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The most red cards dished out in one Foot-Ball game according to the Guinness Book of Records was

as an astonishing 20.The incident occurred in league match between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero in Paraguay. In 1950 India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let their team play barefoot. Sir Stanley Matthews never received a booking in his 33 year long career. The first FA Cup final was played in England in 1872 between Royal Engineers and Wanderers in front of 2,000 spectators. The first international football match was played between Scotland and England in Glasgow, Scotland on 30th November 1872, in front of 4,000 spectators. In 1998 English referee Martin Sylvester sent himself off after punching a player during a game in the Andover and District Sunday League. The credit of being the youngest World Cup Football player goes to Mario Mendez from Uruguay. He was of 16 years 1 month and 5days old when he played his first match in World Cup of 1954. Before Wayne Rooney made his debut in February 2003, Englands youngest ever football player was James F. M. Prinsep, who had held the record for more than 123 years. played by "U-23" (under 23-years-old) player) teams, with up to three over-age players allowed per team? (date unknown)

...that the men's tournament of football at the 2004 Summer Olympics was ...that Leyton F.C. had to win a High Court action in order to call itself the
oldest football club in London? (date unknown)

...that soccer player Paul Reaney was briefly a car mechanic before signing
with Leeds United? (date unknown)

...that Nils Liedholm is the last surviving member of the famous footballing GreNo-Li trio? (date unknown)

...that England football captain Eddie Hapgood was forced by diplomats to give
a Nazi salute before a match with Germany in 1938? (date unknown)

...that Nat Lofthouse was the England football team's highest goalscorer of alltime for eight years? (date unknown)

...that Stan Mortensen scored a hat-trick in the 1953 FA Cup Final at Wembley,
becoming the first player ever to do so? (date unknown)

...that Ray Wilson, who was the eldest member of England's victorious 1966
World Cup team, became an undertaker after he retired from football? (date unknown)

...that the England football squad for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico contained two
players called Gary Stevens? (date unknown)

...that the French footballer Lucien Laurent scored the first ever World Cup goal,
against Mexico in 1930? (date unknown)

...that although England centre forward Geoff Hurst had scored a hat-trick and
was therefore entitled to keep the match ball, it wasGerman striker Helmut Haller who took it home after the 1966 World Cup final? (date unknown)

...that Mick Mills was made captain of the England national football team which
started the 1982 World Cup because Kevin Keeganwas unable to play through injury? (date unknown)

...that former England footballer Mick Channon is now a successful horse

trainer? (date unknown)

...that Alan Mullery became the first England association football player to be
sent off in a full international match during the 1968 European Championship semi-final against Yugoslavia? (date unknown)

...that Norwegian football commentator Bjrge Lillelien famously

taunted Margaret Thatcher after Norway's victory over England in1981? (date unknown)

...that Chris Woods cost Queens Park Rangers 250,000 pounds from Nottingham
Forest in 1979 even though he had never played aLeague game before his transfer? (date unknown)

...that the German prisoners of war built part of the Stade de

Gerland stadium in Lyon, France, after the First World War? (date unknown)

...that the Liga Indonesia is the top football league in Indonesia? (date

...that although Archibald Leitch was the foremost football stadium architect in
the United Kingdom in the early 20th century, only two of his works have been listed for preservation? (date unknown)

...that, before Wayne Rooney made his debut in February 2003, England's
youngest ever football player was James F. M. Prinsep, who had held the record for more than 123 years? (date unknown)

...that the first ever golden goal was scored in the Cromwell Cup final at Bramall
Lane, Sheffield in 1868, giving Sheffield Wednesday a 10 victory? (date unknown)

...that in 1930, the footballer Gerard Keizer played for both Arsenal and Ajax
Amsterdam simultaneously, flying between England and the Netherlands to play in matches? (date unknown)

...that Csar Sampaio is a former Brazilian football player who played offensive
midfielder for Palmeiras and the Brazilian national team? (2 December 2005)

...that footballer Alan Taylor scored two goals in the quarter final, two goals in
the semi final and two goals in the final of the 1975 FA Cup as his club West Ham United won the competition? (date unknown)

...the Stadion Graz-Liebenau in Austria was renamed after controversy

over Arnold Schwarzenegger's decisions in recent death penalty cases in California? (30 December 2005)

...that Dimba was the top goalscorer of the 2003 Brazilian football championship?
(29 December 2005)

...that the former English football player Eric Brook is the all-time record
goalscorer for Manchester City F.C. with 178 goals? (27 December 2005)

...that a 1906 football match between a team of youngsters from Krakw and the
troupe of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is one of the milestones in the history of football in Poland? (date unknown)

...that Deportivo Tchira Ftbol Club is the Venezuelan soccer club with the
most appearances in the Copa Libertadores? (17 January, 2006)

...that the Agony of Doha is a term used by fans of the Japanese national
football team to refer to the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualification match where Japan lost its World Cup place to South Korea? (16 May 2006)

...that Garry Parker ran the full length of the pitch at Wembley Stadium to score
a goal for Nottingham Forest in the final of the Simod Cup against Everton in 1989, which Forest won 43? (21 May 2006)

...that Dutch football manager Clemens Westerhof is credited with turning

the Nigerian national team into a perennial powerhouse in African football, having guided them to victory in the 1992 African Cup of Nations as well as their first FIFA World Cup participation in 1994? (23 May 2006)

...that the first professional football team, The Zulus, was established
in Sheffield, England in 1879? (21 July 2006)

...that the English footballer David Layne scored 58 goals in 81 games

for Sheffield Wednesday F.C. before he was jailed for his involvement in the British betting scandal of 1964? (6 August 2006)

...that the Gay Football Supporters Network recently voted Steven

Gerrard top of their annual "Lust List" for the second year running? (31 August 2006)

...that Charlie Williams, one of the first black football players in Britain after
the Second World War and later Britain's first well-known black comedian, responded to heckling by saying: "If you don't shut up, I'll come and move in next door to you"? (14 September 2006)

...that the rules of Swedish football played in the late 19th century were a mix
of association football rules and the rugby football rules because of a misunderstanding? (28 September 2006)

...that Sheffield Wednesday Ladies F.C. were formed at the Star Inn public
house in Rotherham in 1971 following a charity match between men and women at the pub?(28 September 2006)

...that Swedish goalkeeper Karl Svensson was given his nickname Rio-Kalle after
two heroic matches in the 1950 FIFA World Cup that were actually played in So Paulo and not inRio de Janeiro? (18 October 2006)

... that English lower-league football team Bristol Rovers once beat
the Netherlands national football team 32? (12 November 2006)

...that West Ham Stadium in London holds the record for the lowest ever
attendance of a football match in The Football League, despite its capacity of 120,000? (6 December 2006)

...that Gteborgs BK, founded in 1875, is the

oldest football club in Sweden known by name, also played Swedish football, a local variant? (20 December 2006)

...that the cope given to the Rt. Revd. David Urquhart upon his inauguration as
the ninth Bishop of Birmingham in November 2006 featured the emblems of Aston Villa andBirmingham City, the two most prominent football teams of the city? (23 December 2006)

...that Les Taylor only captained Watford in the 1984 FA Cup final because
regular captain Wilf Rostron was suspended? (22 January 2007)

...that Torbjrn Nilsson is considered to be one of the

greatest Swedish footballers of all time, despite only having played 28 matches for the national team? (7 February 2007)

...that the fourth Nordic Football Championship tournament was started

in 1937 but did not end until eleven years later as it was interrupted by the Second World War? (28 February 2007)

...that Harry Kent worked both as a manufacturer of munitions and as

a pub landlord whilst managing Watford F.C.? (13 March 2007)

...that Peter Knowles, a popular English football player, voluntarily ended his
football career at the age of 24, after becoming a Jehovah's Witness? (19 March 2007)

...that when Archie Goodall scored for Northern Ireland in their 91 loss
to Scotland, he became the oldest footballer to score an international goal in the 19th century? (2 April 2007)

...that footballer Francis Lee earned his nickname Lee One Pen by setting an
English record for the most penalties scored in a single season? (17 April 2007)

