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Narberth Civic Association November Board Meeting 1/11/12, 7:00 p.m.

Board members present: President Andy Haakenson, Vice President Deborah Lonsdorf, Treasurer Christine Jackson, Secretary Lisa Dribin, Jim Speer, Georgette Du Bois, Gigi TevlinMoffat. NCA Call to Order Reports: Treasurers Report: Savings Account Balance, as of January 11, 2012: $1000.85 Checking Account Balance, as of January 11, 2012: $1,108.27 Income: Donation: Narbrook Park Improvement Association $50.00 Deposit (12/22/2011)? $410.00 (Bank error; to be fixed.) Expenses: Withdrawal (12/22/2011)? $700.00 (Bank error; to be fixed.) Treasurers Report approved. Presidents Report: Ed Ridgeway was very appreciative of the Civic running the information booth at the Dickens Festival. Education Committee Report: Nothing to report. Old Business: Nothing to report. New Business: Georgette Du Bois is beginning organizational work on NarbEarth Day on April 21, 2012. She would like to keep the Board posted via email about organizational needs as they arise. A rain date will be April 28, 2012. Discussion of food vendors for NarbEarth Day: -Narberth Caf did hoagies, hotdogs. -A caterer had veggie burgers, etc. that were very popular. We would like to have food options. -The Civic would like to have a portion of the profits from food sold. -Georgette is going to see how to ensure that JacknJill trucks do not drive through on NarbEarth Day. -Jim Speer will speak to the person who made the t-shirts last year. -One idea is to use all biodegradable materials for food service, etc. Deborah reports that she and Jim met to discuss changes to the Civics website, particularly the home page, so that it is more user-friendly and Civic business is more obvious to people visiting the site. They are working out kinks with PayPal. One idea is to develop committees and have them on the home page so that members can see options for involvement in Civic events. Examples could be a membership committee, a NarbEarth Day committee, an external affairs committee, a social committee, a finance committee, and so on. It would be nice to have a new members reception as well. Progress report from the Narberth Borough Planning Commission given by Jim Cornwell: 1

-The commission has succeeded in getting the Borough Council to agree to rewrite the Narberth zoning code. -The Council has hired a professional planner through the Montgomery County Planning Commission to work with the Borough on rewriting the code. -This effort will go on for a couple of years. The first meeting will be on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 7:00pm.. This is an open meeting. Thereafter, meetings will revert to the first Monday of every month. -The Narberth Civic Association could be helpful in getting information out to the town about the process. Meeting adjourned.

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