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How to Use the Service

First, the service has to be activated by sending an SMS to 1500 containing:

*122*the last four digits of your mobile number*new pin code defined by the customer#
Second, to use the service, send an SMS to 1500 containing:
*133*SAWA number to which the credit is to be transferred*the amount of transfer*pin code#

The credit transfer options are as follows:

• A maximum of SR 500 worth of credit can be transferred per day.

• A maximum of SR 100 worth of credit can be transferred in one SMS.

• A minimum of SR 10 worth of credit can be transferred in one SMS.

Q. What is JAWALNet? (Internet over GPRS)

A. JAWALNet is a new service offered by ALJAWAL. JAWALNet will allow AlJawal customer to browse in
through any ALJAWAL GPRS compatible devices.
JAWALNet is the FIRST of the MANY GPRS applications that will be introduced by ALJAWAL in the future

Q. What are the advantages of JAWALNet?

A. • Faster access to the Internet compared to existing data speed on the GSM Network.
• Access the Internet via PDA, laptop, integrated PDA/Phone or specialized phone anytime anywhere.
• Receive or send Emails while being on the move without any landline connection.
• No airtime traffic charges. Only pay the actual amount of data sent or received.

Q. What are the requirements in order to enjoy JAWALNet?

A. • You have to be ALJAWAL / SAWA customer
• You must own a GPRS compatible device.

Q. What are the requirements in order to enjoy JAWALNet 3G?

A. You have to be an ALJAWAL 3.5G customer.
JAWALNet 3G services can be accessed via 3 different ways:
• By directly using a 3G compatible handset to browse internet, send e-mails, etc.

• By using the 3G compatible handset as a modem and connect it to your PC.

• By using a 3G compatible data card in your PC.

Q. How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from JAWALNet 3G?

A. All 3.5G customers will have JAWALNet 3G – Easy activated by default.
In case you wish to subscribe to one of the above plans, you will have to go through one of the following cha
• SMS: Typing the activation code and sending it to 902.

• STC E-services: Accessing STC website: www.stc.com.sa ALJAWAL 902 Center: Calling a 902 agen
activate the plan.
• ALJAWAL showrooms: Visiting ALJAWAL or authorized dealers showroom.

Q. If I am using JAWALNet 3G through my mobile phone, can I answer any incoming calls?
A. Yes you can, this depends on your handset specifications and whether this feature is enabled in your hand

Q. Can I roam with JAWALNet 3G?

A. JAWALNet 3G will be available soon when roaming outside the country.

Q. How do I configure my mobile device to enjoy JAWALNet 3G?

A. The settings will be automatically sent to you upon switching your mobile ON.Or you can request the
• Sending an SMS containing the service name (i.e.MMS, JAWALNet, and Streaming) to the number 2

• Or by calling 902 and asking the agent to send you the settings.

Q. What is GPRS?
A. • GPRS refers to General Packet Radio Service. It is a wireless technology that enables data to be transm
GSM networks.
• GPRS transmits large volume of data through the network by breaking them into small packets.
• GPRS will also cost a lot less to transmit data compared to current ways of sending data over the mobile net

Q. What are GPRS compatible devices?

A. • Most of the New generation (Mobile / Mobile integrated) devices are compatible with GPRS technolog
• There are many GPRS compatible devices that would allow you to access JAWALNet; they could either be
(Personal Digital Assistant) with an integrated GSM phone, compatible mobile phone, or through special GPR
• Examples of special devices are:
- GPRS card (similar to the PCMCI cards)
- USB GPRS modem

Q. What are the Features of GPRS?

A. • With GPRS,
- You can make Data transaction while on the move.
- It has an “Always on functionality”.
- You will Pay only on the data you download or upload and not on the time it takes.
- It is available anywhere, anytime in all cities in the Kingdom.
- It will allow you to download or upload data much faster than current technology.

Q. What are the benefits of GPRS?

A. • With GPRS, you can enjoy faster simultaneous voice or data sessions* at speeds of up to 50 Kbp/s.
• GPRS supports a lot of applications such as;
- Internet over GPRS (JAWALNet)
- E-mail access
- MMS (multimedia messages)
- Mobile payments
- WAP over GPRS
- Banking & finance services
*Depending on your mobile device

Q. What is the difference between GPRS and WAP?

A. • WAP is a presentation service/browser while GPRS is a network.
• WAP will be running on GPRS when it’s provided, where currently it is provided over the GSM (Circuit Sw
Data, at 9.6kbps).
• GPRS will provide WAP users with faster performance, better efficiency and more cost savings.
• JAWALNet is not WAP over GPRS. That means current WAP users will still have to use the same dialup pro

Q. How can I know if my mobile supports GPRS or not?

A. You can know if your mobile supports GPRS or not by checking your mobile service from your mobile, o
your mobile user manual.