...that Uruguayan footballer Vctor Rodrguez Andrade helped

found Uruguayan Basketball Federation team 25 de Agosto? (19 April 2007)

...that Pankaj Gupta was one of the earliest Indian sports administrators
involved in football, hockey and cricket? (21 April 2007)

...that 1927 Italian football champions Torino F.C. were stripped of their title
for match fixing? (21 April 2007)

...that Jacqui Oatley is the first female football commentator in the history
of BBC football programme Match of the Day? (24 April 2007)

...that Alex Stevenson is the only footballer to play for both the Republic of
Ireland and Rangers F.C.? (25 April 2007)

...that English cricketer and footballer Arthur Milton was the last surviving
person to have played Test cricket for the England cricket team and international football for the England football team? (1 May 2007)

...that the football stadium Nya Gamla Ullevi which is under construction
in Gothenburg, Sweden, is only the second Swedish top league stadium built since 1966? (8 May 2007)

..that in 2003, aged 70, former English Football League and international soccer
referee Pat Partridge took over as linesman in a non-league match he was watching, after the original linesman took over from the injured referee? (18 May 2007)

...that footballer David Weir scored Manchester City's first ever FA Cup goal? (1
June 2007)

...that Itzik Zohar scored Israel's first international goal in football after gaining
full admittance to UEFA? (5 June 2007)

...that the 1902 British Home Championship football tournament was won
by Scotland in a replay after the deciding match was marred by the deaths of 25 spectators when a stand collapsed at Ibrox Park? (6 June 2007)

...that footballer George Wynn was Manchester City's leading goalscorer in three
consecutive seasons? (8 June 2007)

...that Dutch amateur football club IJsselmeervogels received the Dutch Sports
Team of the Year Award in 1975, for reaching the semi-final of the KNVB Cup? (10 June 2007)

...that football players Billy and John McPhail are the only brothers to have both
scored hat-tricks for Celtic F.C. against their Old Firm rivals, Rangers F.C.? (21 June 2007)

...that the football song Hampden in the sun celebrates the record scoreline of
the 1957 Scottish League Cup final? (28 June 2007)

...that Scottish footballer Billy McPhail launched a legal case claiming that
heading heavy leather footballs contributed to him developing Alzheimer's disease? (28 June 2007)

...that money donated in 1905 by the fans at Celtic Park football stadium
in Glasgow, Scotland was given to the mother of international Scottish footballer Barney Battles, Jr. while Battles was still in the womb? (1 July 2007)

...that Stoke City F.C. is the second-oldest English football league club, as it was
founded in 1863? (6 July 2006)

...that on the same day Arbroath beat Bon Accord 360 in the Scottish
Cup that 18 miles away in Dundee, Dundee Harp had beaten Aberdeen Rovers 350? (19 July 2007)

...that Eddy Brown, an English football player who had originally planned to
take Holy Orders, was well known for his goal celebrations as early as the 1950s? (23 July 2007)

...that the famous black-and-white striped shirts

of Italian football club Juventus were based on the kit of English Notts County, replacing the club's initial pink and black colours in 1903? (1 August 2007)

...that Russian migr Jerzy Bulanow captained the Poland national football
team through the 1920s and early 1930s? (5 August 2007)

...that the football (soccer) stadium at Teheln pole, in Bratislava, was the
largest in the former Czechoslovakia?(10 August 2007)

...that Tommy Sale scored 282 goals during 14 years at

the English Football club Stoke City F.C.? (10 August 2007)

...that Bob McGrory managed the English football team Stoke City for a period of
17 years, having previously played for the club for 14 years? (20 August 2007)

...that the first Italian football (soccer) club, Torino Football and Cricket Club, was
founded by Edoardo Bosio (pictured) in 1887? (21 August 2007)

...that Alex Leake was offered a 10 bribe by Manchester City player Billy
Meredith to throw the final match of the 19041905 season? (29 August 2007)

...that the England national football team is to train on the football pitch of
the Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College, as it is the only one identical to one in Russia on which they are due to play in October 2007? (28 September 2007)

...that despite being organised on St. Andrew's Day, the first official
international football match did not result in a home win? (28 September 2007)

...that Harry Newbould was the first-ever manager of Derby County F.C.? (29
September 2007)

...that Sam Ormerod was the first manager to gain promotion to the First
Division, the highest level of English football, with Manchester City F.C.? (5 October 2007)

...that Wilf Wild was the first Manchester City manager to win the League
Championship? (13 October 2007)

...that the Portuguese football champion has been one of S.L. Benfica, F.C.
Porto or Sporting Clube de Portugal on 78 out of 86 occasions? (17 October 2007)

...that English football referee Matt Messias once urged

a Portsmouth defender not to kick an opposing player during a match against Newcastle United because "the devil was trying to get him sent off"? (23 October 2007)

...that Niek Loohuis is now a Dutch First Division football (soccer) player, despite
having been declared unfit and removed from FC Twente's youth academy at age 18? (19 November 2007)

...that football referees in England officiate at eleven different

levels according to ability, activity and age? (24 November 2007)

...that football (soccer) player Law Adam of Grasshopper-Club Zrich played

for Switzerland against Austria in 1929, but played for his native Netherlands against Switzerland a year later? (1 December 2007)

...that the Galatasaray S.K. has origins from the Ottoman Empire era? (4
December 2007)

...that former Hampshire wicketkeeper Adi Aymes went on to

manage football club Fleet Town F.C., and is the current fitness coach of Havant and Waterlooville? (8 December 2007)

...that English football referee Gary Willard once had to be given a police safety
escort off the pitch after sending off three home team players in a single game? (14 December 2007)

...that the Hungarian politician and Nazi collaborator Andor Jaross was also
president of the football (soccer) club Ferencvrosi TC? (21 December 2007)

...that footballer Roy Cheetham was the first Manchester City player to be used
as a substitute? (29 December 2007)

...that a steam-powered portable engine drove the dynamo for the

first floodlit football match in the UK in 1878? (7 January 2008)

...that football (soccer) midfielder Evan Berger was nominated for an

informal Australia Day award by his local council for representing Australia in the national under-20 team? (10 January 2008)

...that Tommy Fleming was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in
2005, one of five soccer players unanimously selected to represent overlooked players from before the 1950s? (16 January 2008)

...that football manager Yvon Pouliquen led two clubs to victory in the French
Cup Final and relegation from the top division in consecutive seasons? (18 January 2008)

...that Tommy Johnson holds the record for the most goals scored by
a Manchester City player in a single season? (18 January 2008)

...that Frank Loughran played for the Socceroos at the 1956 Summer
Olympics in Melbourne, scoring a goal in the first game his adopted country of Australia ever played in Olympic soccer? (22 January 2008)

...that footballer John Hewitt scored the fastest recorded goal in Scottish
Cup history, timed at 9.6 seconds? (26 January 2008)

...that Mretebi Tbilisi was the first openly professional football club to be
founded in the Soviet Union? (31 January 2008)

...that Association Footballer Billy Mosforth was a leading exponent of the screw
shot, which allows players to bend the ball's trajectory? (1 February 2008)

...that Billy Mercer became caretaker assistant manager of Sheffield

Wednesday in October 2006, having previously played for rivals Sheffield United? (9 February 2008)

...that John Percival, when headmaster of Rugby School, gained

the nickname "Percival of the knees" because he was concerned about "impurity" and insisted that boys secure their football shorts below the knee with elastic? (12 February 2008)

...that Cullen Football Club played on a golf course when they were first formed
in 1890? (12 February 2008)

...that the rivalry between Leeds United and Manchester United football clubs
has its roots in the 15th century English civil war, the Wars of the Roses? (14 February 2008)

...that William Bambridge, the father of England Football international Charles

Bambridge was a member of the Te Waimate mission, New Zealand who became official photographer to Queen Victoria? (15 February 2008)

...that the England national football team has only had fifteen managers since
the position was made a full-time post in 1946? (19 February 2008)

...that former England under-21 goalkeeper Lee Grant has been described
by Owls manager Brian Laws as "probably the most outstanding keeper" in the Championship? (20 February 2008)

...that Ellyse Perry played both cricket and soccer for Australia at the age of
sixteen? (20 February 2008)

