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What is job Placement?

A job placement agency can help unemployed workers to find suitable jobs. Job placement is a profession or agency that helps unemployed individuals find work. A job placement agency also provides a service to employers by giving them qualified workers for contract jobs or available positions. A job placement agency is open for anyone looking to find a suitable job based on previous work experience and skills.

INTRODUCTION:The M/s SOS Placement & Management Services, Mysore is provide staff to the departments like Administration, Purchase, Marketing/Sales, Accounts, Finance, Computers, Engineers and Technicians. We also provide Merchandisers, Export Managers/Executives, Quality Controllers, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineers with Degree and Diploma. Secretary, Receptionist, Office Boy, Clerks, computer operators, Managers Administration / HR / Sales Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, facilities Manager. Audio Secretary, Senior Administrator, DTP Operator, Office Support, Assistant Word Processing Operator, Data Entry, Junior Secretary, Research Administrator, Database Administrator, Contracts Administrator, Accounts, Sales Ledger, Purchase Officer, Human Resources Administrator, Sales / Marketing, Customer service Representative Customer Service executive Database and project manager With a wide market experience We have specialist recruitment software to search quickly and accurately for candidates with the skills and qualities you are looking for, and our recruitment consultants receive

ongoing training to ensure they are skilled in assessing and selecting the right people. With the high costs of advertising and shortage of good skilled staff, it can save both time and money to use CAREER ENABLERS Consultants for all your staff recruitment needs.

CAREER ENABLERS Placement consultants is managed by a team of qualified professionals who

devote there concentrated time on the above activities like Continuous search for qualified and experienced candidates for adding to our active data Bank, Which is updated periodically. Understand clients requirement and intimate extensive search for candidates as and when required either from our data Bank or from other sources. Understand the cultural factors of Client Company and brief candidates elaborately so that there is effective understanding of the culture and expectations among candidate who are being selected by the company. We cater to a limited number of clients hence our quality service is always maintained and enhanced from time to time. We have an updated data bank of over 150 candidates who are qualified and experienced from different fields. Our services are relatively faster and effective. We have placed many candidates in number of reputed organization that are currently doing very well and enjoying their assignments too. Presently We are providing staff in all Industry, M/s Apollo BGS Hospital, Nestle (I)Ltd., Nanjangud, Vikram Hospital, Kluber Indian Pvt.Ltd,Mysore, COMAT Technologies, Mysore, Palm tech, etc. Coordinating for interviews. Our Aim: Is to give the right job opportunity to the right candidates and the right candidates to the right client. Our Vision: Is to provide high-level value addition to our clients in terms of quality and commitment. As you know if you are advertising through any newspaper, you may or may not get immediate response. But if your company is registered with us we will fulfill your staff requirement by giving advertisement on our behalf. As per our terms and conditions, kindly note that we charge one month salary of selected candidate from the company itself. We will charge this amount after candidate has completed one month in respective company. TO GET THE RIGHT CANDIDATES ON DEMAND,

Job Placement Definition:

Job placement agencies are service-based businesses that offer two main types of services. One is directed at the job seeker and the other to an employer looking to hire new workers. The job placement agency works as a middle man in the hiring process by interviewing the employee to find a suitable place of employment, where the candidate's skills and experience

would benefit the company or position in question. The overall goal of the job placement agency is to provide both the company and the job seeker with the best fit possible based on personality, experience and skills.

Job Seeker Procedure

Job placement agencies often conduct a basic job interview with job seekers to learn more about their skills, experience, and education and career choices. The information is kept on file until a job position opens up that suits the candidate's preferences and experience. Some job placement agencies will ask job seekers to perform tests on computers to evaluate the candidate's technical or language abilities as outlined in the resume. This is done as a precaution to ensure that the information on the resume is correct and that the employer gets the right candidate.

Rationale for the chosen topic:I have deputed to M/s SOS Placement & Management Services, Mysore from M/s P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya. Since I am interested in Placement field, I am putting an effort to study the functioning of M/s SOS Placement & Management Services.

