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Instructor Name:

Colleen Trumble

Dr. Hamman Elementary School- Grade 3/4 - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Lesson Title:

Place Value Centers- Lesson 1

Tech Requirements: (list all materials you might need. Include special
materials like balloons and also basic classroom materials like chalkboards).
• Manipulatives in the thousand’s place, Hundreds place, Tens place and
the ones place. A box of them.
• Bingo markers
• Place Value Spinner Game
• Paper bag OR Ice Cream Bucket
• Bingo calling cards
• Booklets for every student with a page for every station
• Dice
• Deck of cards
• Smart board
• Place Mat for Place Value Game with Cards

Administrative Notes: (if relevant, include any information needed to share

with the teacher or the class).
• An explanation of each station

General Outcome:
• Demonstrate an understanding for the place value of numbers from the
ones place value to the ten thousands place value using a variety of
different personal strategies.


Specific Learning Objectives:

• Students will design a bingo card based upon their knowledge of place
• Students will construct numbers using manipulatives
• Students will apply knowledge of place value by performing expanded
• Students will design their own personal strategies for regrouping

1)How contextual variables affect teaching and learning
4) Subject Disciplines you teach
5) All students can learn albeit at different rates in different ways
6) The purpose of short, medium and long range planning
9) there are many approaches to teaching and learning
10) The functions of traditional and electronic teaching/learning
11) The purposes of student assessment
16) The importance of guiding your actions with a personal, overall
vision of the purpose of teaching
Name of Exercise: Expected Length: (in
Making up your Bingo Card minutes)
15 minutes
Purpose: (why is this exercise included in the lesson)
So the student’s bingo card is completely made up when they get to the bingo
math station, they will be ready to play bingo right away. It also teaches them
to count by ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands.
Detailed instructions: (how will this exercise be explained to the group)
• First the instructor will have the helper hand out the math booklets to
the students.
• The instructor will have a demonstration bingo card to show the
**This will be demonstrated on the smart board**
• First, the instructors will have the students fill out their math bingo card.
It will be explained that the children have to place a number between 1
and 9 in the ones column. A number between 10-90 in the tens column
(going up by tens only, for example, no 38), a number between 100-900
in the hundreds column (again, going up by hundreds, no 205), a
number between 1000-9000 in the thousands column (again, by
thousands, no 3765) and finally a number between 10,000 and 90,000
in the ten thousand column (again, by the ten thousands, for example
no 49,357)
• Being that this is done together as a class, everyone should be finishing
at the same time
• Once the students are done, they will come to the back to have the
teacher inspect their card to make sure it is done right, if it is correct,
they will receive a stamp.
Name of Exercise: Expected Length: (in
Explaining the Centers minutes)
30-45 minutes
Purpose: (why is this exercise included in the lesson)
So the students and the instructor have a clear idea of what will be happening
in each math centre.

Detailed instructions: (how will this exercise be explained to the group)

• The instructors will take the class around to each station and explain the
station, possibly play it once with a volunteer so the students
understand the basics of how to play each station.
• Station 1: Teacher Made Station
• Station 2: Teacher Made Station
• Station 3: Place value game, for this game there will be a board with
spinners on it as well as erasable markers. MUST BE ERASABLE!
Students will spin the spinner to figure out the value they are writing
down. They will then take that value and write it on the board below the
spinner in the correct place value in expanded notation. They will record
the numbers they create in their booklets, as a form of assessment.
• Station 4: The students will be playing Math Bingo, with one of the
instructors, most likely the student teacher. They will take their pre-
made math bingo cards out, and use the colored markers to mark off
their cards. The bingo caller will pull random numbers out of a paper
bag or ice cream bucket and call out the number. The first student to
yell bingo wins. A bingo can be a straight line down, across, diagonal, an
X or if a bingo is called early, everyone will go for a blackout on their
cards. The form of assessment for this station will be the completed
bingo cards.
• Station 5: The students will be drawing cards from a deck of cards to
create a number. They will place each card in whatever place they like
on the place mat. For example, if they drew a 5, a 9, a 4 and a 2, they
could create the number 4592. They will then take manipulatives and
create that number on the below section of the chart with
manipulatives. The students will then use the designated page in their
math booklets to write down the number they have created in the small
box in upper left hand corner of the bigger box. In the bigger box they
will stamp out the number they have created using the manipulative

Name of Exercise: Expected Length: (in

Sponge Activity, if there is time. minutes)
Purpose: (why is this exercise included in the lesson)
If the students finish their bingo cards sooner than anticipated and the
stations are fully explained to the students without much confusion or
questions, we will start the students on the math stations.

Detailed instructions: (how will this exercise be explained to the group)

• Teacher will divide the students up into groups, with at least 1 grade
three and one grade four in each group. This could be done using the
popsicle sticks. Each group will have 3 members in it.
• Each group will be assigned a number between 1 and 5. This will be the
station they start at. When told, they will go to this station and start
working. Teachers will be positioned at the Bingo station and around any
of station which is needed.
• The teacher will have an egg timer of sorts. When it goes off, the
students will switch stations. Each station will be ten minutes
long.***could easily change**