...that the Premier League's proposal to play some matches outside

England has been condemned by the Football Supporters' Federation as "outrageous desecration of the national game"? (21 February 2008)

...that in 1916, footballer Bob Benson volunteered to replace an

absent Arsenal team-mate just before a game, only to collapse and die during the match? (23 February 2008)

...that Bradford City Football Club blamed their FA Cup exit in the 1919
20 season on a pre-game trip to Fry's chocolate works? (25 February 2008)

...that the 1976 Football League Cup win made Tony Book the first to so as
both a player and manager? (29 February 2008)

...that Stockport County physio Rodger Wylde formed a rock group with player
Tom Bennett whilst treating his broken leg? (3 March 2008)

...that former Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday footballer Brian

Hornsby trekked to Machu Picchu with musician Tony Hadley in aid of Action Medical Research? (4 March 2008)

...that former football player and manager Alan Brown quit Huddersfield
Town and became a policeman for two and a half years before rejoining the club? (8 March 2008)

...that Scottish footballer Kevin Bremner scored for five different teams in the
Football League during the 198283 season? (8 March 2008)

...that after retiring, former Premier League footballer Adrian Whitbread worked
in four different clubs as assistant coach for Martin Allen? (15 March 2008)

...that footballer Henry Martin scored on his dbut against Liverpool and again
the next day against their neighbours Everton? (2 April 2008)

...that the four youngest players for England's football team are Wayne
Rooney, Theo Walcott, James Prinsep and Thurston Rostron? (9 April 2008)

...that at 15 years and 156 days, Albert Geldard became the youngest player to
appear in The Football League in 1929? (25 April 2008}

...that Julian Sturgis, the novelist, poet, librettist and lyricist was the
first American to play for the winning team in an English FA Cup Final in 1873? (28 April 2008)

...that in Claude Ashton's only international appearance for the English national
football team, he captained the squad? (5 May 2008)

... that English football full back Alfred Bower was the last amateur player to
captain the English national team in 1927? (7 May 2008)

... that Bradford City footballers Geoff Smith and George Mulholland each
played more than 200 consecutive appearances for the club during the 1950s? (7 May 2008)

... that Albert Kidd scored two goals in the last 10 minutes of the 1985
86 Scottish football season to deny Hearts the championship, despite having not scored in the whole season until then? (10 May 2008)

... that association footballers Jimmy Willis and Steve Finnan are the only
players to have scored in the top five divisions of English league football? (13 May 2008)

... that Sam Cowan is the only footballer to have represented Manchester City in
three FA Cup finals? (14 May 2008)

... that brothers and England football defenders Arthur Melmoth

Walters and Percy Melmoth Walters were known as "Morning" and "Afternoon" in allusion to their initials? (16 May 2008)

... that the game between FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich on 23 April 1945 in
the Gauliga Bayern, ending 32, was the last official football game played in Nazi Germany? (20 May 2008)

... that Len Boyd, captain of Birmingham City F.C. in the 1950s, once played four
games with a fractured leg? (24 May 2008)

... that Aston Villa's Bob Chatt scored an FA Cup Final goal 30 seconds after kickoff? (25 May 2008)

... that the Webster ruling is a legal precedent clarified by the Court of
Arbitration for Sport in 2008, which extends to professional footballers in Europe the same contractual freedom of movement as workers in other industries? (30 May 2008)

... that the Gibraltar Football Association had their UEFA membership
application blocked by Spain due to their claim on the territory? (30 May 2008)

... that Georgian footballer Georgi Kiknadze won five consecutive league
championships with Dinamo Tbilisi? (31 May 2008)

... that Poole Stadium, a former football ground now used for greyhound
racing and speedway, was the venue for the 2004 Speedway World Cup final? (31 May 2008)

... that twin brothers David and Peter Jackson played together for seven clubs
in English football? (1 June 2008)

... that goalkeeper Bob Roberts was the first West Bromwich Albion player to win
an international cap? (4 June 2008)

... that the Eimsbtteler TV, a German football club, failed to advance in
the national championship finals in 1934 and 1935 despite beating the later champion, FC Schalke 04, in both years? (6 June 2008)

... that in the 1996 football match between England and Scotland, Uri
Geller claimed that he caused Scotland's Gary McAllister to miss a penalty by the power of his mind? (7 June 2008)

... in 1885, Jimmy Forrest was the first professional footballer to appear for
the England national football team? (8 June 2008)

... that when Hibernian F.C. applied to join the Scottish Football
Association, the SFA told them that the SFA were catering for Scotsmen, not Irishmen? (9 June 2008)

... that amateur footballer Lee Todd is in the Guinness Book of World Records for
the quickest sending off in a match, playing for just two seconds? (10 June 2008)

... that the Franconian derby between 1. FC Nuremberg and SpVgg Greuther
Frth is the most played football match in Germany with over 250 games between the two sides? (19 June 2008)

... that Fred Forman scored two goals in England's 132 win over Ireland in 1899
the highest-scoring match involving England in international football history? (23 June 2008)

... that with the inception of the Gauliga Ostmark in 1938, clubs from outside
of Vienna were for the first time permitted to take part in Austria's premier football division? (28 June 2008)

... that Welsh footballer Roy Clarke played in three different divisions of
the Football League in three consecutive matches? (30 June 2008)

... that Bert Freeman was the top scorer in the English Football League in three
seasons before 1914? (1 July 2008)

... that Jimmy Speirs won the Military Medal while serving with the Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders, six years after his goal helped Bradford City win the 1911 FA Cup Final? (4 July 2008)

... that Hibernian Park hosted the first football international match played
in Edinburgh, Scotland? (6 July 2008)

... that, at 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) tall, Teddy Davison was considered the

smallest goalkeeper to play for the England national football team? (9 July 2008)

... that English footballer Tom Holford played professionally until he was 46,
making him the sixth oldest player to have appeared in a Football League match? (11 July 2008)

... that the football game between Offenburger FV and the SC Freiburg on 28
March 1920 lasted for over three hours? (22 July 2008)

... that Eastbourne Borough is the fifth football club for which Jean-Michel
Sigere and Simon Wormull have played together? (20 August 2008)

... that following Neil Dewars transfer from the club, a Manchester
United director was forced to resign due to his daughter eloping with the player? (21 August 2008)

... that England's Tom Brittleton is the oldest footballer ever to play a
competitive match for Sheffield Wednesday? (23 August 2008)

... that mathematician Harald Bohr, brother of Niels Bohr, won a silver medal
in football at the 1908 Summer Olympics? (26 August 2008)

... that when 15-year-old Jordon Mutch was first selected to play for Birmingham
City F.C., he had to be withdrawn only hours before the match because of child protectionregulations? (2 September 2008)

... that the 2008 Congo football riots were sparked by accusations
of witchcraft? (21 September 2008)

... that Brazilian footballer Bob won the 1988 Campeonato Brasileiro Srie
A before playing three games for the Brazil national team in 1989? (22 September 2008)

... that goalkeeper Peter Litchfield donated the man of the match award from
his Football League debut to motor neurone disease in memory of former teammate Mel Holden? (22 September 2008)

... that Curtis Woodhouse was a professional boxer whilst still playing
professional football for Rushden & Diamonds? (23 September 2008)

... that victory in the 1904 FA Cup Final gave Manchester City F.C. their first
major honour? (25 September 2008)

... that Jack Hillman was responsible for the earliest recorded case of match
fixing in football? (26 September 2008)

... that new Manchester City F.C. chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak was also the
man who negotiated the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix's inclusion in the 2009 Formula One season? (26 September 2008)

... that English footballer Fred Geary scored the first goal at the opening
of Everton's new Goodison Park stadium in August 1892? (26 September 2008)

... that Reuben Noble-Lazarus became the youngest footballer in the Football
League when he came on as a substitute in Barnsley's 30 defeat to Ipswich Town in 2008? (7 October 2008)

...that English footballer Glen Thomas came close to losing an eye in 1996 when
he stumbled into a tree during a training session and was hit in the face by a branch? (10 October 2008)

.. that South African Jean-Michel

d'Avray played football in England and Holland before becoming the last ever National Soccer League Coach of the Year in Australia? (12 October 2008)