Q. Can I surf JAWALNet using my GPRS enabled mobile phones?

A. If your mobile have a built-in WEB BROWSER like Internet Explorer (IE), you will be able to brows int
directly, but with the normal handsets that have WAP browser you will be able to access the WAP links only w
speed. Usually only PDA's have a built-in WEB BROWSER.
However, if your mobile have an Infrared (IR) device or a socket for a GPRS cable, or a Bluetooth connectio
connect your laptop (with an IR device, a Bluetooth connection or a corresponding GPRS socket) to your mo
and surf the Internet using your laptop.

Q. What is JAWALNet speed?

A. Because JAWALNet is based on GRPS technology, the service provides the subscriber to surf the interne
speed up to 50 Kbps.

Q. On what base do you price JAWALNet?

A. JAWALNet prices are based on the use of the single kilobit (sent and received data) during internet surfin
disregarding the time duration of the connection. Which means the duration for reading, thinking, and others
of charge. Also prices are based on the chosen JAWALNet subscription type.

Q. What are JAWALNet subscription types?

A. There are Four types:

1. JAWALNet Easy: No monthly subscription , this type allows you to use JAWALNet service and the fee wil
on the number of sending and receiving kilobits during your internet surfing. The usage price will be SR 5/M
2. JAWALNet 2: The monthly subscription fee is SR 10 with 2MB usage included. When the usage exceeds 2
fee will be SR 4/MB .

3. JAWALNet 10: The monthly subscription fee is SR 30 monthly with 10 MB usage included. When the usa
exceeds 10 MB, the fee will be SR 4/MB .

4.JAWALNet 25: The monthly subscription fee is SR 50 monthly with 25 MB usage included. When the usag
exceeds 25 MB, the fee will be SR 4/MB .

Q. How can I subscribe or unsubscribe form JAWALNet?

A. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from JAWALNet through Customer Care Service (902).

Q. How do I pay for the service?

A. When you subscribe in one of JAWALNet subscription types, immediately the fees for the service will be
your mobile invoice.

Q. How long does it take to activate JAWALNet?

A. JAWALNet activation takes 24 hours.

Q. How do I know JAWALNet is activated after the subscription?

A. There is a special sign in some mobile phones and PDAs that indicates the activation of JAWALNet servi
letter "G". However there are some cells and PDA's don't have any sign, and to know what the sign in your m
You can see your mobile user manual. Also you can now if your account has been activated by trying the serv
doing the setup steps.

Q. How do I configure my mobile device to enjoy JAWALNet?

A. The configuration depends on the type of your mobile device. For PDA users, you have to identify the AP
(Access point Network), the proxy, & the port.
Check the website, http://www.jawalnet.com.sa/Templates/ManualConfiguration.aspx?PostingId=58 for deta
instructions on how to configure your PDAs manually.
If you are accessing JAWALNet using your Laptop through your Normal Mobile phone, you need to identify
(JAWALNet.com.sa) on the Mobile only & the other setting will be in the laptop. They are;
Proxy: Proxy.JAWALNet.com.sa
Port: 8080
Dialup number: *99#
Alternatively, you can configure your mobile phone using OTA, which is (Over the Air Activation)

Q. Some times I can't access JAWALNet, also some times the browsing become very slow, why is that?
A. GPRS technology gives the voice higher priority than data, which effects the connection and browsing. A
mobile type affects that too.

Q. I have problem, what should I do?

A. If you have problem in the service, do the following:
1- Be sure that you did the right setting, and try to use the service.
2- If the problem hasn't been solved, please call the Customer Care Service (902).

Q. If I am using JAWALNet through my mobile phone, can I answer incoming calls?

A. Yes! With GPRS, you can still answer incoming voice calls while using JAWALNet, as long as you are n
downloading files from the Internet*.
Your JAWALNet session will be put on hold and you can resume the data session after the voice conversation
* Ability to make voice calls concurrently with data session is phone dependent

Q. Can I Roam with JAWALNet?

A. JAWALNet is currently available for roaming subscribers outside the Kingdom.