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Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited Change Management Case Analysis Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited, family owned and

d managed firm which had been led by entrepreneurial chief executive officer who wanted to take less active role in business, which contributed to organizational and strategic issues which would need to be addressed by new president. There is discussion and analysis of industry analysis of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited. The economics behind business strategy in evaluating Michael Porter's five forces model and its relevant analysis thereunto, the relevant tenets imperative to understanding Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited and its operations. The analyzing of strategy position upon dealing SWOT and five forces by Porter, Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited have substantial process oriented initiative to manufacturing and logistics strategy and able to capture the strategic potential of highly dynamic Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited. Strategic decision and implementation process The effective strategy implementation at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited is predicated on the assumption that functional areas within the firm have basic understanding of the strategy. Termed strategic consensus, concept refer to extent to which Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited perception converge on shared understanding of strategic priorities. The Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited performance implication of communication and reaffirm the important roles that frequent communication and shared understanding play in implementation process. Specifically, strengths and opportunities are frequent, strategic consensus at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited is enhanced and strategic performance improve as well as growth in net revenues. Victoria Heavy Equipment

Limited is rewarded with higher levels of marketing forces and strategic performance. There evaluate implementation of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited strategic decision each in respective formation. Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited experiencing high success in operational stature on implementation index of business success, there were perspectives of strategic decision-making and outcomes at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited as advanced in nature of having external control and strategic choice models for Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited. There was effective strategic acquisition decision at Victoria Heavy Equipment, industry and executive characteristics produced strategic decision models vary by industry and executive characteristics of the overall business. SWOT analysis The report provide insight into Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited and its analysis domain in SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces with emphasis on its external environment analysis and Honda's analysis of strategic competence and strategic assumptions with awareness to marketing tools. Strengths Operating in a global environment around the globe Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited operate well in countries as Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited performance is highly influenced by the political and legislative conditions of countries like in Europe. For Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited legislation, the government encourages providing mix of job opportunities from flexible paid jobs to highly skilled, higher paid jobs (Balchin, 2004). Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited understand that business has great impact on jobs and people factors being in and labor intensive sector and employs large number

of workers offering high level of loyalty and therefore represents desirable employees. Economic factors are of concern to Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited because they are likely to influence demand, costs, prices and profits. Weaknesses One of the influential factors on the economy is high unemployment levels, which decreases the effective demand for many goods, adversely affecting the demand required to produce such goods. These economic factors are largely outside the control of the company, but their effects on performance and the marketing mix can be profound, expected to contribute greater amounts to Honda's profits over the next few years. Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited are affected by any slowdown in construction market and be exposed to market concentration risks. Some government legislation and policies have impact on performance of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited, such as demanding payments from suppliers and changing agreed prices retrospectively or without notice (Mintel Report, 2004). The presence of powerful competitors with established brands create threat of intense price wars and strong requirements for product differentiation. The government's policies for monopoly controls and reduction of buyers' power can limit entry to the sector with license requirement and limitations to raw materials at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited (Mintel Report, 2004; Myers, 2004). Opportunities Several trends indicate that Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited have moved toward variety of social changes. Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited increased the amount of car manufactured items available. Demographic changes such as selling population, to

focus on added value products and services and focus is one key to the business, supply chain and operational improvement at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited (Data monitor Report, 2003). The type of goods and services demanded by consumers is the function of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited social conditioning as well as consequent attitude and beliefs as Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited is aware of business issues that are always changing. Technology at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited is macro oriented environment variable which has influenced the development of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited products and services quality. The innovative technologies benefit Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited, wherein satisfaction rises, Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited services can become personalized and convenient along with efficient consumer response initiative providing shift as apparent to Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited management (Data monitor Report, 2003). The adoption of electronic scanners has greatly improved the efficiency of distribution of Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited activities, being communicated in real time by Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited team (Finch, 2004). Threats During the year 2003, there has been pressure on Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited and managers to acknowledge full responsibility to society, and act in ways as to which Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited benefits in the society are known. The societal issue threatening Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited has been environmental issues, key area to act in social manner, by recognizing broad ethical standing. Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited social responsibility is concerned with ways in which there exceed to obligation of stakeholders specified through regulation and corporate governance