... that during the World War II, English footballer Jimmy Boswell served in the
same army unit as four other future Gillingham F.C. players? (14 October 2008)

... that footballer Peter Stringfellow suffered a dramatic decline in form, which
ultimately ended his professional career, after being involved in a car crash in which a team-mate died? (15 October 2008)

... that Norwegian football goalkeeper Jon Knudsen made his national team
debut one month before turning 34? (22 October 2008)

... that Joe Wilson scored West Bromwich Albion's first goal in The Football
League? (24 October 2008}

... that Manchester United gave Stockport County a freezer full of ice cream in
exchange for the transfer of footballer Hugh McLenahan in May 1927? (1 November 2008)

... that Franz Burgmeier became the first Liechtensteiner to play football in
England after being signed on the advice of a club chairman's twelve-year-old grandson? (9 November 2008)

... that, though there is no evidence for it, Louis Rocca is credited with having
coined the name Manchester United? (11 November 2008)

... that before becoming a full-time professional footballer at the age of 21, Mike
Bickle worked as a milkman? (12 November 2008)

... that the football rivalry between ASV Herzogenaurach and FC

Herzogenaurach can be traced back to the rivalry between the clubs' sponsors, Adidas and Puma? (14 November 2008)

... that football player Michael Liddle made his international debut for Republic
of Ireland under-19s although he was born in London, England? (20 November 2008)

... that footballer Tommy Magee is the only West Bromwich Albion player to
have won both a League Championship medal and an FA Cup winners' medal with the club? (25 November 2008)

... that the German company Jako threatened to sue the Football Association of
Ireland when referee Anthony Buttimer refused to allow Sligo Rovers to wear their kit in a League of Ireland match? (29 November 2008)

... that that 1. FC Nuremberg reached every final of the Bavarian under 19
football championship from 1967 to 1994? (2 December 2008)

... that Ian Chapman was the first former pupil of The Football Association's
School of Excellence to play in The Football League? (6 December 2008)

... that after retiring as a footballer, Mike Trusson worked as the marketing
manager for a football-themed restaurant in London? (6 December 2008)

... that footballer Johnny Warsap was signed by Gillingham F.C. after he played
against the club for a team representing the Royal Berkshire Regiment? (7 December 2008)

... that the Scotch Professors, a group of 19th-century Scottish footballers, are
credited with inventing the passing style of the modern game and spreading the sport globally? (23 December 2008)

... that in 1937, Harry Osman was the last footballer to score a goal
on Christmas Day at Southampton's The Dell stadium? (25 December 2008)

... that Walter Galbraith selected an Accrington Stanley team of

eleven Scots for an English Football League match? (1 January 2009)

... that footballer Abe Hartley used to place a rolled-up cigarette behind his ear
prior to kick-off and then smoke it in the changing room at half-time? (2 January 2009)

... that Willie McCartney was listed by the Sunday Herald newspaper as the
22nd greatest Scottish football manager of all time, even though he never won a major trophy? (7 January 2009)

... that German football manager Horst Buhtz led

both Dortmund and Nuremberg to the Bundesliga promotion playoffs, but was dismissed each time before the matches took place? (14 January 2009)

... that the Brazilian team at the 1958 World Cup had not assigned squad
numbers in advance, and a 17-year old Pel was randomly assigned the number 10, which he wore for the rest of his career? (15 January 2009)

... that Scottish footballer Jim Baxter once taunted opponents in an international
match by playing keepie uppie during the game, and that he described his style as "treating the ball like a woman"? (15 January 2009)

... that Bishop Auckland F.C. was the only football club to win the FA Amateur
Cup in three consecutive seasons? (17 January 2009)

... that goalkeeper Jack Wheeler and his five defenders set a Football
League record in the 195253 season by all playing in every league game for Huddersfield Town? (17 January 2009)

... that from 1936 to 1998, the Germany national football team had just
five managers, each of whom won a major trophy, with Helmut Schn (1964 1978) winning two? (18 January 2009)

... that the television series Use It or Lose It documented the return of
former association footballers Niall Quinn and Ronnie Whelan to their respective youth teams? (3 February 2009)

... that in 1946, Welsh international footballer Bert Turner became the first
player to score for both sides in an FA Cup Final? (3 February 2009)

... that Derek Forster became the youngest Sunderland footballer to have made
a first team appearance when he was 15 years 185 days old? (4 February 2009)

... that Bert Shelley made 448 appearances for Southampton Football
Club between 17 January 1920 and 16 April 1932, a club record that was broken by Tommy Traynor in 1966? (9 February 2009)

... that Christ Bongo was one of only three Congolese footballers to score in final
qualifying for the 2002 FIFA World Cup? (14 February 2009)

... that in 1945, footballer Doug McGibbon scored six goals in one match, one of
which was timed at under five seconds from the second half kick-off? (18 February 2009)

... that the career of association football player Mark Maley was ended after he
was accidentally shot in the eye by teammate John Oster with an air gun? (23 February 2009)

... that former professional footballer Charlie Sillett was one of two Royal
Navy gunners killed when the Norwegian steamship SS Corvus was sunk by a torpedo launched from theGerman U-boat U-1018? (4 March 2009)

... that James Allan scored 12 goals in one match, when Sunderland beat
Castletown 230 in an exhibition football game? (14 March 2009)

... that when footballer Morten Knutsen left Odd Grenland due to persistent
injury problems, he joined FK Arendal, only to immediately sustain another injury? (21 March 2009)

... that the Antelope Ground, Southampton was the first home of
both Hampshire County Cricket Club and of Southampton Football Club? (24 March 2009)

... that when Bobby Folds joined Gillingham F.C. in 1966, he became the club's
first ever apprentice-professional footballer? (27 March 2009)

... that footballer Bob Wilson was the last player to captain the
original Accrington Stanley club in a professional match? (30 March 2009)

... that footballer Chic Brodie's professional career ended when he collided with
a dog on the playing field? (31 March 2009)

... that Mick Rathbone, now Everton F.C.'s head of sports medicine, was once
simultaneously player, physiotherapist and assistant manager of Halifax Town A.F.C.? (2 April 2009)

... that Brian Statham shares his name with an England international
cricketer and was himself a talented schoolboy cricketer, but opted to pursue a career in professional football? (4 April 2009)

... that in 1863, Blackheath Proprietary School was one of the founder
members of the Football Association? (5 April 2009)

... that in 1980, Eamonn Collins became the youngest player to appear in a
professional football match in England, when he played for Blackpool at the age of 14 years and 323 days? (5 April 2009)

... that former professional footballer Don Rossiter served as mayor

of Rochester, Kent, during the 1980s? (6 April 2009)

... that ex-professional footballer Julian Hails has a BSc honours degree in
mathematical studies and became a mathematics teacher? (6 April 2009)

... that Ritchie Hanlon became manager of St Albans City F.C. at the age of 29,
three months after he retired as a player? (8 April 2009)

... that when Ted Hough was signed by Southampton Football Club, his "transfer
fee" was a round of 52 pints of beer? (8 April 2009)

... that the only Football League match in which Billy Jervis played was
abandoned due to fading daylight after his team turned up late? (11 April 2009)

... that the Essex derby football match did not take place for 15 years? (12 April

... that Archie Roe, who scored South Shields F.C.'s first ever goal in The Football
League, was then signed by the team he had scored it against? (3 May 2009)

... that footballer Bud Houghton was born in Madras to an Anglo-Indian family
who migrated to England in 1947 when India gained independence from British rule? (17 May 2009)

... that Gillingham Football Club's supporters donated 2,500 in an attempt to

fund a month's extension to loanee defender Mick Bodley's contract? (26 May 2009)

... that in the penalty shootout during the London Senior Cup final 2009, Serge
Makofo was the only player to score for Croydon Athletic? (25 June 2009)

... that Dean Holness, who starred in football television drama Dream Team and
film Mike Bassett: England Manager, played professional football for Southend United? (23 July 2009)

... that a branch of Exeter City Supporters' Trust members helped finance James
Norwood's contract at the football club, paying 19 per month? (14 August 2009)

... that Justin Fashanu was the first professional association football player
to come out as gay (21 August 2009)

