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Posted by: "Varun" varun_trvd@yahoo.co.in varun_trvd

Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:44 am (PST)

Dear Kulbir bhai, Long time back I had answered a similar query. I am posting my answer below: It is a cusp [sandhi] between the home and the outside world. When you cross the threshold, you cross over to the other dimension both literally and figuratively. Therefore the threshold being a common point between two realities [home and the outside world] by its nature has to be represented by a combination of two planets. According to the Lal Kitab a threshold is signified by Neech Rahu [Rahu in 9th] A malefic Rahu is made up of the Sun + Saturn. The Sun is the door and the Saturn is the house. Or it might also signify crossing over the threshold from the house [Saturn] into the outside world bright with the Sun; the point where the house [Saturn] and the door [sun] meets is the threshold = malefic Rahu = Saturn + Sun. Therefore the upaya of placing a silver strip under the threshold, from one end to the other, keeps the Rahu cool. It also helps in keeping away evil spells on the house. Have a nice day, Varun Trivedi DARVAZA

Posted by: "kulbirsingh bains" kulbirsinghbains@gmail.com navabbains

Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:34 am (PST)

Dear Varun ji, today at Sujanpur - Himachal Pradesh i picked up a copy of local daily Dainik Bhaskar which had a note - author - unknown/unmentioned = ? . . . "EVENT BOUNDARY" . . What planet / house denotes Darvaza? Thanks -Thanks and Regards Kulbir Singh Bains. Re: Boy who won 5 Crore in KBC

Posted by: "Suresh Babu.A.G" sureshbabuag@yahoo.com sureshbabuag

Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:52 am (PST)

Dear Santhosh, An Interesting chart and thank you for presenting this for study. You have well narrated the raja yogas in the chart. Caveate: normally one looks for exalted planets. This is one of those charts that is normal but catapult the person at some point in life from rag to riches. We can see the relation with that person from simple and direct indications on the chart. As you stated the parivarthana between the labhadhipathy and the bhagyadhipathy along with bhagya karmadhipathy yoga is very much important shows wealth. But then a few questions shall arise naturally. Is this person born a rich person? Which invariably means his father or ancestors should be rich. This is what the debilation of the 9th lord shows. Both the sthanadhipathy (bhagya) as well as its karaka is Sun and it is debilated. Further labha sthana is a chara rasi and from the many discussions that we had before with regard to the indications of moles / ulcers etc right from birth, the chara rasi indicates the gains in later life (after birth). However the most important is the association of lagna lord with the karya lord in terms of kendra trikona stithy, parivarthana, varga positions etc etc. Unless a lagna is associated with the karya lord (dhana & labha etc) how can that person obtain what that griha gives? by way of yoga etc. here you can see the Jupiter and Saturn in the kendra, A yoga of Lagna lord (also dhana karaka) and dhana sthanadhipathy in the kendra of Both lagna and chandra. This fullfills the sambandha between the lagna lord and karyesha / karaka. We had discussed this important aspect some time back. This is important since on the same there will be many who were born in India, and yet only had the chance to participate (though they might be participating by following the program) and win the competition. So that makes this person unique - one among the many. Though this winning is termed as jackpot as in luck, it is not entirely true. This is more like a game to wits (education, hardwork) and true some amount of luck (bhagya) is also involved. How much money he would actually got though the sum of 5 crore was anounced? Commonsense points to a 20% cut as gift tax (if I remember correctly). So a clean reduction of 1 crore. So he might have got only 4 crore. Can we get some idea on this from the chart? Let us see. Saturn is the dhana lord with navamsa in mesha. This is the 4th amsa. Which means 3 complete amsa and the 4th is only a part.

