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eagle photonics

3-Days Executive Training Program On Optical Networking, Fundamentals Of Fiber Optics, SDH and DWDM with Hands-on

Description A concise overview of Fundamentals of Fiber Optics, PDH/SDH & DWDM Technologies. Who will benefit? Anyone working in the field of Optical Communication/Networking or Telecom Software. Prerequisites Some background in science / Basic Telecommunication concepts is desirable. Objectives

Apart from the theory, partcipants will be getting chance to do hands-on SDH equipments (STM-1/STM-4), SDH analysers, Digital Transmission analysers, Splicing machine, OTDR, Laser & Power meter, Optical Spectrum Analyser etc.

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By the end of the course Delegates will be able to: Understand basic Fiber Optics Concepts. Be well versed with applications of Fiber Optics. Design & handle simple Fiber Optic Network. Operate Splicing Machine, OTDR & similar equipments required for field maintenance. Recognize SDH equipments & understand SDH/SONET & DWDM protocols e-mail:

Completed very successful Training Programs in India and Abroad

fairly. Design complicated network with further self study Session 1 Introduction to Fiber Optics Why Fiber Optic Communication? Concept of Modes. Types of Fibers-SMF, MMF Different types of Losses-Radiation, Scattering, Micro-bending Loss Concept of Dispersion-Modal, Material, Wave-guide Dispersion Types of Single mode fibers G652, G653, G655 etc. Session 2 Optical Fiber Cables Overview Types-Duct, Direct buried, OPGW, Corrugated, Aerial, Ribbon, Non-Corrugated etc Different Techniques for Joining fibers Splicing Mechanical & Fusion. What is difference between SMF, MMF, NZDF, G-652, G-655 etc ? Why light of 1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelength used for communication? What are corrugated and noncorrugated, OPGW and Arial cables? Eagle Photonics provides training to cover latest trends in Optical Communication. How and why optical fiber for transmission line?

Eagle Photonics gives you the comprehensive idea about SDH & PDH based systems. Find solution of some typical problems at Eagle Photonics.

Feel yourself the delicacy of handling the optical fiber in the field. Eagle Photonics have expertise in transmission & installation of communication link. If you want to know what is happening inside the optical network and how information reaches us, come to Eagle Photonics. Do you know how the accessories like patch cords, DDF, FDF, attenuators etc are being used actually in networks?

Session 3 Connectoraisation Techniques, Pros/Cons Types of connectors FC/PC, SC, ST, MW, Biconic, E-2000 etc Elements of Fiber Optic Link FMS, straight, DDF, FDF, Branching Termination, Patch cords & Pigtails Session 4 Demo & Hands-on of Splicing Installation of systems Demo of different elements of Fiber Optic link.

Session 5 Test & Measurement Loss-dB/dBm, Splice & Link loss

Why Optical and Why not electrical?

Fundamentals of OTDR Power, Laser source test Link loss budget Demo & Hands on of OTDR

Session 6 Overview of Communication Laser & Detectors Multiplexing techniques- TDM & FDM Primary & Higher order multiplexing Optical Transmission link MUXs OLTEs SDH & PDH Concept of Hierarchy Understand Optical Transmission Line Terminating Equipment Layered Structure PDH Muxes- 34Mbps/ 140Mbps Optical Line Terminal Equipment(OLTE) Limitations of PDH

Eagle Photonics gives you demonstration as well as hands on experience on Splicing/Jointing and OTDR in the training. Qualified, Experienced and highly skilled faculty will be with you to assist during theory and practical. What is the role of an OTDR ?

Session 7 Synchronous and Asynchronous systems Requirement of synchronous systems Typical Example of SDH system(STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64) with reference to the product Configuration of SDH equipment(TM, ADM & REG) Functions of TM, ADM & REG Pros and Cons of TM over ADM(P2P, Linear & Ring) SDH multiplexing structure(STM-1 frame structure) Function of SDH Overhead bytes Protection Schemes(Unit, Path & Ring) Session 8 Alarms & Synchronization SDH Testing Hands On STM-4, STM-1 Hands On NMS, NES using Ring & Linear Network Hands On SDH Testers(ANT-20se, ONT-50, Tektronix 2400A, HP-37717A) Hands On Alarm Testing & Performance Testing.

Eagle Photonics have expertise in transmission & installation of communication link. If you want to know what is happening inside the optical network and how information reaches us, come to Eagle Photonics. How SDH Testing is Done?

How DWDM Works? How DWDM Works on SDH? Session 9 Concept of DWDM & its Fundamentals WDM, CWDM, DWDM Systems for DWDM Networks. Elements of WDM Link, Regenerator, Optical Amplifiers, Optical Add-Drop Mux, Optical cross Connect >Optical Amplifiers >Components for DWDM >DWDM Test & Measurement Session 10 DWDM Network Design Advances in DWDM Networking Technologies to achieve High Speed TDM+WDM latest Experiments in DWDM Standards for DWDM ITU-T Grid, C&L bands Futuristic components for DWDM Tunable Lasers, Multi Frequency Lasers, Wavelength Converters, MEMS Switch, Tunable Filters, Transponders, AWG Futuristic Technologies Data-IP over DWDM, Forward Error Correction, Digital Wrapper, Multi Protocol Label Switching(MPLS), Soliton Propagation.

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