... that semi-professional footballer Gareth Risbridger holds a UEFA 'B' Pro
Licence coaching badge and is also a qualified referee, as well as working as a greenkeeper at Wycombe Heights Golf Club? (28 August 2009)

... that despite being born in Harlow, England, Alex Stavrinou qualified to play
for the Cyprus youth football team through his father's Cypriot heritage? (29 August 2009)

... that Gus Hurdle rejected a chance to play

international football for Barbados to help Crawley Town in their relegation match against Dorchester Town, saying it was the "bigger game"? (29 August 2009)

... that Fred Hollands scored twice in Southampton St Mary's biggest

competitive victory in their 140 FA Cup win against Newbury Town on 13 October 1894, which still remains a record win for Southampton? (30 August 2009)

... that semi-professional football player Nevin Saroya featured in the footballthemed film Mean Machine? (1 September 2009)

.. that as a result of the Okcie Airport Incident in 1980, four top players of
the Polish national football team were disqualified, and one of them never capped for Poland again? (2 September 2009)

... that Samuel Clucas was offered a soccer scholarship in the United
States after studying sports development at Lincoln College? (2 September 2009)

... that supporters invaded the pitch on three occasions during a football
match between West Ham United and Millwall in 2009? (2 September 2009)

... that English former footballer David Hamilton was Wigan Athletic's first ever
full-time scout? (4 September 2009)

... that in the initial Anglo-Italian Cup footballtournaments, one point was
awarded for every goal scored? (5 September 2009)

... that semi-professional football player Nevin Saroya featured in the footballthemed film Mean Machine? (7 September 2009}

... that Fred Griffiths, who played twice for the Wales national football team,
was killed in action during the First World War? (8 September 2009)

... that Albert Pape scored a goal for Manchester United against Clapton
Orient in 1925, despite only completing a transfer from Orient to United an hour before kick-off? (10 September 2009)

... that in 1900, Wilf Waller was the first South African footballer to play in the
English Football League? (14 September 2009)

... that on the final day of the 195960 Football League season, Trevor
Meredith scored the goal that won the league title for Burnley? (14 September 2009)

... that Claude Lambie scored Burnley's first-ever competitive hat-trick? (14
September 2009)

... that World Cup winning soccer player Jos Andrade once played drums in a
carnival band? (17 September 2009)

... that footballer Tony Hawksworth had only made three appearances
for Manchester United's reserve team when he made his Football League debut, but never played another League match? (5 October 2009)

... that after footballer Barrie Thomas transferred from Scunthorpe

United to Newcastle United in January 1962, attendances at Scunthorpe's home games dropped by 20%? (15 October 2009)

... that Englishman Bob Bootland, who was the first foreigner to coach
a football club in India, arrived in the country on holiday and never left? (16 October 2009)

... that Jayden Stockley made his debut in the Football

League for Bournemouth whilst still a student at secondary school? (20 October 2009)

... that despite making his national team debut in 1924, footballer James
Mitchell remains the only player to represent England while wearing spectacles? (30 October 2009)

... that Les Cocker, a coach with the victorious England team at the 1966 World
Cup, received a winner's medal in June 2009, nearly 30 years after his death, following a campaign launched by his family? (30 October 2009)

... that footballer James Constable worked in an undergarment lining factory

while playing as a semi-professional? (30 October 2009)

... that Peter Sanders began his career as a professional association

football player, switched to playing rugby union, and has subsequently spent forty years running a baseballclub? (1 November 2009)

...that the England amateur footballer, Leonard Dawe, became

a crossword compiler for The Daily Telegraph newspaper and in 1944 was interrogated on suspicion of espionage in the run-up to the D-Day landings? (3 November 2009)

... that former professional footballer Spike Rawlings, winner of the 1976 edition
of TV talent show Opportunity Knocks, began his entertainment career after being asked to provide the half-time entertainment during a game? (10 November 2009)

... that footballer Billy Ingham, whose nickname was "the Ginger Pel", worked
as a bus driver after retiring? (12 November 2009)

... that goalkeeper Barrie Delf only made one appearance in The Football
League for Southend United, having previously played as an amateur? (26 November 2009)

... that Uruguayan Isabelino Gradn won South American championships in

both football and track and field athletics? (1 December 2009)

... that Penzance A.F.C. competed in ten of the first sixteen finals of
the Cornwall Senior Cup, winning six of them? (5 December 2009)

... that footballer Roger Helland in 2004 scored Fredrikstad's first goal in
the Norwegian Premier League in 20 years? (6 December 2009)

... that a Glasgow-born railway engineer, John Harley, was responsible for
revolutionizing the way Uruguay played football? (13 December 2009)

... that professional footballer Andy Bell spent nearly a decade with hometown
club Blackburn Rovers, without making a single first-team appearance? (19 December 2009)

... that at least seven members of the Scottish Argentine Brown family have
played international football for Argentina? (23 December 2009)

... that Uruguayan footballer Vladas Douksas' father was

a Lithuanian shopkeeper? (25 December 2009)

... that after playing for over twenty clubs and enjoying only mild success, former
professional footballer Fred Eyre made his name as a businessman, after dinner speaker, and author? (28 December 2009)

... that Botswana international footballer Donald Thobega was involved in the
Test For Life campaign, which encourages supporters to get tested for HIV and AIDS? (29 December 2009)

... that between 1970 and 1976, former SpanishArgentine footballer and manager Juan Carlos Tourio was part of three Spanish league championships and two Spanish cup-winning squads? (29 December 2009)

... that former footballer Christopher Bryan scored the Turks and Caicos Islands'
first ever international goal? (29 December 2009)

... that the Montserrat national football team has only won two matches in
their history, both victories coming against Anguilla? (4 January 2010)

... that semi-professional footballer Dean Clark made over one hundred
appearances for Northwood F.C.? (9 January 2010)

... that the Direction Nationale du Contrle de Gestion is the administrative

organisation responsible for monitoring the accounts of professional football clubs in France? (11 January 2010)

... that former Northern Ireland footballer Phil Hughes is the

only goalkeeper ever to have won international caps while playing for Bury? (18 January 2010)

... that John Haworth is the only Burnley manager to date to have led the team
to an FA Cup victory? (28 January 2010)

... that Bob Matthewson, an English footballer and referee, was recently
portrayed in the 2009 film The Damned United? (29 January 2010)

... that prior to his death, Jack Barnes was the oldest former Football
League player? (1 February 2010)

... that in 192021, Burnley were crowned champions of English football for the
first time? (1 February 2010)

... that Seattle Sounders FC won the 2009 U.S. Open Cup Final, becoming only
the second Major League Soccer expansion team to do so their inaugural season? (2 February 2010)

... that the phrase "doing a Leeds" has become synonymous in English
football with the pitfalls of financial mismanagement of football clubs, after the demise of Premier League team Leeds United? (4 February 2010)

... that former Burnley chairman Bob Lord described coach Billy Dougall, who
worked for the football club for 23 years, as the finest servant a club could have? (6 February 2010)

... that Scotland international football defender Alex McLintock played as

a goalkeeper during his time at Burnley? (8 February 2010)

... that Wales wartime international footballer Taffy Davies spent his entire 20year professional career at Watford Football Club? (16 February 2010)

... that former Welsh international footballer Wayne Jones was forced to retire at
the age of 24 when it was discovered that he had a previously undiagnosed arthritic condition? (17 February 2010)

... that in September 1924, Jack Fowler scored five goals in a football match
for Swansea Town against Charlton Athletic, which remains the club record for most goals in a match? (18 February 2010)

... that Stewart Scullion played alongside Pel and Bobby Moore in the 1976
U.S.A. Bicentennial Cup, scoring their team's only goal of the tournament? (19 February 2010)

... that David Wilson was Nelson F.C.'s first manager in the Football League? (25
February 2010)

... that in 1929, Wales international footballer Moses Russell was threatened
with a pistol during a pitch invasion whilst on a tour of Canada? (25 February 2010)

... that Frank Allen worked as a coal miner before becoming a professional
footballer at the age of 24? (25 February 2010)

... that Bangladeshi football goalkeeper Biplob Bhattacharjee made his

international debut at the age of 18? (26 February 2010)

