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6 Reasons Gays Should Be Allowed In The Military

1. People who say they shouldn't be allowed give reasons that are wrong. People who believe gays shouldn't be allowed in the military (who shall be known from now on as "bigots") have essentially two reasons that homosexuals should be banned from the Army: They are immoral and/or disrupt soldiers from carrying out their duties. First of all, being homosexual is not immoral; saying its immoral is bigotry. Secondly, gays don't interfere with the military's everyday functioning. For more elaboration, see numbers 2 and 6. 2. They dont affect other soldiers As mentioned previously, homosexual soldiers do NOT affect other soldiers. They can go about their daily military activities, just like everyone else. Should women be barred from service because they distract male soldiers? No, of course not, that would be sexist! Then why isn't stopping homosexuals from joining the military, homophobic? If women don't disrupt the military, why would gays? 3. There was no problem before the 1990s Throughout the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War, and The First Gulf War, homosexuals served in the army without major problems. Why couldnt they now? 4. It creates a loophole for those wishing to leave the army If a soldier, suffering under heavy stress, wishes to stop participating in an unpopular war (Iraq), "Don't ask, don't tell" creates a way in which deserters can get out of the army. If a soldier appears to admit that he or she is not heterosexual, they can be discharged. 5. The army needs more soldiers As a more practical approach towards the situation, you could look at this way: The army needs more soldiers. How can the army go about achieving this? Allowing gays to enlist. 6. All men are created equal This line may not be law, but it is the symbol of American justice. Homosexuals are just like everyone else; they were born equal too. It is about time we live up to our promise.

of course !!!
of course they can , there are just normal people like every one else they just want to serve their country as soldiers i think that no one has to be racist about it because if our country is saved is also for one of them "a gay soldier" us as citizens most be thankfull for every single person in the military does not matter if they are gays or not to me every body is equal we all have the same rights and we are free to do what we like to do.!

Guest Guest student

A Bi's Point
Why is it that everyone says that you have to be straight to be able to serve your country. Thats why all these people are comittting suicide just because they are gay or lesbian. Because they that since they are gay they don't get any rights. That the only way they get rights is if our nation is in trouble. So not fair.

Guest A Bi

Well in Greek history...

There was an army made up entirely of gay men. It was believed that the soldiers would fight harder if they were beside the people they loved. Guess what? They did. And they only lost one battle.

Guest sillyhomophobes

what the HELL

In our history we the people fought for the rights of all people, not too far back we abolished the word nigger because of discrimination. Now African Americans, blacks, ect. are accepted as regular people common to society. Women not to long ago, fought for thier rights also, why are gay people any different. What I see are a lot of ignorent people that are still as racist as our recent history fought against. Please next time you see or think about gay people, think of the word nigger, instead. What is the difference!

Guest Racist

what a dumb question

I think they should they're still people. Their sexual orientation doesn't mean anything. Who cares if they shower with you if your worrying and whining about that ..you call your self a soldier? They can shoot a gun just the same as a straight person can. And not letting them in is like discrimination, not letting them because of a life choice..? People don't really choose to like the same sex they don't just decide "Hey! I'm gonna be gay and take shit for it!" ...some people just don't like the opposite sex or can't. And, I'm fully straight. :) I say F U to all the prejudiced people who are so quick to judge someone. We all know what it's like to be judged. So, shut up.

Guest ----




I think it's completely unfair to the straight military population. As a former Marine, I remember attending the Ball. I was yelled at for holding the hand of my wife while I was in uniform. So, just because I'm madly in love my wife, I shouldn't be able to do that?! If I was, however, to have been in love with a man, it would be okay for me to grab my same-sex partners ass, hold hands and make out with him in uniform ... yeah, that makes so much sense. It also bothers me that men will be showering with gay men (same for women). The only way to really make this fair is to put men and women in the same showers. If gay men have the satisfaction of showering with the sex they prefer, so should the straight men. I just love how in today's society, it's right to be gay and wrong to be straight.

Guest Proud Straight Veteran

what the hell dudes

guys, come on. nobody is any different because of their orientation. "a person is a person, no matter how small." why should it matter if someone is gay, bi, lesbian, or an upside down clapping monkey? they're still a person that wants to serve their country. let them.

