basement

Attendance Dr. John Paul Vergara, Loyola Schools Vice-President Mrs. Carla Siojo, Loyola Schools Office of Placement (LSOP or APO) Director Mr. Chris Castillo, Loyola Schools Office of Student Affairs Director Mr. Rene San Andres, Loyola Schools Associate Dean for Student Affairs Mr. Willliam Mallari, Loyola Schools Bookstore Director Ms. Florence Ladion, LSOP Career Counselor Ms. Emily Lizada, LSOP Career Counselor Mr. Ronnie Rodriguez, LSOP Career Counselor Sanggunian Officers Concerned Students Time Start: 2:50 pm Time End: 4:30 pm Flow House Rules Drew Copuyoc, Sanggunian President Prayer Jenica Dizon, SOH 4th Year Executive Officer Opening Speech Mrs. Carla Siojo, APO Director Succeeding Speakers (in order) Job de Leon Dr. Vergara Bian Villanueva Ken Abante (w/ esponse from Mrs. Siojo after) Ana Raymundo (w/ response from Mrs. Siojo after) Rica Facundo (w/ response from Dr. Vergara after) Job de Leon (in response to Rica and Dr. Vergara) Peterson Poon Mr. Rene San Andres Bian Villanueva Ms. Florence Ladion Job de Leon Closing Remarks Drew Copuyoc Minutes House Rules (Drew Copuyoc) Introduce yourself

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Listen to each other Raise your hand to be called Reserve actions for people Please dont interrupt No structure, just an open forum

1st Speaker (Job de Leon) Clarifications All views expressed are my own, not representing the Ateneo Debate Society Congratulated and recognized APO, COA and Sanggu efforts for the job fair Has no job fair/APO animosity Not a personal attack on anyonea

Personal Attacks addressed: Spoiled brats, the job fair is free, a service, a privelege o If its a privelege, it should be extended to everyone o Not just being open (everyone can walk in) but an actual event where everyone has a chance to find an opportunity that caters to them Choosy and spoiled o One of the last people you can call spoiled commutes 2 hours Ano bang problema niyo, pwede naman kayo mag-apply diyan You can submit your resumes to Nestle, HSBC etc o While its true for non-management degrees to fit in to the scheme of corporations we dont think that its a choice that everyone has in mind o Flip the question: Say youre a management major and the job fair was full of creative agencies, social advocacies and people tell you pwede naman ang management diyan diba Its not in line with what we dedicated our lives to when we entered the Ateneo, not in line with what we want We concede that these are all great companies to work at But we think that if you ask people to work at GK, Akbayan youth, the Visayan forum people are going to feel excluded the same way o Id like to think that the Ateneo told us that its not just about trying to fit in but creating space for you to fit Not saying that APO did not try enough Regardless of initiatives a lot of them havent materialized, therefore room for dissatisfaction We want more options o Not telling anyone to bring all agencies and institutions and force them to hire on the spot

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

We understand that some NGOs, creatives, etc dont really do mass hiring Not forcing them to hire us but we just want them to be there so we can hand our resume over so our choice to study the specific field can be validated o Whether or not we have a job fair people are still going to pursue the management careers in the corporations If they are the ones who have a greater capability to find their choices and actualize themselves in these options We think its those people who have a harder time finding where they can apply themselves and those who need their help and help their skills grow are the people we need to place more emphasis on We dont think its impossible if the UP college of fine arts can find people to take Fine Arts degrees year after year in their annual job fair We think its actuallly easier to hire people in science, communication, development degrees Theres also a structural issue we want to address (to be talked about later) Job Fair: There has to be a greater collaboration in looking for options of other people o We think that everyone here is equally capable of driving around Metro Manila to look for jobs o But if some people are given the oppportunity to start right here right now, then thats the opportunity that we all have to work for to extend to all

