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A1 .. First Class A.A . Automobile Association; Anti-Aircraft A.B . Able-bodied seaman A.A.M . Air-to-air Missile Abbr Abbreviation A.C.P .. Associate of the College of Preceptors A.D . (Anno Domini)In the year of Our Lord Ad advertisement a/c .. account A.D.C aide-de-camp Ad lib . (ad libitum) as much as you like A.E.C Army Educational Corps A.E.F Allied Expeditionary Force A.I.Mech.E .. Associate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers a.m . (ante meridiem) before noon A.M . Amplitude modulated A.M.I.C.E . Associate Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers Anon .. anonymous A.R.C.M .. Associate of the Royal College of Music A.N.Z.A.C Australian and New Zealand Army Corps A.R.P . Air Raid Precautions Assn Association Asst Assistant

A.T.S .. Auxiliary Territorial Service Att.-Gen Attorney-General A.V .. Authorised Version (of the Bible) B.A . Bachelor of Arts B.B.C .. British Broadcasting Corp. Bart . Baronet B.C Before Christ B.Comm Bachelor of Commerce B.E.F British Expeditionary Force B.M.A .. British Red Cross Society B.D Bachelor of Divinity B.R.C.S .. British Red Cross Society Brit. .. Britain; British; Britannia B.Sc . Bachelor of Science B.S.T . British Summer Time Bt . Baronet; bought B.Sc. (Econ.) Bachelor of Science, Economics B.Th. Bachelor of Theology B.W.I. . British West Indies CC copyright C .. Centigrade Cantab. . Of Cambridge (University) C.A .. Chartered Accountant cap. . capital letter; chapter

Capt. . Captain Carifesta . Carribean Festival of the Arts C.B. Companion of the order of the bath C.B.E. .. Companion of the order of the British Empire Cc (or cm3) cubic centimeter C.C.C. .. Caribbean Council of Churches C.D.B. Caribbean Development Bank C.E. . Civil Engineer cf. . Compare C.G.M. .. Conspicuous Gallantry Medal C.C. . County Council C.H. .. Companion of Honour C.I.A. Central Intelligence Agency C.I.D. .. Criminal Investigation Department c.i.f. .. cost, insurance, freight cm. .. centimetre cm2 square centimetre cm3 cubic centimetre C.M.S. Church Missionary Society C.M.G. . Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George Co. Company c/o care of C.O.D. .. Cash on Delivery Corp. .. Corporation

C. of E. Church of England Col .. Colonel Cpl .. Corporal C.P.R. Canadian Pacific Railway C.S. Civil service Cr. . Credit, creditor C.V.O. Commander of the Royal Victorian Order C.W.S. Co-Operative Wholesale Society Cwt ..hundredweight C.X.C. ..Caribbean Examinations Council D.B.E Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire D.D . Doctor of Divinity deg. degree Dept. .. Department Deut. .. Deuteronomy D.F.C Distinguished Flying Cross diam. .. diameter dim. diminutive D.Litt. . Doctor of Letters D.Lit. Doctor of Literature do. .. ditto, the same doz. . Dozen D.P.H. .. Department of Public Health; Diploma in Public Health Dr. . Doctor; debtor

D.Sc. . Doctor of Science D.S.M. . Distinguished Service Medal D.S.O. Distinguished Service Order D.Th. . Doctor of Theology D.V. . (Deo volente)God Willing ea. each ECOWAS .. Economic Community of West African States EEC . European Economic Community EFTA .. European Free Trade Association E.&O.E. .. Errors and omissions excepted e.g. (exempile gratia)for example E.R. . (Elizzbeth Regina)Queen Elizzbeth esp. especially Esq. Esquire etc. (et cetera)and so forth et seq. . (et sequens )and the following ex. example exp. export F.. Farenheit F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigation fcap., fcp. . foolscap Fid. Def. (Fedei Defensor). Defender of the faith fig. . Figure; figurative fin. . at the end

FM . frequency modulated f.o.b. .. free on board fol., foll. following fr. .. franc F.R.A.P.. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians F.R.C.S . Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons F.R.A.M .. Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music F.R.G.S .. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society F.R.H.S .. Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society F.R.Hist.S. Fellow of the Royal Historical Society g gram GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade G.B.E . (Knight) Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire G.C.F .. greatest common factor G.C.M greatest common measure G.C.M.G.. (Knight)Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael G.M . George Medal G.M.T .. Greenwich Mean Time G.N.P . Gross National Product Govt .. Government G.P.O. . General Post Office ha . hectare H.C.F . Highest common factor H.I.S. (hic iacet sepultus)here lies buried

H.M . His (or Her)Majesty H.M.S His (or Her)Majestys Ship or Service Hon . Honourble; Honorary h.p .. horse power H.R.H. .. His (or Her) Royal Highness I.A.T.A. .. International Air Transport Association ib., ibid. (ibidem) in the same place ICBM . Inter-continental ballistic missile ICE .. Institute of Civil Engineers id. .. (idem)the same i.e . (id est) that is I.E.E .. Institute of Electrical Engineers IHS Jesus I.L.P . Independent Labour Party IMF .. International Monetary Fund infra dig . (infra dignitatem)beneath ones dignity I.N.R.I Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews inst instant, the present month I.O.C . International Olympic Committee I.O.U I owe you jnr, jr . junior J.P .. Justice of the peace K.C. .. Kings Counsel K.C.B Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Kg .. Kilogram K.G.B Soviet Secret Police Km kilometer Kt. knight Kt. Bach. .. Knight Bachelor kw kilowatt(1000 watts) l. litre Lab. . Labour; laboratory Lat. . Latin; latitude lbpound l.b.w. . Leg before wicket (cricket) L.C.M. .. lowest common multiple L.C.P. Licentiate of the College of Preceptors L.-Cpl Lance-Corporal L.D.S... Licentiate of Dental Surgery Lieut., or Lt. Lieutenant LL.B Bachelor of Laws LL.D . Doctor of Laws log. . Logarithm long. .. longitude L.R.C.P Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians Lt.-Col Lieutenant-Colonel Ltd. .. Limited M metre

