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DEFENSING THE DELAWARE WING-T Bob Kenig O Copyright © 1990 by Harding Press All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in ing from the publisher. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Kenig, Bob Oefensing the Delaware Wing-T / Bob Kenig. P. cm. ISBN 0-9624779-0-7 1, Footbal |l--Defense. GV951.18.KaB 1990 796.322 '2--de20 89-48397 CIP II. Title: Delaware Wing-T. ISBN O-9b24779-0-27 O- om Printed in the United States of Ame: HARDING PR P,Q. Box 141 Haworth, NJ 07641 Books by and for the coaching profession MY DAD As a young man he was noi a great scholar, but he was an exceptional athlete. He participated in football, boxing, basketbail and even the Penn Relays Meet. He was short and slim, quick and tough. To this day he will not turn his back on a fight, but he was sweet and kind and gentle enough to pick my Mom and together they are just right. In the football season of my sophomore year T told him I wanted to “pack it in.” He told me something that I've heard again and again. “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” If I missed a block or tackle during a Saturday game, When I got home he would say, “It’s your fault, son. The Coach is not to blame.” We would talk about football at dinner every autumn night. No matter how much I complained about not playing or being criticized, to him, The Coach was always right. Even today if I have a problem, no matter what the cause, Igo to him for advice without a moment's pause. You all know my Dad. Every game, he is the first one in the stands. He says a little prayer that we win, with the program clenched firmly in his hands. Now in the autumn of his years, we grow closer every day. My only hope is that when he looks on the field tonight, he thinks, “God, I'm proud of that boy in every possible way.” by Bob Kenig O-b