Scope placement consultancy was conceived in response to the growing need in the
North East for opportunities for a better career. At scope, our aim is to provide a platform for those opportunities to be made available to the deserving talent pool of the region. We work across functions & industries to provide different opportunities to individuals & to businesses. Benefits for job seekers The employee benefits from a job placement agency by getting a job where his previous work experience and skills are put to use. Many people choose to use job placement firms to find jobs that allow them to use specific skills and academic degrees, rather than applying for jobs that may be readily available. Although some jobs may only be temporary or contract positions, many people choose to go with them to build up their resumes within a chosen field or industry. Benefits for Employer An employer signs up for a job placement service when a position becomes available in the business. One of the primary benefits for the employer is that the company does not have to spend time interviewing potential candidates or launch job availability campaigns. This saves time, money and resources for the employer. When the candidate selected by the job

placement firm enters the job position, she will already have relevant skills and experience, which may shorten the training period for the employer

IMPACT OF THE M/s SOS PLACEMENT & MANAGEMENT SERVICES:The benefits of taking a career placement test are that it can offer direction when seeking out your first career or if you are seeking a new career path. By evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, these tests can help point you towards a new field, or, if you are going to school, point you towards majors and courses in order to help you develop a career strategy. The results of the test the information students receive in that class must be thoroughly learned: it is important. Students will learn: How to prepare a personal resume and application letter.

The importances of writing an interview thanks you or follow up letter.

i. ii. Interviewing techniques & type of question that may be asked. Job search techniques & how to find job leads. Other important information relating to job search & career advancement success.

To institute a costing system and to provide a platform for cost reduction and profit improvement programme. To study and improve activity based costing system in an organization. iii. To carryout internal audit system and also to determine the efficiency of internal control systems. iv. v. To provide advisory/consultancy services in the areas of indirect taxation particularly in Excise and custom duties. To facilitate statutory audit and providing consultancy services in the areas of project finalization/ financial analysis of project reports, viability and feasibility analysis/ preparation of project reports and processing the loan applications. To provide services in the areas of company Secretarial work/initial public offers and compliance with company law. Conducting audit for Acquisitions/mergers procedures. Advising the Management in Teaching/internship. Company registration/preparation of prospectus/preparation of Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association/Registration of companies.

vi. vii.

Statement of the problem:Placement agencies often face the challenge of choosing a single person among Hundreds of job applicants with very different levels of skill. They do not always choose correctly. According to a job matching survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), one in every five workers turns out to be 20% less productive than managers expected. Major problems are:1. Study of the expected requirement of the establishment. 2. Availability of skilled & technical skilled people.

3. Replacement of candidates to the establishment.

Project Questions:1) What type of job would you like? Although you may not actually find the perfect job,
having a list of jobs or duties you'd prefer will help the agency and you find a job that matches your interests and abilities. For example, if you think youd like being a receptionist, an agency can look for that job title as well as others that are similar, such as office assistant.

2) When determining what job placement is best for you, the work agency will

need to

know your skills. Common questions for office jobs will be about computer programs you know, languages you speak fluently, your typing speed and your Internet knowledge. For other specific jobs, your skills should match the requirements.

Project Aims & Objectives of conducting this project:-

1. The career placement tests attempt to evaluate aptitude of candidates to various areas,
which may include social skills, communication skills, computer and technology skills, mechanical ability, artistic ability and creativity, science and mathematical ability, organizational skills and clerical skills.

2. Tests will also assess preferences of candidates, such as type of tasks you like, or the
environments and conditions under which you work best.

THE M/s SOS PLACEMENT & MANAGEMENT SERVICES:SOS Placement Services is having data bank consisting of the copies of resumes or bio-data sent through email. These resumes will be bifurcateted based on general qualification, technical qualification; computer exposure & experience are the parameters. They will contact here the consult they have incharge of office. The team members of SOS placement services will conduct the preliminary test & interview before referring to the establishment & company. Preliminary test & interviews will be conducted in the office of the SOS placement services. The goal of tests & interviews all to find suitable candidates for the jobs available in the establishment. Reference given by the candidates will be verified over phone on finding the suitability of candidates for the jobs available in the company. They will be candidate to be referred to the company for test & interviews. After test & interviews by the company the candidates will be recruited based on feedback so suitable candidate will be appointed by the company reasons for rejection for the suitable candidate job will be communicated to the company. Again the exercise of finding suitable candidates to the job will continue. All the service of SOS Management Placement & Services, Mysore.