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VMware Zimbra Fight Plan

1. DISCOVER: Utilize the following discovery questions to uncover opportunities:

Discovery Question What email products are you using today? Comments More than 75% of organizations are on older or legacy email systems such as: MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 Legacy: Novell Groupwise, IBM Lotus Notes UNIX email-only mail servers: Sendmail, Horde, Exim, Qmail Good targets are often friendly to open source technologies, though we also run on any VMware virtual environment. Good prospects often know they spend too much time and resources keeping email systems up, managing email infrastructure, provisioning users, restoring back-ups, etc. Good targets will have a variety of desktops and/or a desire to move to web-based applications (, SuccessFactors, etc). Zimbra provides email and calendar synch to a wide range of mobile devices to support the modern Enterprise. Zimlets enable a wide variety of applications such as, WebEx, Twitter and Facebook to be integrated with Zimbras email and collaboration solution Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network (ZCS) Standard Edition Very customizable (rebrand/integrate with other applications), reliable, low TCO and easily scales.     Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network (ZCS) Professional Edition Same functionality as ZCS Network Standard Edition and connectors for Outlook and Apple iSync     Cautionary Comments Using Exchange 2007/2010 suggests a large recent investment therefore use caution.

Do you run any Linux? How much time is spent managing email? Whats the mix of Mac, Windows and Unix Desktops? Are you moving to Web apps? Does the organization run a mix of mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, etc.? Would you like to integrate other applications with the email and collaboration solution?

Targets that standardized on Windows tend to only use Outlook clients and may have no desire for web applications. Zimbra can only support up to 350 users on one blackberry enterprise server so caution on targets with more users Heavy integration with SharePoint, which suggests a strong Microsoft bias.

2. ASSESS and PROPOSE: Qualifying Customers and Proposing the Right Solution based on customers needs
Product Features Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network (ZCS) Open Source Edition Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance (ZCA) Standard Edition Requires vSphere 4.0+ Max up to 1000 users Lowest TCO, easy-toinstall and maintain. Perfect for businesses with 1,000 or less employees          Not Available    Additional    Additional  Key Associated Capability

Mission Statement Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks & Sharing Files/Document Application Advanced search and indexing Clustering/High-Availability Zimbra Mobile (iPhone, Android etc.) Simplified Administration (Embedded O/S, task-based administration UI) Automatic Software and Security Updates Virtual Appliance Integration with vSphere Zimbra Mobile for Blackberry Zimlets* (integration with other apps) Re-branding Archiving & Discovery** (Additional Cost) Support Microsoft Outlook & Apple Clients

FREE Open Source version 

Not Available

Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Create docs/spreadsheets & Share Files Search emails and attachments High-Availability Support mobile devices No operating system to manage and simplified admin user interface Automatic software & security updates Fast deployment time, less than 10 mins High-availability and data recovery Support blackberry users - Max 250 users Integration with other applications Create a new look and feel Support Compliance and Auditing For Outlook Client and Apple iSync users who do not want to use Zimbra Desktop

* A variety of available Zimlets are available here ** Archiving and Discovery Zimbra Archiving and Discovery enables archiving and cross-mailbox search of emails and attachments to support SOX, HIPAA and corporate Governance compliance. Many legacy solutions require expensive hardware and are difficult to use, resulting in lower compliance levels and potential liability issues.

PERPETUAL First year support required Perpetual License Premium Support Perpetual License Premium Support


Optional Addon Archiving & Discovery Standard Edition ZCS-TRA-ZWC

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network (ZCS) Standard Edition SKU Term Mailboxes Price ZCSSE-25PK-LSSP-C 25 $1125 ZCSSE-250PK-LSSP-C 250 $8100 ZCSSE-25PK-PSUP-C 1 25 $225 ZCSSE-250PK-PSUP-C 1 250 $1620 ZCSSE-25PK-3PSUP-C 3 25 $574 ZCSSE-250PK-3PSUP-C 3 250 $4131 ZADSE-25PK-LSSP-C 25 $1125 ZADSE-250PK-LSSP-C 250 $8100 ZADSE-25PK-PSUP-C 1 25 $225 ZADSE-250PK-PSUP-C 1 250 $1620 ZADSE-25PK- 3PSUP-C 3 25 $574 ZADSE-250PK-3PSUP-C 3 250 $4131