Guest Happily Lesbian

I had a gay roommate from New York. She was a bad person but not because she was gay. I dealt with it just fine. I now have a gay daughter who blushes if a girl her age looks at her. I'm not sure the logistics can be worked out easily, but I am ashamed of your imaginary conversation and the people now serving who feel that way. Replace the word "gay" with the word "black". Same problem, different era. Isn't tolerance practiced anymore? I'm ashamed of everyone who feels that way.

Guest TSgt (Ret) Charlotte Rolling

hell no
I an a veteran of the vietnam war, queers should not be allowed to serve in the armed forces.

Guest Randy

you make me LOL

Wow people, take a look and reflect on your individual self. Do you hear the ignorance in your voices??? Gays are ALREADY in the military so if things change just because of the simple fact that you'll know now will obviously be due to your immaturity. As far as religion goes, people who are atheist, Islamic, Buddhist all serve in the military and yet the don't believe in God. When you (members of the usaf) signed up for the military there wasn't a form or questionnaire to fill out about your girlfriend, why??? Because NO ONE CARES! Your home life is separate from your work life. I'm only 18 years old getting ready to serve and its sad that I can see the ignorance in you "oldies".

Guest ignoranceISNOTbliss

So what does this mean for blacks?

It sounds as if the attitude surrounding homosexual service is very similar, almost eerily similar, to that of the attitude surrounding the service of black and non-white soldiers during the 1950s following Truman's desegregation of the military. Is there that big of a problem with homosexuals serving? Should they be denied the right to have the freedom to serve their country because of their sexual orientation? Why should we stop with homosexuals, since they are different and a minority, though? Why shouldn't we go back to segregating the military? Or should we suck it up like we did when we let blacks use the same barracks and restrooms as whites, and deal with it. In twenty, thirty years or so, no one will give a second thought to gays in the military. It clearly hasn't harmed European military performance, so why should it harm American military performance?

Guest D

Get your head out of the mud.

Other nations accross the world allow homesexuals to serve in their arm forces, why the hell can't americans allow this. A couple examples of nations that allow this current as of 2009 are: Australia Canada Finland Israel Italy France New Zealand Sweden Spain and many more http://www.palmcenter.org/files/active/0/CountriesWithoutBan.pdf

Guest Reality check

Yes, I believe they should

I believe that every man and woman has their given right to fight for there country, no matter what there sexuality is. It is to FIGHT for YOUR FREEDOM, when you think about hating or judging someone for their sexuality think again. Your sitting on your ass while many soldiers who's sexuality may not be straight is fighting for your right to sit on your ass. For your rights for your freedom. People these days don't realize that their is no freedom anymore, you have to fight for it. Being an american is not your given right to be free. In Russia and many other places, it's MANDATORY to SERVE your country. Grow up get over yourself and remember that one day whoever may save your life, they may not be straight. They may be a lesbian or a gay male, their is no reason to leave out people who's sexuality is different. We are all human, their are more people to create children in this world.

Guest Guest-

Let it go
This is completely a non-issue, as every European nation stated after they removed their policies and saw that it changed nothing. The problem isn't with gays, it's with irrational homophobia (like the author of this article is portraying), which is dying so quickly that among young people you look like an ignorant, fear-mongering fool. Seriously, get over it. Gay marriage will be fully legal soon and, ten years after that, no one will care anymore. Whether someone is straight or gay is laughably unimportant in the grand scheme of society, and you look like an idiot when you harp on it and fight it tooth and nail to prevent equal rights. You are scrambling to come up with logical reasons for your point of view, but there are none, it is motivated entirely by some combination of ignorance, fear, and hate. It's your problem, not theirs. Seriously, you could replace gay with black and it wouldn't functionally impact anything that you are saying. That's how stupid this attitude is.

Senator Obama supports economic, social, and legal rights for gays and lesbians. He supports full civil unions, expanding hate crimes statutes, fighting discrimination at work and in housing and other places of public accommodation, and wants to increase adoption rights. He opposes any Constitutional ban on gay marriage, opposes the Defense of Marriage Act, and opposes the current Don t ask, don t tell policy on gays in the military, which weakens us in a time of global challenges. Barack is a global leader in the fight against AIDS. He traveled to Kenya and took a public HIV test to encourage testing and reduce the stigma of the disease. In late 2006, Barack Obama worked to reauthorize the Ryan White CARE Act, one of the largest sources of federal funds for primary health care and support services for patients with HIV/AIDS. Senator Obama has consistently supported gay rights, and will continue to work for an open, tolerant society where people of all sexual orientations are protected and their contributions are valued. Thank you again for writing.

Sincerely, Obama for America