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Thursday, February 10, 2011 THE LLOYDMINSTER SOURCE

(Top): Clayton Schlosser was introduced to the marksmanship program in Cadets, but has since moved on from shooting prone to shooting standing. Theres more competitions at higher levels for shooting standing. (Bottom): After starting in the sport of wheelchair basketball in August, Kyle Allen will be playing in his rst Canada Winter Games competitions for team Alberta next week. Photos Submitted


We did a lot of number crunching before we were told and every qualier before then I was either rst or second, Clayton said, adding he had one round where his rie jammed, resulting in a lower placing. So I kind of knew, but it was difcult for me to keep myself composed once I found out. I was really excited. There were some tears and lots of phone calls to family, Christina added. He practices almost every night, Clayton said, which has some effects on his social life, but its worth it. The time commitment for the whole family is huge as well, as they drive to Saskatoon every second week for practices. It seemed completely out of reach, Christina said. Hed never shot air rie standing at a little target its a little pinhole they shoot at and it did, at the time, seem very out of reach, and now all of a sudden he made it. The three-hour Atlantic time change has Clayton worried a little bit being able to adjust before the competition but he said hes looking forward to learning from other shooters as well as looking forward to the overall atmosphere. I want to have a good time, because thats what its all about, Clayton said. And shoot a good score. TEAM ALBERTA Kyle Allen, 18, only started playing wheelchair basketball in August, so a trip to the Atlantic provinces wasnt necessarily on the dream destination list for the former Marwayne resident this year. I went to the selection camp more so just to learn a lot more, because of how high calibre the training and selection camp was going to be, so I gured that would be a great way to learn some stuff, Allen said, adding he was completely surprised when he made the team at the end of the two-day camp. Jamie Peers, a co-head coach for the

Alberta team, isnt as surprised. We were drawn to him because even though he was in a chair that really didnt t him at all and he was having a hard time maneuvering around, you could see his energy and his understanding of the sport in general, Peers said, adding that since being tted for a proper chair, Allens athleticism has become quite apparent. The rules to wheelchair basketball are the same as regular basketball, with modications made to dribbling and shooting, since one hand usually remains on the wheel for steering and balancing purposes. Theres also the point system each player is assigned points from 1.0 to 4.5, depending on their mobility and the players on the court cannot add up to a sum higher than 15 at any given time. Allen said he thinks hell be able to learn a lot from other lower classication players like himself, including tips on his back-picking skills a move where opposition players are blocked in the back court and away from the play when Alberta is on the offensive. The Alberta team, comprised of Edmonton-area players with one lone Calgary-area player, is a very young team, Peers said. At this point, they can probably challenge the middle-range teams, though it will be a tall task to beat the top two or three. The age of the team 23 and under is a good thing in the sense that nine of the 12 athletes will be eligible for



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the next Canada Winter Games in four years, Peers pointed out. Kyle is one of those nine athletes that has another Canada Games ahead of him, so hes still pretty young and has some eligibility left, Peers said. Were hoping that he can use this as an opportunity to springboard past this into some bigger and better things. I dont think its out of the question that if he continues to grow in the game and continues to work at it that he could be knocking at the door and challenging to make the national team at some point. The wheelchair basketball games, freestyle skiing events and shooting sports events are all scheduled during the rst week of the games, from Feb. 11 to 18.

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