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Statement showing the Lum sum provision of fund allocated under the head educational tour 201112 for

the department of faculty of Engineering and Technology for the students of B.Tech as well as M.Tech Students according to the approved rates and guidelines of the AC

S.No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Total

Name of Department Electrical Engineering Department Mechanical Engineering Department Civil Engineering Department Chemical Engineering Department Electronics Engineering Department Petroleum Studies Architecture Computer Engineering Department

Sanctioned Provision under the head of Educational tour Rs 85,000 Rs 1,10,000 Rs 93,000 Rs 39,000 Rs 39,000 Rs 28,000 Rs 85,000 Rs 36,000 Rs 1,15,000

Finance and Accounts Department, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Ref No. D-87 / Bt. Director Academic Programs, All Deans of Faculties, Chairmen of Department of Studies, Principals of Colleges, Registrar/Controller of Examinations and Admission Asst. Controller (Academic) Asst. Finance Officers (Bills/Advances/Students Section) Secretary to VC AMU Aligarh, On the recommendations of consultative committee appointed by the academic council for framing the guidelines for arranging various types of educational/excursion tours of students, the Vice Chancellor has approved the following norms for the educational /excursion tour of the students under section 19 (3) of the AMU Act. A. Excursion Tours: A. 1. MA / MSc / M.Com Rs 150 /- per student including TA/DA both Final year students of ways for 500 kms for a maximum period of 5 faculties of Arts, social days subject to the actual number of sciences ( except library students proceeding on tour. science), commerce, life The students admitted in the first year may sciences (except centre of be required to pay a fee of Rs 25/- per wild life and ornithology), student at the time of admission for tour science (except which will be charged under category A department of geography and geology). B. Tours of professional courses 1. Faculties of Engg. and Rs 225/- per student for a tour of more than Tech., law, Unani medicine thousand kms subject to actual number of and medicine (Final year students proceeding on tour. students). The students admitted in first year will be required to pay a sum of Rs 100/- as tour for which will be charged under category A In case tour is arranged within a distance of Dated : 24.04.1993

500 kms the rate will be Rs 150/- per students including TA/DA both ways C. Field trips which form part The expenditure will be based on the usual of syllabi on which marks are TA/DA as per rules for the duration of the allotted and the tours are tour in respect of the following courses compulsory. I. M.Sc. I and II year (geology) II. B.Sc. III year (geology) III. Diploma in Geo-Hydrology IV. M.A., M.Sc. I and II year V. M.Sc. I and II year (wild life and ornithology) VI. B.L. and I.Sc. and M.L. and I.Sc. (Library Science) The students will be charged Rs 100/- per student at the time of admission under category A. D. Womens College The final year students of Rs 150/- per student including TA/DA both B.A. and B.Sc. may be sent ways for 500 kms for a maximum period of 5 on tours days subject to the actual number of students proceeding on tours. They will be charged Rs 25/- per student at the time of admission for tours. The Vice Chancellor also approved the recommendations of the committee as under: 1. No student may be allowed to go on tour this year (1992-93 session) except where the tour is part of the syllabi to avoid tutional loss. 2. The payment will be restricted to the actual number of the students going on tours, who have pursued regular course of study throughout the session. 3. The tours in respect of B.Sc. Engg III year and Dip. Engg. III year students of all branches be made compulsory from this academic session and necessary action in this direction with regard to amending rules etc. may be taken by the dean. 4. A sum of Re 1/- being charged at present from students of faculty of Engg. and Tech. Polytechnic may continue to be charged as hither to fore. 5. In case the girls who go on tours, one lady teacher will also accompany the students. 6. The number of teachers to go along with the educational tour will be one teacher for 30 students. 7. Tours of undergraduate courses of any classes except womens college will not be arranged.

D.No. 1012/Bt.

Finance and Accounts Department Budget Section AMU Aligarh DATED : 30.10.2000 Office Memo

The Vice Chancellor has been pleased to approve the enhancement in the rates of educational tours by Rs 150/- per student to all categories of various educational tour as laid down in the office memo no. 87/Bt dated 24.04.1993. The additional provision of funds under educational tour will be met out of provision made in the revised estimates 2000-01. All other conditions will remain unchanged as given in the aforesaid circular. The Vice Chancellor has further ordered that the tour program should have relevance to the field of study. Copy to : 1.All Deans of Faculties 2.All chairmen of Departments 3.Registrar 4.Controller of exam and admission 5.Dean Students Welfare 6.Principals of all colleges 7.Asst Registrar (Academic) 8.Asst. Finance Officer (Bills/Students) 9.Asst. Finance Officer (Advance) 10. Secretary to the Vice Chancellor

Office of the Registrar Academic Section AMU, Aligarh Dated : 24.03.2005 Office Memo Despite the clear guidelines arranging various types of educational/excursion tours of students as notified wide no D-87/Bt dated 24.04.1993, it has been noted that such tours are organized for distant places and the norms are not being observed into . As a result the university has to bear a heavy financial burden during those days of financial stringency. Taken into account the whole situation, the Vice Chancellor has passed the following orders which may kindly strictly be adhered to: 1. Educational/excursion tours be arranged within the budgetary allocation. No additional funds will be provided in case the tour expenditure exceeds from the allocation. 2. In general, only one teacher and one group D employees will be allowed to accompany the tour of 30 students. One lady teacher shall also accompany the tour if it includes girl studens. 3. Number of group D employees will not exceed to under any circumstances if the students proceeding on tour are above 30, and 4. No technical/clerical staff will be allowed to accompany the tour. The said orders shall be enforced with immediate effect. Afzal Ahmad Asst. Registrar (Academic) Ref No. Acad/D-2037/MR dated 24.03.2005 Copy to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. All deans of faculties/DSW All chairmen Department of Studies All principal of college/polytechnic/schools All directors of institutes/ centres/unit All deputy registrars/all asst. Registrars All Deputy Controllers/ Asst.Controllers All Deputy Finance Officers/Asst Finance Officers PA to Vice Chancellors/Registrar/Finance Officer File Academic Section Asst Registrar (Academic)