(Johnson and Scholes, 2003). Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited can launch innovative business strategy for sustainable consumption and production to cut down certain wastes, reduce consumption of resources and minimize environment problems. Porter's Five Forces

Threat of New Entrants Nowadays, there possess strong barrier for Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited who desire to enter innovative market. For instance, it become rather difficult for Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited to raise sufficient capital because of large fixed costs and highly developed supply chains. Thus, evident in investments done by Victoria Heavy Equipment chains, in advanced technology for checkouts and stock control systems that impact Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited. The other barriers include economies of scale and differentiation provision of products or services with perceived value than the competition, promotional activity and better distribution. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Power of suppliers that can be influenced by Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited chain and fear of losing business to other markets in negotiating better promotional prices from suppliers (Ritz, 2005). Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited suppliers are also threatened by the growing ability of large retailers to source their products from abroad at cheaper deals. The relationship with sellers can have similar effects in constraining the strategic freedom of the company and in influencing its margins. The forces of

competitive rivalry have reduced the profit margins for supermarket chains and suppliers. Bargaining Power of Customers Porter theorized that the more products that become standardized or undifferentiated, the lower the switching cost, and hence, more power is yielded to buyers (Porter, 1980). In meeting customer needs, Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited customizing service, ensure low prices, better choices, and constant flow of car product promotions enable Honda to control and retain effective customer base. Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited has become aware of issues surrounding fairer trade and the influence top management. Threat of Substitutes General substitution is able to reduce demand for particular product, as there is threat of consumers switching to the alternatives (Porter, 1980). Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited were seen in the form of heavy equipment products or substitute of need and is further weakened by new trends emerging in Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited industry, acquiring scale operations and strategic business (Ritz, 2005). Bargaining Power of Competitors Purchasing power at Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited has been concentrated in the hands of buyers. Operating in mature Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited market where growth is difficult and Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited is demanding and sophisticated, there can accrue large amount of information used to communicate with Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited management (Ritz, 2005). The market has fostered

acceleration level of development, resulting situation in which Victoria Heavy Equipment Limited had to be innovative. The innovation can be within service development format, in response to changes in Honda Motors customer behavior. The dominant market leaders at Honda have responded by refocusing on price and value, whilst reinforcing the added value elements of their service.

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Ritz (2005) Store wars, Business Review, Vol. 11, April, pp.22-23; Apple, premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information technology and Internet infrastructures and are by far the most renowned name in the computer industry for customers worldwide. In the computer industry, technology continues to be smaller and faster (Draft, 1999; Wilson, 1994). The strategic environment of rivals have consisted such imperative business conditions that affecting strategic performance. An analysis of external environment allow Apple computers to identify key conditions that are beyond its direct control and those elements on which it can have an effect and help Apple computers identify the opportunities and threats in Apple computer business (Hicks and Gulliet, 1998). Apple computers strengths involve internal resources and capabilities that have the potential to be core competencies (Fahey and Narayan, 1986; Hicks and Gulliet, 1998). Apple strategic model enable Apple computers to develop a thorough understanding of customer expectations which strengthens customer relationships and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Analysis The business marketplace is for the most part made up of mature markets and with maturity comes sophistication that marketing communication is an evolutionary process and must satisfy the ever-increasing demands and emphasis placed on it as the single surviving, sustainable, competitive edge in the marketing environment (Caywood, Schultz and Wang, 1991; Kotler and Armstrong, 2001). Apple computers competencies can be about cost and strategic drive into the market has potential growth in overseas markets as the industry is still in growth phase and the entering of the new product markets. Apple computers competitive forces are about direct concept which helped them to reach average returns and remains in business today. Marketing environment allow Apple computers to identify key conditions that are beyond its direct control and those elements on which it can have an effect and help Apple identify the opportunities and threats in the business (Hicks and Gulliet, 1998; Needle, 1999), Apple computers is expected that their strategic success would be forever and will be implementing such models and believed that IT will be expected to play a vital role in the success of Apple