... that in 2007, Fiji international goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau was prevented
from playing in a FIFA World Cup qualifying match by the New Zealand authorities? (27 February 2010)

... that Tom Walley managed Watford's 1982 FA Youth Cup winning team, which
included John Barnes, Nigel Gibbs and Neil Price? (27 February 2010)

... that former professional footballer Tony Larkin helped to establish Britain's
first football academy for visually impaired players? (27 February 2010)

... that former football official Lencie Fred was the first Vanuatuan to be included
on the FIFA list of referees? (28 February 2010)

... that several French international footballers have played for FC Versailles,
including Thierry Henry, Jrme Rothen and Hatem Ben Arfa? (2 March 2010)

... that in the 188586 season, West Bromwich Albion became the first team
from the English Midlands to reach the FA Cup Final? (3 March 2010)

... that Seattle Sounders FC has seven recognized supporter groups and that
in 2009 they amassed the largest average attendance in the Major League Soccer with 30,943 fans? (5 March 2010)

... that the Birmingham Charity Cup, a Victorian football trophy, featured
engravings of a football match and of "the poor and sick succoured by the heavenly spirit"? (19 March 2010)

... that Swiss athlete Georges de Regibus introduced association

football to Bulgaria in 1894 as a sports teacher in Varna? (21 March 2010)

... that despite being an Australian, Walter Cornock played both

professional football and first-class cricket for English teams? (24 March 2010)

... that when West Bromwich Albion won a Birmingham Senior Cup match 260 in
the 188283 season, every player except the goalkeeper scored at least once? (24 March 2010)

... that Darlington F.C. lost in both the second and the third rounds of the FA
Cup in the 19992000 season? (4 April 2010)

... that footballer Sid Storey, who played for York City from 1947 to 1956, drove
the open top bus that paraded the York team after winning the 198384 Fourth Divisionchampionship? (8 April 2010)

... that in 1876 Llewelyn Kenrick, founder of the Football Association of Wales,
organised and played in Wales' first international match? (9 April 2010)

... that footballer Arthur Bate scored a hat-trick on his league debut for Nelson,
yet finished on the losing team in the match? (13 April 2010)

... that in 1914, English footballer Tom Bamford played in the only Burnley team
to win the FA Cup to date? (14 April 2010)

... that the Rudolf-Kalweit-Stadion in Hanover is home to three different kinds

of football, hosting the Hannover Spartans, Arminia Hannover and the German rugby union team? (15 April 2010)

... that English footballer Reg Attwell was selected to represent the Football
League in 1949? (15 April 2010)

... that A.F.C. Aldermaston, a non-league football club from Berkshire, has been
dubbed the "worst English football team in history" after losing 40 consecutive matches? (18 April 2010)

... that Nelson F.C. won the Football League Third Division North in the 192223
season? (19 April 2010)

... that footballer Arthur Wolstenholme was the first player to score four goals
in a Third Division North match? (22 April 2010)

... that Tommy Cheetham had a trial for the England national football
team while playing in the Third Division in his first season as a professional? (24 April 2010)

... that in a 16-year career, English footballer Bob Hutchinson played for 14
different clubs? (26 April 2010)

... that English footballer Brian Punter did not receive his 1953 FA Youth
Cup runners-up medal until some 56 years later? (27 April 2010)

... that Chesterfield centre-forward Walter Ponting was deprived of an

apparently certain goal when the ball deflated and failed to cross the line? (28 April 2010)

... that footballer Barry Hutchinson scored in each of the seven games
that Weymouth played in January 1965? (4 May 2010)

... that when transferred from Lincoln City to Leicester City for 27,500 in 1954,
English footballer Andy Graver was said to be "afraid of the responsibility of living up to such a big price tag"? (12 May 2010)

... that Arnaud Gonzalez was a member of the France team that won the UEFA
European Under-19 Football Championship in 1996? (15 May 2010)

... that the World Cup Sculpture, celebrating England's 1966 FIFA World Cup
Final victory, was criticised for not looking like the players involved? (18 May 2010)

... that Sellas Tetteh's Ghana under-20 team was the first African team to win
the FIFA U-20 World Cup, in 2009? (19 May 2010)

... that Lincoln City was the first club to reach 100 seasons in the Football
League without ever playing in the top division? (19 May 2010)

... that in England's Premier League football competition, 14 players from 10

different clubs have won the Golden Boot award, given to the season's top scorer? (28 May 2010)

... that professional footballer James Caine's son Brian also played
professionally? (31 May 2010)

... that the Motherwell v Hibernian football match on 5 May 2010, which
ended in a 66 draw, is the highest scoring match in Scottish Premier League history? (16 June 2010)

... that footballer Michael Basham played in the Swansea City team that won
the 1994 Football League Trophy Final? (17 June 2010)

... that Kerry-Ann Booth, the girlfriend of footballer Greg Young (pictured), did
not see him on the losing side of a game for Halifax Town for the first four years of their relationship? (17 June 2010)

... that footballer Stephen Brackstone had an operation to remove his appendix
after being taken to hospital following his substitution in a game for York City in December 2002? (19 June 2010)

... that Seth Burkett is the only British footballer to currently play professionally
in Brazil? (22 June 2010)

... that current Arsenal F.C. reserve player Emmanuel Frimpong began his
international career with Ghana before switching to England and then back to Ghana? (22 June 2010)

... that before becoming a professional footballer, Bob Jefferson had deserted
from the Royal Navy? (24 June 2010)

... that in his two Football League appearances, goalkeeper James

Mangham conceded a total of ten goals? (4 July 2010)

... that after 104 years of existence, Hull City was promoted to play in the
English Premier League for the first time in their history in 2008? (9 July 2010)

... that Paul the Octopus predicts Spain winning the World Cup today,
while Mani the Parakeet tips a victory by the Netherlands? (11 July 2010)

... that despite being Watford's top scorer as they won the Southern
League in 191415, professional footballer George Edmonds continued working as a printer? (15 July 2010)

... that on 28 August 1920, Peter Ronald scored Watford Football Club's first
ever Football League goal? (17 July 2010)

... that the football club Ulf-Sandnes altered its name to Sandnes Ulf to
accommodate the merger partner Sandnes FK? (17 July 2010)

... that footballer Andy Leaning was named man of the match following York
City's 31 extra time defeat at Liverpool in the FA Cup fifth round in 1986, with his performance being described as "heroic"? (20 July 2010)

... that after Norwegian soccer club Stord Sunnhordland FK was discontinued,
the chairman of the owners called it "a club without soul"? (21 July 2010)

... that Fulham player Maurice Cook scored the first ever goal in the Football
League Cup? (23 July 2010)

... that in an attempt to "beef him up", Watford manager Graham Taylor placed a
then 17-year-old Nigel Gibbs on a steak and Guinness diet? (23 July 2010)

... that at 15 years and 314 days, Glyn Pardoe was the youngest footballer ever
to play for Manchester City when he made his debut in 1962? (25 July 2010)

... that the football club Stlkameratene were expelled from their league in
1997, only to score 153 league goals the next year? (26 July 2010)

... that Len Dunderdale finished the 193839 season as Watford Football
Club's top scorer, despite joining Leeds United during the season? (27 July 2010)

... that the soccer club Tornado Mly FK has two home fields? (30 July 2010) ... that the Capello Index is a rating system for footballers that evaluates 500
actions that a player might make during a game? (30 July 2010)

... that Koji Gyotoku is the coach of the Bhutan national football team? (3 August

... that Willie Irvine was the English Football League First Division's top
goalscorer in the 196566 season? (5 August 2010)

... that the Groruddalen BK football team finished third in their league in
2007 and had the league top scorer, but lost their coach and all players save two, facing relegation and liquidation in 2008? (9 August 2010)

... that the last goal at the Stade Grimonprez-Jooris in Lille was scored in May
2004 by Matt Moussilou, before the stadium closed after serving as Lille OSC's home for almost 30 years? (9 August 2010)

... that the defunct Yugoslavia national under-20 football team still hold
the FIFA U-20 World Cup scoring record they set in 1987 with an average of 2.44 goals per game? (12 August 2010)

