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Jonathan Bates

1345 Lincoln Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403
612 578 0222
Employment history
Freelance/Contractual Work (2003 - Present)
Creative Director
Design direction for web, print and broadcast; brand identity
development; e-commerce strategy and integration; site architecting;
copywriting; design staff management & mentoring; and large-scale
strategic planning.

Clients include Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy

Awards); Apple Computer; Bailiwick; Digi International; Hewlett
Packard; Target; IMM Group; and HotGigs.com

CNET Networks (2001 - 2003) Kevin McKenzie

Design Director Senior Vice President
Directed user experience and design for 13 brands worldwide, CNET Networks
comprising the 12th largest web property in the world. Led worldwide San Francisco, CA
visual unification of site designs, including overhaul of Shopper.com, 415.344.2000
mySimon, CNET Reviews, ZDNet Tech Update, AnchorDesk and
News.com, which catalyzed and grew network-wide ad and
sponsorship sales.

Managed staff and budget for 4-13 art directors, designers and
production artists. Built revenue opportunities across network,
including innovative ad units, lead drivers and sponsorship

The Ocean Channel (2000) Matt Comyns

Vice President, Product Development Chairman
Architected initial site design, content indexing and publishing strategy The Ocean Channel
for environmental/ocean-centered start-up. Helped build innovative San Francisco, CA
business model for rich media content business, including content (415) 819-4545

Senior role in initiating product strategy into additional vertical

markets and new product categories, including wireless, broadband
media, set-top and traditional media.

Ty Ahmad-Taylor
Excite@Home (1998 - 2000) Art Director
Senior Producer, Multimedia Excite@Home
Created and managed video content programming team serving over Redwood City, CA
1.2 million subscribers, the world’s largest broadband network at the
time. Managed content-sharing relationships with CNN, MSNBC, Fox
News and over 20 additional affiliates.

Produced three weekly online shows, including 'Click Video for

@Home', a popular short-format broadband video collection which
introduced the first animated 'veejay' host on a major portal.
Jonathan Bates / work experience continued

Cotton Coulson
CNET Networks (1996 - 1998) Senior Vice President
Director, Multimedia CNET Networks
Managed and assembled team of developers to create next-generation San Francisco, CA
multimedia content and generate new revenue opportunities for the (415) 344-2000
company, partners and advertisers. Architected and executed the
Snap! offline product as part of the launch team for Snap.com, which
was later acquired by NBC.

Developed prototypes and presentations with senior management for

deals with Intel, MCI, Earthlink, Microsoft and many others, which led
to a number of valuable partnerships.

Skills & tools

Skills: Design direction for web, print and broadcast; site architecting
(static and dynamic content); building and managing creative teams;
strategic planning and budgeting; localization for foreign markets;
creating processes to maximize efficiency; copywriting; excellent
written, oral and inter-organizational capabilities; hands-on design
and production skills.

Tools: Expertise in Adobe Photoshop; Illustrator; AfterEffects;

Dreamweaver; Flash; Avid; Media100; Quark; InDesign; Expression
Studio 2; MS Office (with advanced PowerPoint skills); PC and
Macintosh platforms.

Speeches & affiliations

Featured speaker "Design and Usability"
2002 AIGA-sponsored panel, San Francisco, CA

Featured speaker "Localizing Dynamic Content"

2001 AIGA-sponsored panel, San Francisco, CA

Featured speaker "The Content is the Interface"

1999 DLR conference, Santa Barbara, CA

Member Macromedia Flash Advisory Board

San Francisco, CA

Member AIGA

Stephen Howard-Sarin Vice President, CNET Networks / shs@cnet.com / 415.344.2000
Mick Khavari Creative Director, Tinderbox Studios / mick@tinderboxstudios.com / 415. 826.9544
Dave Pearce Sr. Manager, Home Products, Yahoo! / dpearce@yahoo.com / 408.349.6136
Joe Tucker Founder, ratebeer.com / joet@ratebeer.com / 512.600.0744
Emily Morse Director, Chick Flick Productions / Emily@chickflick.org