2nd Speaker: Dr. John Paul Vergara (LS VP) Im very encouraged with the discussion thats going on. Id like to thank the group for briniging their concerns in. An important aspect in the issue are the next steps we should take: Mention of collaboration o APO has structures and encourages representation for the students and their interests One of the things I do as VP is to gather the data: 90% of our graduates go to private corporations and this is represented in the job fair for the most part. o We do need representation from the other sectors o What will help are fora like this that will help push the issue o At the same time we should recognize: Realities of whether or not the sectors in question are indeed hiring Administrations capacity I want to believe that were doing this forum because were looking for a solution The job fair is just one of the events and that we do allow for other events (like the APEX) that do bring the other sectors

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

If it is just 10% attention devoted then that mirrors exactly where our graduates go

Recap from Drew 3rd Speaker: Bian Villanueva (School of Social Sciences Major) Up to last night I wasnt sure if I would support the protest, primarily because I wasnt sure of what the issue was o Its not just about the jobs/ job fair but deeper issues that need to be discussed Occupy Job Red Brick Road is a welcome development o Shows people care about life outside the university, gravity of economic situation is beyond the school o Decries lack of equality in opportunity o Demanded from those who support the movement to recognize the facts I have utmost respect for the APO and their representatives o No doubt that they have done their best in trying to preserve Ateneo values in attempts to make the job fair more equitable Main point: The values Ateneo teaches and the current situation in which we live in right now cannot decisively match o It is true that there are more opportunities for people who take business/techrelated courses. o It is not the APOs fault that there are few job openings in NGOs, govt offices, etc. But is the situation right? Is it right to acept the situation as normal? o Not a question that is commonly asked o Heavy education in humanities and social sciences/ Ateneo tells me something is wrong Institutions that replicate and reinforce systems of exclusion may not be directly at fault But without a change in consciousness and awakening to the need for radical change, any marginal attempt to remedy the problem is pointless o Frustration: People feel that people dont have anything to do anymore. Eto na yun, wala na ako mapupuntahan? Do I have to shuttle between QC and Makati because I have to confirm internship sites by my own when Management majors can print and submit their resumes here in MVP? Am I resigned to the fact to except it as Well ganun talaga ang buhay. On the issue of management-centrism o Thats how the wold works post-Thatcher, Raegan, etc. o Lament of Europe, the 99% in the US and millions of people who work in sweat shops

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

o Focus on profit over people and not human development o Subtle invocation of the practical reinforces systematic oprression o I do it everyday. I am guilty, and I am one among many Be realistic, demand the impossible. What is real is not necessarily what is right.

Recap from Drew Reminders from Jenica Objective of dialogue is: o For both sides to present their concerns and needs o For us to move forward and think of solutions and possible steps both sides can take Solutions may be in terms of intra-personal, inter-personal or organizational/structural perspectives

4th Speaker: Ken Abante (COA President) Thanked people who started the forum and began to talk and raise issues Affirmed representation of other sectors through COA cluster heads and secretary treasurers o Attended initial series of APO meetings with Drew o Ateneo Placement Exposure Series (APEX) has a new format thanks to consultation Question on job fair company/organization participation process directed to Mrs. Siojo o Company index is well-represented

Reiteration of question by Drew 5th Speaker: Mrs. Siojo (Response to Ken) Consulted and got a list of NGOs to contact Blanket letter was sent to NGOs, corporations, schools, govt agencies, etc o After sending, those who did not reply (via attached reply slip) were called personally by placement reps o Regrets were given over the phone NGOs and govt agencies, educational institutions, etc. can join free of charge Reasons for not joining o Freeze hiring in the government at present o NGOs are outright hiring, dont need as many people at the moment o Some schools who responded All those in the company index were contacted but not all responded postively o Even if such orgs/companies arent participating, it doesnt prevent APO from posting annoncements of vacancies and sending resumes of students as needed This year we have the most number of companies who responded (99 responded)

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Everyday we have around 40 participants

