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I am someone who dreams/aims, prays, and trying hard to work for the betterment of our very own society, in other word, PEACE. Perhaps, you are doing the same too. But, how can it be, and when would the time that this dream would come into reality? When I know that most of our brothers spending their time in doing silly things as in NOTHING! As a sort of... I STILL BELIEVE......... ...that inner peace is found when I love the world as it is, when I know on how to be a friendly person, the one who knows on how to mingle with others, rather than to be a fault finder or faulting them for not living up life for what Im expecting them to live by. forgiveness and I should treat others as I want to be treated. I should accept others for whom and what they are. Look upon my fellow humans with a non-judgemental eye, or through an inward eye, as well as saying... Look on their positive sides not on the other side. NEGATIVE bringing a positive attitude toward life. Learning to accept the consequences of my actions. Trying not to lie, cheat, or steal. Instead, accept all of my limitations. ...that love conquers all. So its much stronger than fear and pride. I should learn on how to love and appreciate things around me even if sometimes they give me pain. ...that all I need in life is to tell whatever it is that I have inside, I just let it out and let it go, whatever the consequences of my action I just have to be brave enough to stand up for every fall. No one said that this life is easy but I should not make it a lot harder. Besides, life is too short. So I should do whatever my heart tells that is right. No pretensions... STOP THINKING, STOP WORRYING...the only one thing that I should keep in mind is that, I may not have the second chance so Im spell in life out to the fullest and embrace whatever its result. I want to uphold the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people, coz I have been stirred to my core that happiness is more important than pride. ...the way we treat others says a lot about us as a persona. ...that every child is a precious treasure. I affirm that young people deserved to be nurtured and protected. I believe that empowering young peoples to become active member of the world through the knowledge that they learn from their peers, and mentors. Young people like me will be able to improve the society we live in even though the world has a way of blowing rent less hurricane winds at our little flickering flame of faith that tries to defeat us, our strong determination and hopes are not empty vessels holding no truth.

I STAND FOR THIS, our dreams and prayers are rooted in something greater than their forces of death. Bitter winds are howling now, so let them howl. We can shelter each other against this hurricane through putting up our little flames together as one. This is what I have to say at this time of history. I stand here in the face of anguish of our time, and I firmly believe that it is possible to see it all, to gaze fully into the abyss of my dreams, and yet not become bitter and broken. There is so much pain in our times. I know that this is not that easy to be a person of conscience and feeling. It can be terribly hard today for us to stay in touch with our deep soul. It is seemed all but impossible to keep your love alive, but... I STAND FOR THIS, our despair of fury at the worlds brutalities are part of our awakening. Believing that there is something so called MYSTERY that takes place between us.... a great determination that bounds us to be as one in this world in surpassing all the barriers and reach out our goal in life as one.