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Fighter Sean K.


Flowing through the veins is the spiritual warrior/ A true fighter/ I beat back emotions of vigor/ I beat down pain and agony and all of the treachery/ The World stares into my heart with its news and aura energy/ Can you feel it too?/ Is it true for you?/ Or am I just fighting alone as a self?/ A false or real self ? Or is it just one and the same?/ In this game you must be a fighter to destroy demons/ Wreck old systems with immense passion with the power of the third eye pyramid transition/ Be a fighter/ A true warrior knows how to smash the sense of self that only seeks to know boundaries/ A true warrior sees itself from outside of itself quite literally/ A true fighter is a warrior of love and knows it naturally/ I'm a fighter against my old problems of being Aspergers/ Of being Long QT Syndrome and Epileptic seizures/ A fighter I punch each of them with frequencies of electrical voltage meters/ Seeking to defeat these menaces just like the sun seeks to defeat financial and governmental dictators/ Part II

A fighter I do not quit on what ails me/ Maybe it's because of the Aspergers in me that perseveration that takes on universal immensity/ And quite clearly/ It's like all of the toxins each day have to be dealt with to get beyond them/ The mental state of self is totally not feeling alligned with others or anything else/ It's strange how much "interest" now bears people wealth/ They aren't being fighters they are being hoarders/ They are being takers/ Willing deceivers/ Accepting fools as leaders/ When the body is only what contains the true fighter in you which is the spirit which always remains true/ Seek freedom with knowing your emotional prowess/ Seek to fight what makes you unconscious/ People are asleep to forces that are monstrous/ Yet some are slowly waking up to the forces that are venomous/ I am a fighter amongst those awakened and it's precious/ In this age in which I have to be a fighter of an illusion of economic stability and raucous/ It appears disastrous/ Yet when I am a fighter against it I am fighting for those with Aspergers/ I am a fighter to understand my own disorders and those of others/ So peace to all of the Fathers, Mothers, brothers, sisters, and daughters/ And peace to all of the elders/ True fighters/ I am fighting for my family and others with or without disorders/

I fight peacably because it is a bout of words and me/ It is a bout of pain and misery/ It is a bout to understand the true nature of fear inside of me/ It is a bout to understand the true nature of my own negativity/ It is a bout to understand what makes me think of things the way I do in daily activity/ It is a bout to stand for what is right for me/ It is a bout to know that humanity is also spirituality/ I am a fighter to understand the mind and the consciousness of what makes eternity/ I am a fighter most importantly to be sincerely/

Emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally/ Free/