Recap from Drew 6th Speaker: Ana Raymundo (School of Sciences Chairperson) School of Social Sciences chairperson but not speaking in behalf of Sanggu Clarification: Whatever happened isnt between SOSS and SOM o SOSS isnt trying to prove that SOM isnt right; not a SOSS rally o We just have to remember that there are 4 schools in the LS which the job fair also has to remember We respect and understand that this is really the nature of the application process On the issue of spoonfeeding o We have to understand what the job fair is for (not to say that we are ungrateful and being brats because we do appreciate) o If job fair is to make it easier for Ateneans to find jobs, why is it hard to find jobs for Ateneans in the first place? Isnt our education enough? Perhaps there was an information barrier o A lot of students who went realized that a lot of comopanies, orgs or govt agencies they were hoping to see wasnt around Theres a difference between giving the chance to apply and actually employing students o Everyone is given a choice to apply o Yes opportunities are given to apply Some sentiment of students: But when students go there companies wont accept because course doesnt say Management On the issue of formation o Taught in Ateneo to be Professionals for others o 4 philosophy and 4 theology classes shouldn't be discounted o Students should be reminded of their resopnsibility as Ateneans Not covered Office should also offer an explanation presense of companies rather than just being reactive Not a personal attack and we understand APO did everything they can o Sanggunian could have also been more pro-active

7th Speaker: Mrs. Carla Siojo (Response) Main purpose of job fair: Expose students to a little bit of the outside world o In a few months, ready or not, here life comes Goes both ways: Also the outside world taking a peek into the Ateneo world All courses are marketed to company reps regardless of school o All company representatives are accepting resumes of students regardless of the course

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

To most companies, courses dont really matter unless its really technical What is looked for are the values and people skills because the company does the training For those who hesitate to give their resumes, I encourage you to do so because in every company there are different functions and departments (Finance, Marketing, Communications, etc.) On formation: APO is evangelistic in nature o Ateneos thrust is leadership formation o Having corporations present is a challenge o Multipler effect: If students become the leaders of the companies and bring with them Ignation values Students can make a difference in country and in the world I hope you will not limit yourself and think that just because this is my course this is the job I need o Sometimes students dont know what they want to do o I also challenge to find your passion and what will wake you up in the morning o Life is not just a job o In the future we will have a booth for Jesuit vocations as well After this forum, anyone is welcome to our office for dialogue or further consultation o Whatever you need, please let us know o If there is something you feel strongly about, Id rather you go to me straight than posting it in the world wide web but thank you for engaging us in this forum

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8th Speaker: Rica Facundo (School of Sciences Major) Reiterated that issue is not about SOM vs. SOSS or the admin vs. students, etc. My question is addressed to the community: When and why did the community start caring (at the threat of a protest)? o Initially the same people have just been going on and on for weeks o At the threat of a protest: So many insights from students in the different LS schools, even alumni o If these were the issues that have been going on for the longest time, why react just now? Even if Occupy Job Fair video is a joke, it is a reflection of deeply rooted issues that are affecting Ateneo o Ive been the Ateneo for 4 years and I know we have a lot of student leaders (Sanggu, COA, etc.) who want to engage the students On the issue that Occupy was quite drastic o Look at what it sparked o Do we need controversy to make us speak? o Maybe if we had been more vocal then we couldve prevented this from happening Response to alumni comments: Theyre so spoiled etc., there are more issues to be concerned about like poverty

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

o But these are the issues plaguing the community now o Why arent people speaking up, what more when we leave? Not pro or anti-protest but my advocacy is discourse o Hopefully we all listen to each other so we can prevent something like this from happening

8th Speaker: Dr. Vergara (Response to Rica) Hopefully this dialogue is an indication for the need to move forward and think of solutions, and not just make noise On the issue of SOM-centrism o Acknowledges that it is private corporation-centric o Every private corporation that such corporations employ from different disciplines Articulate the problem well o Is it a problem with society in general? The job fair? The placement office? o Articulate problem well and lets move forward to solve it What would you like to happen? o More distributed job fair? What does this mean for you? o Lets look at different sectors in companies that some of you should consider Again, hopefully this is an indication that we care and that wed like to act not just to make noise