... that more than 440 players have lived at La Masia, but only 10% have made it
into the FC Barcelona first team? (13 August 2010)

... that Clifford Grossmark, chairman of Gillingham F.C. from 1961 until 1983,
was widely known in football circles as simply "The Doctor"? (14 August 2010)

... that the English football club Trawden Forest never lost a home game in
the FA Cup? (16 August 2010)

... that Croatian footballer Stojan Osojnak played for Dinamo Zagreb in the
club's first-ever match, a friendly against the Yugoslav Air Force team in June 1945? (18 August 2010)

... that from 2010, reserve teams in Norwegian association football were barred
from using more than three players aged over 21? (19 August 2010)

... that during English footballer Freddie Bunce's only season with Highlands
Park FC, they won South Africa's 1964 National Football League? (21 August 2010)

... that players from the FK Sry Glimt football team were caught in
a doping case, a rare occurrence in Northern Norwegian football? (21 August 2010)

... that Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club broke their transfer record, paying
5,000 to sign Johnny McNichol, who at the time had not played a single game in the Football League? (23 August 2010)

... that Terry Byrne was the only person to accompany David Beckham to
the changing room after his red card in the 1998 World Cup, and later became his personal manager? (24 August 2010)

... that the FC Barcelona Museum attracts 1.2 million yearly visitors, making it
the second most visited museum in Barcelona, only surpassed by the Museu Picasso? (25 August 2010)

... that although Rangers won the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup Final, they
were banned from competing the following year because their fans started a riot? (26 August 2010)

... that the sports club Skeid, with a former top-level football team, has also won
the Norwegian league in bandy? (31 August 2010)

... that when Luis Figo was taking a corner in a football match against FC
Barcelona, the Boixos Nois threw a pig's head after him? (1 September 2010)

... that retired footballer Fred Else arranged to have his wedding on a Saturday
morning so that he was free to play for Preston North End reserves in the afternoon? (2 September 2010)

... that Welsh half-back Jack Newnes was the only footballer ever to
be capped at international level while playing for Nelson? (5 September 2010)

... that Nathan Redmond became Birmingham City Football Club's secondyoungest player ever when he made his first-team debut in August 2010 at the age of 16 years and 173 days? (5 September 2010)

... that association football club Bradford City's first game at Wembley Stadium in
their 93-year history was the 1996 Football League Second Division play-off Final? (11 September 2010)

... that Seattle Sounders FC will be defending their U.S. Open Cup title in their
home stadium, Qwest Field, in the 2010 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final against the Columbus Crew? (16 September 2010)

... that former professional footballer George Catleugh suffered a broken leg on
two different occasions? (18 September 2010)

... that after keeping a clean sheet in an FA Cup match against defending
champions Manchester United, Bournemouth goalkeeper Ian Leigh was rewarded with a lifetime supply of pizzas from a local Italian restaurant? (19 September 2010)

... that even after returning to association football as a professional at age

30, Bulgarian player Nikolay Bozhov has continued to manage his late father's ironmonger's business? (24 September 2010)

... that English footballer Graham Lovett was forced to retire at the age of 26,
after being involved in two serious road traffic collisions in less than three years? (28 September 2010)

... that Scottish footballer John Durkin worked at a local coal mine while playing
for Gillingham F.C.? (30 September 2010)

... that Hong Kong-born Rebecca Nolin plays as a defender for the Atlanta
Beat and helps coach the Kennesaw State Owls? (30 September 2010)

... that black South African footballer Darius Dhlomo went missing on his debut
for Dutch club Heracles Almelo because he was unaware that blacks and whites were allowed in the same changing room? (4 October 2010)

... that within four months footballer Barry Endean went from playing for an
amateur team in a public park to lining up against Manchester United at Old Trafford? (5 October 2010)

... that Peter Endrulat never played in the Fuball-Bundesliga again after
conceding 12 goals for Borussia Mnchengladbach's record 120 league victory over Borussia Dortmund? (8 October 2010)

... that English football captain Bobby Moore was accused of stealing a
bracelet in Bogot, Colombia, during the run-up to the 1970 FIFA World Cup? (19 October 2010)

... that IOC member Olaf Ditlev-Simonsen had five caps in football, two
in bandy and an Olympic silver medal in sailing? (22 October 2010)

... that English former professional footballer Jimmy Fletcher became a

successful breeder of racing greyhounds and once led a consortium which won 200,000 on a single race? (23 October 2010)

... that in 1979 Taunton Town F.C. moved from the Southern section of
the Southern Football League to the Midlands section due to the opening of the M5 motorway? (5 November 2010)

... that when Harry Oliver joined Watford Football Club, Benskins Brewery paid
the transfer fee on the club's behalf? (9 November 2010)

... that John Stirk played every league game during Watford Football
Club's 197879 promotion-winning season? (11 November 2010)

... that Cockfield Football Club, from the tiny "two-street pit village"
of Cockfield, County Durham, was dubbed the "Village Wonder Team" after reaching the semi-finals of the FA Amateur Cup in 1923? (14 November 2010)

... that all four football venues at the 1968 Summer Olympics would be used
as FIFA World Cup stadia when Mexico hosted the Cup in 1970 and 1986? (15 November 2010)

... that Teslim Balogun became the first Nigerian footballer to play in the
Football League, before qualifying as the first African professional coach? (16 November 2010)

... that Thomas Hooman's obituary in The Times claimed that he scored the
winning goal in the 1872 FA Cup Final, contradicting all known contemporary newspaper reports on the match? (22 November 2010)

... that in his European Cup debut, German football goalkeeper Jens
Ramme conceded 6 goals in 45 minutes, turning a 51 lead for Dynamo Dresden into a 75 defeat? (24 November 2010)

... that previous winners of Wayne Rooney's Street Striker have won trips
to Brazil and South Africa? (25 November 2010)

... that Commonwealth Games boxing gold medallist Simon Vallily was once
a football trainee at Middlesbrough Football Club? (26 November 2010)

... that Dinamo Zagreb footballer Mateo Kovai became the youngest ever
goalscorer in the Prva HNL in November 2010 at the age of 16 years and 198 days? (27 November 2010)

... that due to the Scottish football referee strike, foreign officials
from Israel, Luxembourg and Malta were used as replacements? (30 November 2010)

... that German footballer Willy Trger began his career as a goalkeeper, but
converted into a successful forward after losing his hand in World War II? (1 December 2010)

... that Welshman Dai Davies is the only person to have appeared in both
the rugby league Challenge Cup final and the association football FA Cup Final? (1 December 2010)

... that despite having only one arm, Arthur Lea played
international football for Wales?" (9 December 2010)

... that a documentary investigating corruption within FIFA was broadcast in the
week that the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup hosts were chosen? (11 December 2010)

... that Olympia Bucureti was the winner of the inaugural Romanian football
championship held between 1909 and 1910? (18 December 2010)

... that English-born footballer Ellis Remy made his international debut playing
for the Montserrat national football team? (21 December 2010)

... that 17 years after an aircraft crash killed most of the Zambia national
football team, the Zambian government is yet to release a report on the crash? (22 December 2010)

... that Francis Skeat designed over 400 stained glass windows, including
memorials to the footballer Duncan Edwards and the explorer John Smith? (26 December 2010)

... that Gramoz Palushi was murdered while he was celebrating the football
victory of Albania over Greece? (5 January 2011)

... that Neil Young scored the winning goal in the 1969 FA Cup Final? (9
January 2011)

... that 20 years after scoring a goal in Luxembourg's first-ever football victory
over France, Znon Bernard became the first communist elected to the Luxembourgian parliament? (13 January 2011)

... that it took a replay and then eighty minutes of extra time for Brighton & Hove
Albion reserves to win the 192021 Southern League title? (30 January 2011)

... that Charlie Webb was appointed manager of English association

football club Brighton & Hove Albion while awaiting repatriation from a prisonerof-war camp in Mainz, Germany? (1 February 2011)

... that Fred and Val Gregory were two of four brothers who were
simultaneously contracted to Watford Football Club? (1 February 2011)

... that Jo Tong Sop was a member of the North Korean football team that won
the 1986 King's Cup against Aarhus Gymnastikforening? (2 February 2011)

