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The Human Body

The real meaning of Spiritualism is the fact that we are more than just matter, and that our thoughts never die even after death. The human body as complex as it is had demonstrated to be part of a more complex nature that we all assume, it is divided in three body, spirit and perispirit Spiritism tells us that Spirits are from different classes.

The real meaning of Spiritualism is the fact that we are more than just matter, and that our thoughts never die even after death.

The body is indeed a matter, and matter evolves, is energy, Matter, in its various aspects, and is a huge energy reservoir. In fact, it is just force condensed, the solids become liquids, liquids in gases, fluids, gases, and these, as they become more subtle, quintessential, recover their primitive properties and seem imbued with intelligence. William Crookes

The Human Construction

The body: a material being conformed to organs, bones, and systems, analogous to the animals, and animated by the same vital principle The soul, or immaterial being, a spirit incarnated in the body, a spirit who comes from the spirit-world a primitive, eternal world, pre-existent to, and surviving everything else the real world or the primary world. The Perispirit is the link which unites the body and the spirit a sort of semi material envelope, the perispirit is eternal with the spirit, invisible to us in its normal state but that it can be visible, and even tangible.

Once science had discovered the cause of molecular disintegration from radios particles scientific will have deep knowledge of the nature of the universe, strange and mysterious forces than from the deepest of the earth to the most distant star in the galaxy are interconnected to every world in a formidable unit. Denis Leo

Order of The Spirits

Spirits belong to different classes and are not equal to one another either in power, intelligence, in knowledge, or in moralities, those of highest purity are what humans being considered angels, this are actually spirits of a very high level of light, they are the closest to God. A place where everybody is to reach, the spirits of lower ranks are inclined to our passions such as hatred, envy, Jealously, pride, etc.


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