Recap from Drew 9th Speaker: Job de Leon (Response to Rica and Dr. Vergara) On the question: Why protest? Why cant we just talk? o Whats exclusive to a protest is that we get this many people involved and talk about issue o Issue goes beyond more than people concerned but to the realm of the people who should be concerned o We dont deny that we like to make noise but the noise has a purpose o Everyone here has a role to play in making change come about On the issue of the APEX talks addressing representation o Look comparatively at the impact of APEX and week long hype of job fair o Good place to start but people should be given more attention o We look at the companies at the job fair differently Implied that this is where Ateneo wants us to go versus companies/ organizations in APEX talks On the issue of why dont NGOs goes to us o It works both ways, chicken and egg thing. o NGOs see what Ateneans typically go to: 90% corporations Might feel that its not worth coming for the 10% o On the students side, not much interest because such groups arent reinforced

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Not enough that they are mentioned in theo/philo classes On the idea that corporations arent exclusive o I agree they arent, as a comm major I know corporations have a PR department I can apply for o Companies can be generalized as management institutions because generally its their purpose Not helping for helping peoples sake; not helping people identify their problems, personalities but to fulfill the end of corporation objective Not everyone is comfortable with this

10th Speaker: Peterson Poon (School of Management major) On the value of the protest o 16 hours before anyone went to the Red Brick Road, Sanggu already scheduled a meeting Long before any commotion was created, people were already willing to engage in discourse o Protest wasnt needed, did not need to use words such as SOM-centrism to demand discourse Protest wasnt the last resort, the suggestion of a meeting wasnt even raised o People protest because they go on years and years unheard This is not the case in the Ateneo On the purpose of the rally o Rally and some sentiments were indirect/direct attacks to the nature of the School of Management and what we are studying o Problem: Reason why this is happening is people were using loaded terms and yet dont want to define them On those who say that Im okay with the idea of the School of Management but my problem is the real world o Then we must acknowledge that the whole discussion is about two things: The nature of the world and what it should be Nature of the job fair and what it should do to the real world o As a SOM student: I wish we did not have to do business I wish we couldve done what we wanted to do without selling ourselves our souls to marketing and banks, etc. That is not the case because we serve utilitarian functions, etc o On claims that the job fair shouldve done something about the problem of the real world Agrees that in everything we do we should have do something to change the real world Disagrees that the job fair should be used as a battering ram to complain about the real world

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Not fair for job fair organizers, APO, etc to receive brunt for what the entire world created Not fair that the volunteers who set up booths and called companies to receive complaints about capitalism On why NGOs arent here: Might be more of a feasibility issue o Dont have much capacity to hire o Cost for NGOs to send someone is not worth On the problem with the world is not equal: SOM majors get an easy time but those who work in development have a hard time o The world is really unfair but we are all parts to one whole. We are all students to one Ateneo. o Doesn't mean we will all receive things the same way People in SOM dont want to be slaves, gophers, etc. but weve come to recognize that in this world, we have to work for things we are going to receive. o Dont generalize us because we dont generalize you. On the problem that the organizations/companies/etc I want arent at the job fair o I want to work for Apple. Apple is not here. But do you see me complaining? o There are many booths we all want to see but were not going to get all. o Were all equally missing something we all want a little more Everyone needs to work together to improve the system we are all in o If you have contacts of NGOs, forward this to APO and help facilitate their participation Some forms of discourse need to come before a protest

Reminders from Drew Lets try to go back on giving constructive criticism and suggestions to the APO so we can make use of our time wisely

11th Speaker: Mr. Rene San Andres (ADSA) Happy and consoled to hear students raising issues themselves Doesnt encourage combative approaches but rather healthy angst or healthy sense of discord Understands reason for protest Time now for action: Perhaps existing sytems and mechanisms may have led to a level of complacency o People might feel that their needs arent being communicated successfully anymore o Need to reexamine existing structures, not just dump everything to APO Proposal: Interim structure that will preserve discourse and ensure representation o Ateneo is open to dialogue o Admin doesnt just shoot down the idea, look for the proper channels