... that Tony Macedo once had his ribs broken by a backpass from Tosh
Chamberlain? (5 February 2011)

... that the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen staged a new musical for
the 100th anniversary of the soccer club FC Schalke 04 in 2004? (6 February 2011)

... that Sussex cricket captain Herbert Whitfeld also played

international football for England? (10 February 2011)

... that England international footballer and twice FA Cup winner Harry
Goodhart became Professor of Humanities at the University of Edinburgh? (11 February 2011)

... that Clare Taylor represented England in the World Cup at

both football and cricket? (14 February 2011)

... that Aslie Pitter, founder of Stonewall F.C., Britain's first and most
successful gay football club, was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his work fightinghomophobia in London? (15 February 2011)

... that Master of the Blankney Hunt, Edgar Lubbock played in four FA Cup
Finals, twice on the winning side? (19 February 2011)

... that Sean Hughes MP got Scottish MPs to give him their free tickets to
the 1986 English FA Cup Final so his constituents could watch the Everton Liverpool Merseyside derby? (24 February 2011)

... that former Manchester City footballer Lee Crooks is soon scheduled to serve
on the frontline in the War in Afghanistan? (4 March 2011)

... that British Army officer Captain Stephen Healey of the Royal
Welsh regiment, used to play football for Swansea City? (14 March 2011)

... that four different English football clubs achieved promotion to the top division
while Ray Train was playing for them? (15 March 2011)

... that Small Heath F.C. was not promoted to the Football League First
Division after winning the inaugural Second Division title in 189293, while the second- and third-place teams were? (29 March 2011)

... that although Australian soccer player Kris Trajanovski only scored in three
matches for his country, he scored three hat-tricks? (31 March 2011)

... that the music to the hymn "Follow On" was later adopted by Rangers F.C. as
the music for their anthem, "Follow Follow"? (6 April 2011)

... that a parrot was branded sectarian after being heard whistling "Follow
Follow"? (8 April 2011)

... that Sir Henry Primrose, the chairman of the board of the Inland Revenue,
played two international football matches for Scotland in the 1870s? (16 April 2011)

... that footballers Denis Law, Robert Smyth McColl and Hughie Gallacher have
each scored three hat-tricks for Scotland? (22 April 2011)

... that up to 200 people played a game of football on land

near Brothertoft, Lincolnshire, in the 1760s as a protest against enclosure? (23 April 2011)

... that Nelson F.C. lost only one home match in the Football League Third Division
North during the 192425 season? (24 April 2011)

... that while playing for Barrow, footballer Fred Laycock left the pitch to sign
for Nelson before completing the match, and was then fined for representing Barrow while contracted to another club? (25 April 2011)

... that Small Heath F.C. went through the 189394 season without drawing
a League match? (27 April 2011)

... that a riot after the 1980 Scottish Cup Final between Celtic F.C. and Rangers
F.C. resulted in a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at sporting events in Scotland? (28 April 2011)

... that English footballer Walter Anderson died of pneumonia four days after
collapsing at Craven Cottage, having ignored doctors' advice to rest? (19 May 2011)

[edit]Did you know? from Portal:Association football The following are undated DYK's that appeared on Portal:Association football prior to the re-format in December 2007. The portal now automatically displays the last five entries in the section above.

...that India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup because their team was not
allowed to play barefoot?

...that the first player to score a hat-trick during the final of a World Cup
was Geoff Hurst in England's 42 win against Germany in the 1966 World Cup? Two of his goals scored within 120 minutes are controversial, though.

...that Frenchman Just Fontaine set a world record for goals scored in the finals
of a World Cup with 13 in the 1958 tournament, with a hat-trick against Paraguay and four against Germany?

...that the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland was the first time that the tournament
was televised worldwide?

...that the German brothers Fritz and Ottmar Walter shared four goals between
themselves in the team's 61 defeat of Austria in the 1954 World Cup which the Germans eventually won, too?

...that the Dutch East Indies were the first Asian representatives in the World
Cup, qualifying for the 1938 tournament?

...that Uruguay declined to defend their title in the 1934 FIFA World Cup in Italy,
as a protest against the meagre European participation in the previous competition held in Uruguay in 1930 during the Great depression?

...that France beat Mexico 41 in the first ever World Cup match, with
Frenchman Lucien Laurent scoring the first ever goal?

...that Canada striker Christine Sinclair was named one of the 25 most
influential people in Canadian sports before she turned 20?

...that Sophus "Krlben" Nielsen of Denmark was the first player to score ten
goals in an international match, doing so against France in the 1908 Summer Olympics?

...that Barbados scored an own goal on purpose in order to move ahead

of Grenada in the 1994 Caribbean Cup?

...that Malm FF was degraded from Allsvenskan the 193334 season since their
nemesis IFK Malm had reported the club for paying their players, which was against rules at that time?

...that numbers were worn on the back of football shirts for the first time
on August 25, 1928?

...that the first corner kick was taken in the 1870s? ...the The final took place at Bramall Lane and was won by Hallam F.C..
World Cup: Football

Year 1930 1934 1938 1942 1946 Uruguary Itlay France


Winner Uruguary Itlay Itlay

Runners Up Argentina czechoslovakia Hungry -

Cancelled (2nd World War) Cancelled (2nd World War -

1950 1954 1958 1962 1966 1970 1974 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006

Brazil Switzerland Sweden Chile England Mexico West Germany Argentina Span Mexico Itlay USA France Japan & South Korea Germany



West Germany Hungry Brazil Brazil England Brazil Sweden Czechoslovakia West Germany Itlay

West Germany Holland Argentina Itlay Argentina Holland West Germany West Germany

West Germany Argentina Brazil France Brazil Itlay Itlay Brazil Germany France

Some Important Measurement of the playground Length of the ground (Field) Width of the ground (Field) Weight of the ball cicrumference of the ball
Sir Alex Ferguson was fired by St. Mirren in 1978 for swearing at a lady. ASEC Abidjan of Cote DIvoire went unbeaten for 108 games between 1989 and 1994.

91 to 120 meters 45 to 91 meters 396 to 453 grams 98 to 71 cm

Carlos Caszely of Chile was the first player red carded in a World Cup tournament on June 14, 1974. . Goalkeeper Arthur Wharton was the first black professional soccer player. He was born in Ghana (then Gold Coast) and played for English League team Rotherham United in 1889.

In 1954 Turkey knocked out Spain from during a World Cup qualifier by drawing straws. Blindfolded Italian boy Luigi Franco Gemma picked the straws to decide the winner. In 1957 with only 30 minutes remaining, Charlton Athletic game back from a 5-1 deficit to defeat Huddersfield Town 7-6. In 1968, Penarol of Urugauy conceded only five goals in 18 games on the way to an unbeaten season. In 1996 George Weah paid for his teammates uniforms and expenses so that Liberia could enter the African Nations Cup. In 1997 Nigerian international Celestine Babayaro broke his leg while celebrating a goal in his Chelsea debut during a preseason game. In 1998 English referee Martin Sylvester sent himself off after punching a player during a game in the Andover and District Sunday League. In 1999 Leganes coach Enrique Martin received a ten game ban for running down an opposition player who was clean through on goal. In the 1938 World Cup semifinal, Guiseppe Meazza of Italys shorts fell down as he was taking a penalty shot. He held his shorts up and calmly scored past Brazils Valter. In the 1970s legendary coaches Jock Stein and Brian Clough both had 44 day stints at Leeds United. Jean Langenus of Belgium wore a suit jacket, golfing plus fours and a red striped tie when he refereed the 1930 World Cup final. Luigi Riva once broke the arm of a spectator with one of his powerful shots. Madagascan team Stade Olympique LEmryne scored 149 own goals against champions AS Adema in 2002. They repeatedly scored own goals in protest of a refereeing decision in their previous game. Michael Laudrup appeared for Real Madrid in a 5-0 win over Barcelona and also Barcelona when they beat Real Madrid 5-0. Non flying Dutchman Dennis Bergkamps fear of flying caused him to miss many international and European games for Arsenal. Sir Stanley Matthews never received a booking in his 33 year long career.