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Course: BCIS I Teacher: Erin Sutch Conference Period: 5th E-Mail: ecasci@springisd.


Course Description
This course develops technology skills with applications to personal or business situations focusing on: Word processing (Microsoft Word) Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) Databases (Microsoft Access) Telecommunications (Internet Explorer) Desktop publishing (Microsoft Publisher) Presentation management (Microsoft PowerPoint) Networking (Students G Drive) Operating systems (Microsoft Office XP) Emerging technologies Intermediate-level skills

The purpose of Business Computer Information Systems I course is to build the skills students will need as business participants. A business participant is a consumer, business owner, or employee. Students will build their technology skills. In BCIS I, technology will be used as it is in the business world, as a tool. The goal of BCIS I is not to memorize software commands, but for students to learn to apply technology in a meaningful way. Word processing activities are used to build communication skills. Spreadsheets are a tool for solving business math problems. Databases are used to build informational skills. Presentation and desktop publishing software are tools to inform and persuade. It is important that students learn to locate and apply information. Classroom materials used will allow students to find information on their own.

Grading Policy
Daily Grades 50% Test Grades 50% Semester Exam 15%

Materials Needed
A class set of books and handouts will be available in the classroom. Students may also access the book online at students.springisd.org.

Tutoring/Make-up Work
Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 a.m. 8:45 a.m. * Other time available by appointment

Lab Fees
The student will be responsible for paying a $10.00 fee per year. This fee will cover the use of paper and printer ink.

Turning in Work
It is not the teachers responsibility to remind students to turn in work. I do not count off for late work. However, a zero will be given in the grade book for that assignment until the work is turned in. If the work is never turned in, the 0 will remain in the grade book as a final grade for that assignment.

Make up Work
It is not the teachers responsibility to remind students that they need to make up work. When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check with the teacher for makeup work and due dates for the work. This should be done the day the student returns.

Most problems will generally be handled by communication between the teacher, the student, and the parents. If the student persists with inappropriate behavior after counseling, referral to their assistant principal will follow. Problems that result in immediate referral to an assistant principal, lowering of conduct grade and parent contact are: Cheating will result in a zero for all parties involved without the opportunity for make-up. Profanity Violence Inappropriate use of technology

Classroom Etiquette
We have 30 computers in the lab (Dell w/ flat screen monitors and an optical sensor USB mouse using Microsoft Office XP). The rules noted below will be followed by all students using the computers and discipline action will result when any of the guidelines are broken. Parents/guardians will be called and the student will receive a consequence for their action(s), based on the infraction(s) and seriousness of the broken guideline. If required, students will be referred to his/her assistant principal. 1. Students will NOT alter programs on the computer in anyway! Students are not to go into any part of the program without teacher instruction or teacher permission. Students are not to make any changes or write any program, executable files, batch files, or command files. Students are not allowed to change passwords or to go into any program, software, or system not assigned to be used by the class. 2. Students are not allowed to work in any program not assigned in their class. Software programs or games are not to be brought into the classroom from outside or loaded on classroom computers. 3. Any damage or loss of equipment, books or materials will be charged back to the student. 4. Leave all classroom equipment and furniture in the computer lab. Do not move any equipment or furniture. Network wiring, computer cables, and power cables connecting computers and electricity are not to be tampered with. Workstation tables or computers should not be pushed or jolted. The computer monitor control knobs are not to be moved or settings changed without permission from the teacher. 5. Assignments are not to be shared, borrowed, printed or used by any other student. 6. NO food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab. 7. NO hair combing, putting on makeup, use of fingernail polish, perfume, cologne, hand lotion, etc. is allowed in the computer lab. 8. Classroom sets of books or handouts are to be kept at the assigned computer. The sets will be numbered and will correspond to the computer that is being used by the student. If a set is missing, or not put in the proper place, the last person using the computer will be held responsible. 9. Students will always sit at their assigned computer. 10. Students must clean up their work area. All equipment and furniture will be left ready for the next class. Chairs are to be pushed under the worktables at the end of class. 11. Students must report all equipment problems (hardware and software) to their teacher immediately.
Each student is expected to respect everyone and everything in the classroom.

Students are to be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings. Misuse of/damaging equipment is not tolerated. Students should remain in their seats when teaching is in progress. Personal documents or documents for another class may only be printed with prior teacher approval.

BCIS Signature Sheet

Return this page to Mrs. Sutch by Friday, September 5th. I understand and agree to accept the grading policy, and guidelines for the BCIS class and computer lab. ______________________________________ (Student name printed) ______________________________________ (Student signature required)

I understand and agree to accept the grading policy, and guidelines for the Keyboarding class and computer lab. I also understand and agree that my child will be held accountable for his/her behavior and shall be subject to disciplinary action if necessary. ______________________________________ (Parent signature required) ________ (Date)

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It is the policy of the Spring Independent School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its Career & Technical Education programs, services or activities.