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Carson Newman Notes (04105 Mar 05):

Bill Kramer (Naples, FL) FL High School Coach of the Year, State. Champs, etc

Offense: Split BackVeer

"Football is a tool to motivate young men commitments and tofirlfill them. "

to be on time, work hard, to make

Players and coaches cannot control who will win afootballgame. Things a player and coach CAN control:

Effort: how hard you go in the classroom and on the practice field. Tempo: how often do you go hard? Mentality: Optimism -think positive, be positive, show high energy. Attitude: do you have the "attitude of gratitude"?


We will win with Defense We will run the Option We will throw the 3 step game (hand signalslcheck with me)


RuniPass 60140; +I turnovers = 65% chance of winning; +3 turnovers = 80% chance apply the opposite + make you turnovers ZERO -- Never, ever turn over the football.

Strength: "Create Human Bullets" Power Cleans (off floor) Parallel Squats (done precisely) Medicine Ball Form Running Plyometrics

How We Win:

1. I am NOT the center of the Universe


2. Defense, Defense, Defense

3. Special Teams mst be special

4. We will have a great offense

5. We practice tackling EVERY DAY (practice clock only starts wlpops)

6. It all starts in the weight room

7. Every player can be a good student (prepared and on time; study table @ lunch is

used or eke

or quit))

8. We must provide academic support

9. My Principal mus commit to win 10. The Head coach must raise funds

I I. We must all be on the exact same page

Formations - Alignments

Split backs; RightILeft, RipILiz, RipILiz covering unbalanced OT (Heavy Set)


C-G - 2.5' G-T - 4 to 6'



ISVIOSV is the same call ( gives "down" TE call to lock OSV) must see mostly 4-fronts

if dive read does anything other than attack the dive back, give it be aggressive w/HBs in 3 step protection; it really pulls-up the LBs and opens up the hitches we make a living on hitches, bubble routes (Black) "trades" the TE a lot (shifts) throws the "Black" any time the inside rec ispossibly open runs Speed Option to the weak side in that unbalanced set if "D" is stemming - go on 1" sound, call on line, etc. midline to 1 tec = auto QB pull offside HB on midline leads for QB

"C" call on Speed Option - HBs. Tighten stance (Carson Newman also flashes pads wlo false step)

flash pads, no false step

Below, Right 2 17 "Trail"; Z fade TE Trails

. throw over the top into the hole.

8 1

Unbalanced Heavy Set:

Coach Mike Turner, CN Offensive Coordinator

V Topics during Q/A session:

emphasized pick-up steps for all 0-linemen (6" zone steps @ 45 degrees) ISV to the 3 tech 3 don't always need to call "deuce" block between the psG and psT, G takes inside shoulder and puts it across the outside thigh pad of the 3 tech. mirror routes = mirror protection; aggressive with all blocks inc. HBs

instead of classic turn-back technique, CN has adapted it to fit more with their play action: S.J.H. = Step, Jab, & Hinge - gain control of shoulder, go upfield at

that pad before you

midline -just like we run wlfold psOT and psTE

thru QB lane instead of "wasting" him

turn . "whip that other guy's tail before you turn back."

. they now bring the osHB

Sprint out Protection:


Play Action Protections


fir ts///l;w~*n,'~rw-+cp~/ar"YY c UVCI*~ /



06 .*u

p it6P


Travis Noland, Tuscola H.S. ,NC (Jonathan Crompton )

Developing the QB:

QB Qualities:

1) Tough



a) handles adversity well

b) not an excuse-maker

c) can play with pain

Intuitive (Football Smart)

a) can make calculated risks (confident)

b) knows when to take risks

c) has a "feel" for what's going around them


a) committed to be the best he can be

b) judgment over-rides emotion, calm & cool under pressure

c) performs tasks with enthusiasm

4) Leadership

a) has character; isn't a character

b) has earned right to challenge teammates; has paid a higher price to prepare for his position

c) team success more important than individual accomplishments

L.O.V.E. Concept for Coaching Listen

listen to their dreams and hopes listen to their daily needs listen to their inner emotions (what's behind those eyes during those time outs)


Don't be afraid to share your hopes and fears with your players no one-way communication; you get out of your relationships what you put into them

a coach doesn't always have to be right

. just 99% of the time


every boy you coach is someone's son know your players want to please you don't belittle playerslstaff for personal gain


make sure they know they can count on you (not just at your convenience)

show them daily that they are important to you don't be afraid to tell them you love 'em

CurlIFlat Route is next


Shovel Series (OSV from the Gun?) safe, high percentage pass