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Compact Heat Exchange Reactors

Material of Construction Stainless Steel Superalloys Aluminum

Typical Peak Temperatures 815C (1500F) 900C (1650F) 260C (500F)

Typical Peak Pressures 180 barg (2600 psig) 300 barg (4350 psig) 30 barg (435 psig)

Typical peaks of temperature and pressure are not coincident. Ratings vary with application conditions including corrosiveness and design code.

Reaction Channels

Compact Heat Exchange Reactors (CHER) Chart Energy & Chemicals, a world leader in the design and manufacture of Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers, also offers a range of Compact Heat Exchange Reactors. Chart has developed and patented compact design features leading to intensified reactor performance. Chart has over 50 years of expertise with Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers and a long standing reputation in the hydrocarbon and gas processing industry. Reactors have been a part of this experience for over 20 years and offer the same exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. CHER provides an exceptional means of achieving uniform temperature and precise mixing, benefiting reaction control. Intricately designed and produced minichannels provide process intensification for many reactions, improving yield and conversion. The size of the minichannels can be constant from prototype to commercial production, eliminating most scale-up complexity.

Injection Pathway Injection Pathway

Inside a ShimTec Reactor Core


Compact Heat Exchange Reactors

Applications: Fuel processing including hydrogen production Bulk chemical processing Pharmaceutical and fine chemical production Key Benefits: Temperature uniformity and control in single and multiple phase reactions Yield improvement and inherently safe operation High pressure capability Precise mixing and flexible injections Scalability Custom design Catalyst Application: Coated on internal surfaces to facilitate heat transfer Packed for ease of removal and replacement Pre-applied to a removable insert Injected along the reaction path

ShimTec Construction ShimTec patented reactors are made of thin plates or shims, stacked and bonded to form assemblies. Custom patterns pre-cut into the shims create closely spaced passageways forming minichannels designed to enhance control of the reaction.
Coolant Out

Coolant In

Process Out

Process In

Injection In

FinTec Construction FinTec reactors extend Chart E&Cs decades of experience with plate-fin heat exchangers to address customers large capacity reactor needs. The corrugated fins create minichannels that give excellent control of the reaction.

FinTec Reactor

Options: Catalyst can be inserted into open channels

Catalyst packed into brazed fins (in progress)

Heating and cooling stream


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