business as well as the centerpiece of its marketing standing. Apple computers comprise new development in the unfolding current business situations within the competitive aspect. Apple computers will have to encourage the proper adaptation of possible solutions that involves certain stagnation of the strategic development of the overall business transaction as well as the consideration of ways in deciding for such changes in the external and internal environment as it serves as the main structure in maintaining business growth and stability encompassing issues and concerns brought about by the reality of organization competition involving the center for business implementation. Marketing mix Product Apple Company has designed a range of products and services to meet the needs of education customers. These products and services include the iMac and the MacBook, video creation and editing solutions, wireless networking, professional development solutions and learning solutions. Although Apple provides documented interfaces for hardware accessories, developers have no supported way to add features to the software and although the iPod supports the mainstream MP3 and AAC formats, the iPod does not support other proprietary formats like windows media and real audio; Apple refuses to license into other online music vendors. Pricing Price competition in the market for personal computers and related peripherals has been particularly intense as competitors who sell Windows and Linux based personal computers have aggressively cut prices and lowered their product margins for personal computing products. The strategy is to focus on Apple computers main area of expertise as the company has plenty of competition in international marketing and in product introduction expertise, but nobody can down the company as it stay focused on introducing high-tech product into better services for the global markets. Apple tactic is to keep those realistic in terms of the quality of products offered as well as stable based

marketing and the use of innovative technologies in global communications like for instance the web technologies. Apple's ability to compete successfully and maintain attractive gross margins and revenue growth is heavily dependent upon its ability to ensure a continuing and timely flow of innovative and competitive products and technologies to the marketplace. Distribution The Company distributes its products through wholesalers, resellers, national and regional retailers, and cataloguers, many of whom distribute products from competing manufacturers. In addition, there sells many of Apple products and resell third party products in most of its major markets directly to end-users, certain education customers, and certain resellers through its online stores around the world and its retail stores. Apple believes providing direct contact with its targeted customers is an efficient way to demonstrate the advantages of its Macintosh computer and other products over those of its competitors. Process Strategy is focus Apple strategy involves focusing on specific area of expertise in which the company is strong a group as in any company anywhere in the world as experts in the introduction of technology products, especially through channels of distribution. The company will then focus on geographical markets; the United States, Europe and Latin America and in limited product segments, telecommunication and technology integration products. Apple continues to develop new products and technologies and to enhance existing products in the areas of hardware and peripherals, consumer electronic products, system software, applications software, networking and communications software and solutions and the Internet (Caywood, Schultz and Wang, 1991). The strategic models had influence Apple computers strategic segments to be on the target and has moved Apple computers into the greater heights of operations and position in the competitive market. For instance, strategic management consultant

commenting on the organizational change process choosing Apple as the focal point for discussion and analysis for this presentation, my role to the organization is to have clear emphasis dealing to the external and internal change drivers and other essential points needed for the realization of purpose for this report presentation for the senior management of Apple computers in providing factual information that will be able better spontaneity of understanding of such organizational state needed for selection and the application of the appropriate management models as well as concepts.

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Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, the case study focuses on an Offices Products Company that was facing liquidity issues. Founded in 1998, the company designs, builds, and distributes office products as well as contract manufactured components and systems throughout North America. Working with large office product commercial and retail outlets, the company had revenues of $65 million in 2007 and operates two locations in one Midwestern State and a corporate headquarters that is located in another State. The companys manufacturing and distribution facilities were not meeting expectations and the primary lender had become increasingly concerned with the liquidity of the company. A team of Madison Street Capitals Operational and Financial Restructuring experts assessed the situation and over a 6 month period worked with the company to achieve its strategic goals. This particular company was not meeting their goals and needed help. This is an all too common situation, liquidity issues concern lenders, bottom line, said Chuck Mouranie, Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. We were able to catch this issue before it overwhelmed our clients resources and compromised their relationship with their lender. That relationship was crucial to their recovery and growth. Having assisted thousands of companies under the leadership of Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital has established itself as a leading provider of corporate restructuring solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Madison Street Capitals Capital Restructuring services assist clients seeking to enhance liquidity, lower the cost of capital, reduce risk, avoid loss of control, and improve shareholder value in a time efficient process.