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

If you dont know who to talk to, Im personally presenting myself, lets discuss o Need for integrative reflection of the whole system Is it just about the job fair? Consider Integrated Non-Academic Formation (INAF) programs and take them seriously Structures arent place but we want service-learning as the main approach for every course But everyone has to be ready for the change Not just about landing a job that will help the country but you can use your thesis, projects, etc. to help o Lets examine the entire education system, the avenue is not just the APO Is our edeucation resposnive enough to the entire needs of the country and to our needs for employment? Need to marry the two, not just the country. o Lets move forward and agree on the mechanism by which we can continue the discourse. With great power, comes great resonsibility. o Lets all work together and not just dump everything to the APO. Suggest concrete mechanisms that will maintain the tension (without people becoming complacent) and yet not overly combative that will polarize/turn off people.

Recap from Drew 12th Speaker: Bian Villanueva (School of Social Sciences major) Recalls that at the start of the semester, there was consultation between admin and student organizations regarding improvement/suggestions to INAF programs o Good venue it happened only once though (to my knowledge) o Suggested that things like this happen more Some dont know who to run to Sanggu, COA, admin? o Suggestion: Schedule dialogues periodically On service-learning o Good way to start because people are getting disillusioned How do I become a good Atenean but at the same time match the values of the world it poses? o Suggestion: More avenues for dialogue with admin to be able to address this issue

13th Speaker: Ms. Florence Ladion (APO Career Counselor) Thanks all those who attended Acknowledges efforts of the APO student reps who organized the job fair Agrees with what everything Sir Rene San Andres had said

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Doesnt agree with the rally, wouldve appreciated if students just went to the office to dialogue o Used analogy of family: 4 schools but one Ateneo o If families have problems, they dont broadcast it to people If we are to protect the Ateneo name, we have to think of the implications of our actions o People from outside have negative prejudices already about Ateneans and we shouldnt reinforce these We are not here to suppress freedom, we are here for a win-win scenario. o Its not who is right or wrong but us working together. We have guests, and if this is our home, we should protect it. Invites everyone to go to the closing of the job fair

14th Speaker: Job de Leon (School of Social Sciences Major) Reiterates that he has nothing against SOM majors The decision to continue with the Occupy Job Fair protest was well thought of. o Wasnt an easy decision o Protest was done to engage more people and make more people aware of issues Suggestions o Segment job fair by school o If NGOs, govt offices, other orgs, etc. wont be able to go then add a miscellaneous booth with brochures We just want their presence to be felt/ more visibility o Increase collaboration between home departments and organizations

Closing Remarks/Recap from Drew Thanks all the efforts of those involved. o Students for starting the discourse o APO and student reps for organizing the job fair o Admin for INAF programs and other servies Acknowledge students faults as well o Lacked initiative to approach offices o Became too complacent We should be more vocal and voice out our opinions Lets all be part of the solution and speak up for ourselves and fellow Ateneans Immediate action points o Creation of interim structure All those who spoke during the forum are members automatically o Another dialogue will be scheduled For more feedback/comments/written proposals of suggestions for the APO o Email placement@ateneo.edu.ph

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.

Note: A recap of this discussion was also presented to the Sanggunian Central Board meeting last Friday, January 20, 2012. The interim structure and other possible solutions were also discussed. A resolution will be passed stating such.

Prepared By:

Jenica Beatriz V. Dizon Senior Executive Officer, School of Humanities Committee on Formation Services Representative, Ateneo Placement Office Chairperson, Seniors Batch Coordinating Assembly (Seniors Alliance 2012) Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loola ng Ateneo de Manila

We are your sole autonomous student government. We voice out your concerns. We protect your welfare. We form the community. We are entrusted to lead and committed to serve. We are your SANGGUNIAN.