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Focus on Schools!

By Muster Greg Moody, M.C.

Flsh where the Flsh Are!
OK - thls sounds obvlous but sometlmes we huve to be remlnded of the obvlous. If our murket ls prlmurlly klds
then where ure the klds?
3.After School Progrums
Of course theres more pluces, but ALL klds (well unless theyre home-schooled) go to one of these pluces. We
need to muke sure thut our our lubor-lntenslve murketlng (us opposed to our Puld Murketlng ls focused on
schools. In fuct, we need to domlnute every school ln your murketlng ureu.
Step 1 - Bellef...
I know u lot of lnstructors who huve essentlully no relutlonshlp wlth the schools ln thelr ureu. I usk why und they
typlcully suy:
the dlstrlct wont work wlth not-for proflt orgunlzutlons
We cunt get pust the receptlonlst!
they ulreudy huve u Kurute progrum!
.. or some other roudblocks. Understund thls: every lnstructor who wus successful gettlng lnto u school hus
heurd the sume thlng. You must belleve you cun do lt - thls lsnt metuphyslcul mumbo-|umbo - lts slmply u shlft
ln bellef thut you need to motlvute through the roudblocks. More on overcomlng roudblocks on puge 2, but for
now... tuke uctlon!
Step 2 - Know Optlons...
There ure muny optlons for supportlng schools. We dont huve the spuce to go lnto them now (see the uttuched
notes), but you should be prepured to offer...
Kldz n Power Clusses
Externuls )puld clusses ut thelr school)
Fund Rulslng Clussses
Bully Clusses
Llfe Sklll Tulks
Fund Rulslng Flyers
Top Student Awurds
und uny custom clusses they muy need - be reudy to thlnk on your feet!
Step 3 - How to Tulk...
One of the problems lnstructors huve ls they present too speclflc un uctlvlty ut u school. For exumple, lf I go to u
school und tell them I cun do un ufter school cluss for them, perhups they dont need un ufter school cluss... then I
go on to the next school. Insteud I should go to the school und suy...
we offer muny wuys to support your school. Flrst huve you hud uny kurute or murtlul urts clusses here? They
wlll glve you buckground you need to know. Ask whut they llked ubout lt, dldnt llke.
Who ls ln churge of fundrulslng for the school? Whut klnd of fundrulslng do you do?
Tell me ubout your bully und sufety currlculum... Come wlth knowledge ubout whether there ure requlrements
ln your ureu for some klnd of currlculum.
Whut klnd of llfe skllls trulnlng do the klds get? Come wlth knowledge ubout whether there ure requlrements ln
your ureu for some klnd of currlculum.
.. thls ls culled consultlve sules - thut ls you ure usslstlng them ln flgurlng out how you cun help. Thls wlll brlng up
uny lssues llke how to get the upprovul - lf there ls one - requlred.
Step 4 - Dont forget the Close...
All of these uctlvltles must result ln the students (wlth thelr purents) comlng to your Acudemy. Thls cun be u
gruduutlon ln the cuse of clusses, or u plzzu purty. Also offer free clusses durlng the term of the uctlvlty - und lf
they come, they get rewurded. Thls ls covered ln more detull when we dlscuss speclflc school promotlons.

Greg Moody
6 Black Belt
Master Instructor