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Introduction to Software Engineering

Documentation in the Development Effort

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to provide with or support by documentation a set of documents or information products to describe a computer system each document is designed to perform a particular function

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Software Engineering

Documentation Purpose

To provide a reasonably permanent statement of a system's structure or behaviour

reference manuals user guides documentation of system's architecture

To serve as transitory documents that are part of the infrastructure involved in running real projects.

scenarios internal design documentation meeting reports, bugs etc.

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Criteria for Measuring Usability of Documents


Users should know that the documents exists. It must be present when and where needed. It should be aligned to user's tasks and interests. It should be accurate and complete. It should fit an ordinary letter-sized paper for ease of handling, storage and retrieval. It should be understandable without further explanation.




Software Engineering

Why are Manuals and Documents Important?

Save Cost Sales and Marketing Tool Tangible Deliverable Contractual Obligation Security Blanket Testing and Implementation Aids Manuals can be used for comparing old and new system.

Software Engineering

Successful Projects

Most successful projects spend about 5-10% of their development resources on both internal and external documentation. Three Basic Important Documents

Requirements Documentation Architecture Documentation Design Documentation

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Technical Documents

Documents that give the structural and behavioral aspects of the software. Each item of documentation should have a:

unique name for referencing and cross-referencing purpose or objective target audience

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Referencing and Crossreferencing


To ensure that every document produces as part of the systems analysis, design and programming activities can be readily and uniquely identified, and that information contained within documents can be easily retrieved. To ensure completeness of a system

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Sample Referencing Techniques

Structured Approach

National Computer Center UK (NCC-UK) Andersen Consulting- METHOD/1 Use CASE Tool

Object-oriented Approach

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Documentation Two Purposes of Documentation Criteria of Useful Documents Importance of Documents Technical Documents Referencing and Cross-referencing

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