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Daily Prayers

Early Morning:

r- 1 prt kI) :

1 r ii- i- 1 - i i- i
1 -i - rii - r -- 1 :i -i-i ii

krgre vasat Iamh krmI sarsvat |
krmady t govindm prHt krdrsanam ||

On the tip of your fingers is Goddess Lakshmi, on the base of your fingers is Goddess Sarasvati in
the middle of your fingers is Lord Govinda -- in this manner you look at your palms.

-i-r.-i-i--i i r --i i r ii i:i | i
i r --- i :i- i r 1|ie ii -i- ii

namostvanantya sahsrmrtay sahsrpdisirobhv |
sahsrnmn psya ssvat sahsrkotiygadrin nam ||

Salutations to the infinite eternal Self, who is in different names and forms having thousands of
eyes, heads, legs and hands and who is the supporter of all the ages.

During Bath:

--i i-i (snna samay) :

i i i-- |i rii i ii-i i
-i-i ii - 1i i.i-i -i iii ii 1 ii
gaqe ca yamn cva godvari sarsvati |
narmade sindu kv ri jaIsmin samidim k ||

I take bath in this water, which is the water from all holy rivers such as the Ganges, the Yamuna,
Godavari and Saraswathi.

Before doing any work :

i -: -i1 ii i 1|ie i-ir -i i
i-iii -i 1 - i ii -1 ii ii
vatnd mahkaya sryakoti samaprHa |
narvignam krum deva sarva-krys sarvad ||

Oh Lord with curved trunk , huge body , brilliance equal to millions of Suns, Please make my
endeavors free from obstacles at all times.
Before Studies:

ii--i r1 adyayant prk) :

i ii-i -i-i--i i 1-iii i
ii --i 1 i i-i ii i; -i i- - i ii

sarsvati namastHyam varde kmapin |
virmHam krisymi sidirHavat m sad ||

O Goddess Sarasvati, my humble prostrations unto Thee, who are the fulfiller of all my wishes. I
start my studies with the request that Thou wilt bestow Thy blessings on me.

Before Meals:

-ri--i r1 Hojant prk) :

i i:i ei:i - i-- -i-- ii i1 ii | i
-a - - -ii ii----i1 -i ii . ii

yasistsin sant mcyant sarvakiIbish |
Ht t tvagam pph y pacantytmakrnt || 33 ||

The noble people get rid of all the sins by taking the remnants of the sacrifice, but others commit
sin by enjoying for themselves.

|-i| -- r iii - -i - i
r-ii-+ i-ii i-ii i-i ii : ii

ahm vsvnaro Htv prninm dehmsit |
prnpnasamykm pacmyamam catrvidam || 54 ||

As the digestive fire remaining in the human body, I (Lord) digests the four kinds of food by
combining with incoming (Prana) and outgoing (Apana) vital air.

r mii r m ii r mr r m -i-i i
r m i --i i--ii r m 1 -i i-ii - ii

brhrpanam brh hvih brhgnm brhn hutam|
brhva tna gantavyam brhkrmasamdin || 424 ||

The ladle is Brahman, the oblation is Brahman. The offering is poured by Brahman in the fire of
Brahman. Brahman alone is to be reached by him who sees Brahman in all actions.

During Showing Lamp to the Lord:

ti :i - dipadrsan) :

:-i 1 |i-i 1 i-i
<|i i-ii i i
:i-i; ii -:i
tiri-i -i-r.- - ii

sHam kroti kIynam
rogyam danasampadm |
dipajyotirnamost t ||

I Prostrate to that lamp-light, which brings the brilliance, the auspiciousness, the health, the
wealth and possessions, for the destruction of (my) bad (enemy to Good) intellect.

Before Going to Sleep:

:ii-ii-i i-ii-i sayanasamay ampanam) :

1 i i1-i 1 1ii 1 -i i
ii-ii-ii --ii .ii-i i
ii i -i-iii i -i ii --i-i i-ii
ii ii 1 t-i i :i -r ii

krcarnak;tam vk kyajam krmajam v
svananayanajam v mnasam vpardam |
vihitamavihitam v sarvamtat amasva
jaya jaya knbd simahdeva samHo ||

O Lord, kindly forgive my wrong actions done knowingly or unknowingly, either through my
organs of action (hands, feet, speech) or through my organs of perceptions (ears, eyes) or by my
mind. Glory unto Thee O Lord, who is the ocean of kindness.