M2 . square metre M3 .. cubic metre M.A. Master of Arts M.B.E. . Member of the Order of the British Empire M.C. Military Cross M.D. .. Doctor of Medicine mfg. manufacturing M.F.H Master of Fox Hounds M.H.R Member of the Legislative Council mm . millimeter or millimeters M.L.C. Member of the Legislative Council Mme Madame Messrs. Gentleman M.O. . Money Order M.O.H. .. Medical Officer of Health M.P. ..Member of the Parliament Mr. . Mister M.R.C.P .. Member of the Royal College of Physicians Mrs. .. Mistress (Pronounced Missis) MS Manuscript MSS . Manuscripts Mt. Mountain M.V.O .. Member of the Royal Victorian Order NAAFI . Naval, Army and Air Force Institutes

NATO .. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation naut. .. Nautical N.B. .. (nota bene) note well N.C.O. Non- commissioned Officer Neg. negative Nem. con no-one contradicting No. number nol.pros. to be unwilling to prosecute non seq. .. it does not fellow N.U.T .. National Union of Teachers O.A.U Organisation of African Unity o.b (he or she) died O.B.E. ... Officer of the Order of the British Empire O.M. .. Order of Merit O.P. . out of print OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries O.T. . Old Testament Oxon. .. of Oxford(University) Oz. .Ounce pd. paid per cent. by the hundred Ph.B. Bachelor of Philosophy Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy p.m . (post meridiem) afternoon

P.M. Prime minister P.M.G. Postmaster-General pos. positive pres .. President pro . Professional pro tem for the time being prox . (proximo) next month P.S. (postscript) written after P.T. .. Pupil Teacher; Physical Training Pte . Private P.T.O Please turn over P.W.D .. Public Works Department Q.C Queens Counsel q.e.d (quod erat faciendum) which was to be proved q.e.f.(quod erat faciendum) which was to be done q.r . Quarter q.t . Quart q.v .. (quod vide)which see R.A. .. Royal Artillery; Royal Academy (of Art) R.A.F. Royal Air Force R.A.M. . Royal Academy of Music R.A.M.C . Royal Army Medical Corps R.C. Roman Catholic R.C.S. Royal College of Surgeons

R.D. Rural Dean Rd Road re., ref.. reference Rev. .. Reverend R.H.S Royal Horticultural Society R.I.P . (Requiescat in pace) may he, or she, rest in peace R.M.C. . Royal Military College R.N. . Royal Navy R.N.A.S. . Royal Naval Air Service R.N.V.R. .. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve R.N.R. . Royal Naval Reserve r.p.m. . Revolutions per minute R.S.P.C.A. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals R.S.V.P. .. (Repondez sil vous plait) please reply Rt. Hon Right Honourable R.T.S. .. Religious Tract Society Sec. .. Secretary seq. . The following Sgt . Sergeant S.O.S .. Save our Souls (a signal of distress) sov. .. sovereign S.P.C.K. .. Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge S.P.G. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel sq.. square

S.R.N .. State Registered Nurse S.S. .. Steamship St.. Saint, or Street Supt.. Superintendent T.N.T. .. Trinitrotoluene (an explosive) Treas. Treasure T.U.C. ..Trades Union Congress U.D.C. . Urban District Council U.F.C. .. United Free Church U.F.O. .. Unidentified Flying Object U.H.F. . Ultra high frequency U.K. united Kingdom ult. .. (ultimo) last month UNESCO . United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation U.N. ..United Nations Unctad United Nations Commissions for Trade and Development UNDRO United Nations Disaster Relief Organisation UNICEF .. United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund UNIDO .. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation UNRWA . United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNO . United Nations Organisation UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation U.S.A. United States of America U.S.S. .. United States Ship

U.S.S.R. .. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics U.W.I. .. University of the West Indie V.A.D. .. Voluntary Aid Detachment V.C. . Victoria Cross V.D. . Venereal Disease Ven. .. Venerable verb. sap. (verbum sapienti) A Word is enough for a wise man V.G. . Vicar General V.H.F. .. Very high Frequency Via. By way viz. ...... (videlicet) namely V.R. .. (Victoria Regina) Queen Victoria V.S., Vet. . Veterinary Surgeon W.R.A.C. . Womens Royal Army Corp W.D. .. War Department W.R.A.F . Womens Royal Air Force W.R.I .. Womens Rural Institute W.R.N.S.. Womens Royal Naval Service W.S Writer to the Signe W.V.S . Womens Voluntary Service Xmas . Christmas Y.M.C.A . Young Mens Christian Association yr .. younger, year Y.W.C.A .. Young Women Christian Association.