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network (ZCS) Professional Edition SKU Term Mailboxes Price ZCSPE-25PK-LSSP-C 25 $1575 ZCSPE-250PK-LSSP-C 250 $12600 ZCSPE-25PK-PSUP-C 1 25 $315 ZCSPE-250PK-PSUP-C 1 250 $2520 ZCSPE-25PK-3PSUP-C 3 25 $803 ZCSPE-250PK-3PSUP-C 3 250 $6426 Use SKUS for Archiving and Discovery Standard Edition. Same SKUs and Prices.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance (ZCA) Standard Edition SKU Term Mailboxes Price ZCA-25PK-LSSP-C (25 mailboxes) $625 ZCA-25PK-PSUP-C (1 yr, 25 mailboxes) ZCA-25PK-3PSUP-C (3 yr, 25 mailboxes) CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR ZIMBRA APPLIANCE $125 $319

Remote Training Courses Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Web Client for Helpdesk Agents (Live Online) Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Messaging ZCS-TRA-MCH Clients for Helpdesk Agents (Live Online)

Training to support end-users of the Zimbra Web Client (ZWC) interface: Mailbox, Address Book, Calendar, Import & Export, Tags, Filters, Briefcase & Documents, Search, Zimlets, and Personalizing ZWC. Training to support the following messaging clients: Zimbra Connector for Outlook, IMAP/POP email clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.), Apple iCal & CalDAV, and Apple iPhone.

1 Company (up to 10 students) 3-hour Live Online course


3. COMPETE: Competitive Replies and Objections

Competitor Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Objection Zimbra does not have a scalable Blackberry Solution Zimbra Response Zimbra offers a BES connector that has been in the market for more than 3 years and can support up to 350 Blackberry users per server. Microsoft Exchange is also: 35%-50% higher for total cost of ownership (TCO) Costly & complex to scale up Does not support Mac or Linux desktop users well, only offers native sync with Outlook on PCs and Entourage on Mac and has preferred browser and O/S support Cannot easily integrate easily with 3rd party products and limited support of open standards Zimbra matches all the major features of Exchange calendaring, and also offers all the calendaring and delegation functionality from the webclient as well as from Zimbra Desktop whereas, Outlook Web Access has limited Outlook-client functionality. Zimbras Outlook Connector supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and with ZCS 6.0 supports Outlook 2010 but Outlook users also have the option to use the rich Zimbra Web-Client/Zimbra Desktop. Users will not be frustrated with a different experience when using the Zimbra web-client versus the Zimbra Desktop. Users will also not run into Outlook issues such as storing emails in .pst files that get corrupted and are no longer available or having stability issues with multiple Outlook plug-ins. Zimbra is a very low TCO whereas Google is : SaaS-only service and users have no control over the data and limited control over the security Does not have several enterprise class features such as a full-fledged offline client, user folders, full Outlook support, etc. Does not have a mash-up framework for customers and partners to integrate with other applications Multiple instances of outages for several hours administrators and users have no control or ability to mitigate this issue Limited support for customers (no visibility to who the support team is) and partners (who have to rely on anonymous forums for support) Zimbra offers more than email it is a rich email and collaboration solution including Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and File Sharing etc., and Zimlets enable integration of Zimbra with other applications Zimbra also offers a Linux based email and collaboration solution Zimbra has a large and mature open-source community

Zimbras group calendaring capabilities do not match Exchanges Well lose key Outlook features by switching to Zimbra Google Google is less expensive or even free

SendMail, Horde, Exim, Qmail etc.

Free and UNIX-based


Zimbra Appliance Datasheet: Zimbra Collaboration Suite Datasheet: Virtualizing Zimbra Collaboration Suite on vSphere: Total cost of Ownership Case Study: