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Mexico government adds another ex-officio to long list of sentenced aids to drug cartels Sure enough, aiding a crime

to happen is well punishable by the law; this is because by doing so, the suspects immediately involve their selves in the same crime, making them eligible for possible bail or fine (or both) charges. And since Mexican President Felipe Calderon ahs long stated that he is determined to root out corruption among the security forces, another former Mexico soldier joins the long list of sentenced exofficio of the Mexican military that were found out guilty of being a shadow aid to drug cartels in some towns in Mexico. Reymundo Morales of the Mexican infantry was arrested two years ago and found guilty of passing information to drug cartels, the attorney general's office said in a statement. Mexico local news reports that Morales and many more friends in uniform were secretly laying out information concerning security operations to the high profile Sinaloa drug cartel, led by Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman, Mexico's most-wanted man since 10 years ago. Few officials have been convicted for crimes to date, though early last month, fourteen soldiers were sentenced to jail for firing at a family group in 2007 in one of the more prominent cases of wrongdoing among the security services, Yahoo! News reports. In line to scandalous news such as this, the US has long been riddled with lawsuits filed by pained patients and their corresponding hip replacement lawyer to counter the recall made by DePuy Inc. sometime in late August 2010. Being one of the biggest names in the orthopedic industry, DePuy Inc.s one of Johnson & Johnsons biggest and most successful subsidiaries hip recall has truly surprised many. According to latest numbers, the said recall has subjected over 90,000 units of defective hip implants; and the ones with the defectives implanted on their body are not even counted here yet! After initiating the recall, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., promised to help health care providers and most importantly patients who have received the implant by gathering the necessary information such as costs for visits to their physicians, any needed exams and the coverage of connected surgical procedures. Though they are more than willing to help, some concerned orthopedics have found out that the said compensations were not enough for the gravity of the damage the implants has brought to patients. To be able to get the proper amendments, it is important for any patient to now the process of filing a depuy hip recall lawsuit as by winning one can help them extract the exact compensation that can help them recover from such an agonizing ad painful experience.