If we divide the declared amount of 5 crore by the 9 amsas we get approx 5555555.556 for each amsa.So the 3 amsa shows 16666666.67. The navamsa is in the sign of Mars. The number related with Mars is 2 (ekam dve navavimshati...). multiplying this with 2 we get 33333333.33 add to this the balance in 4th amsa we should be getting approx 3.5 crores. So we can safely say he should have got between 3.25 and 3.50 crores . There are many ways to compute this. I just illustrated one of the method. His aptitute for IAs is also very evident for the Jupiter+Saturn in the karma sthana. Further the observation of santhosh regarding the future of this wealth also seems to have some weighteage. May god bless him. A.G.Suresh Babu Shenoy ________________________________ From: Santhosh Panicker <santhosh10@yahoo.com> To: "kerala_vedic_astrology@yahoogroups.com" <kerala_vedic_astrology@yahoogroups.com> Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 12:00 AM Subject: [KeralaVedicAstrology] Boy who won 5 Crore in KBC

Dear All, Below is a mail to me from a friend..the data can be trusted. It is about the boy who won Rs 5Crore in kaun Banega Crorepati. -------------------------------------------------------------- Forwarded Message ----From: To: santhosh10@yahoo.com Sent: Sunday, 20 November 2011 3:49 PM Subject: astro case study This boys name is sushil kimar from a village in bihar called motihari. From a poor family earning six thousand per month as computer operator. On october 25th he won 5 crores in Kaun banega corepathi which was aired on the 1st november He has become famous all over india thanks to the media. His DOB 22nd october 1980 11:29 am Motihari. This information is correct because i spoke to his father who has furnished me this details. My friend Arbind is his neighbor Hope it could be an interesting case study and also please post it in the AIA forum so that it could be useful to others also. I have not posted it myself because i will not be able to participate in the discussion since i am out of touch. Regards xxx __________________________________________________________

I have attempted to decipher the chart below:one striking point is kemadruma yoga in the chart. it has been argued by many that KY makes a person poor. it has been counter argued by learned persons that such poverty will be felt only during the dasa/chidra of moon only and not throughout life. further knowledgeable persons have proposed that jupiter's aspect can bring about a huge favourable difference, as proved in the case of this chart. Rajayoga of a high order with 9th and 10th lord in 11th house is seen in this chart. dasa period is of venus which is in bhagyastana. venus is hidden in 12th in navamsa ( i consider only bhavas from rashi chart and not navamsa chart). venus getting hidden in 12th bhava is considered to be extremely good for begetting wealth. Gajakesari yoga in strength with moon and jupiter in mutual aspect and both in kendra to lagna. Gy is in sukha stana and karma stana. The chart almost has a kalpadruma yoga but not 100%. this can only mean that this rise in life may not be permanent and this fame is for a limited period. Parivartna yoga between the 9th and 11th lords. this involves venus the dasa lord. If we look at the transits during 25th Oct dasa lord Venus was 8th from moon and 11th from lagna- both favourable. it is even more favourable if such transit is in own sign. venus was in thula rashi, house of gains. as per chapter 20 verse 34, of phaladeepika, transit from lagna is also to be seen. Sun was transiting in favourable 11th from lagna in thula and the natal sign of sun. Mercury was transiting favourable 8th from moon and favourable 11th from lagna as well as its own natal rashi. Infact the raja yoga planets sun, venus and mercury was conjoined in the 11th house of gains . ...this seems very important. Saturn was transiting a neutral 7th from moon and 10th from lagna in kanya which is its natal sign and a friendly sign...here kandakasani doesnt seem to have created any problem, proving that kandakasani is more to do with health than wealth. Moon was transiting favourable 7th from natal moon and favourable 10th from lagna Dhana karaka jupiter was transiting in favourable 2nd from moon and favourable 5th from lagna. jupiter was in trikona to lagna as well as in a friendly sign. Mars was transiting in unfavourable 5th from moon which is also neechastana. in addition bhagyastanadipathi sun also was neecha. Somehow this neecha in transit doesnt seem to have played a role and the other planets such as dhana and aaya stanadhipathis carried the day. He did seem to have had a favourable day on the 25th of october without much effort :-) I would love to see how Suresh ji deciphers this chart. Regards Santhosh

Humility : we understand that we still had limitation, we are with ourself our situation as -

Sheevani Gill Recently a friend approached me in deep distress as his father has suffered a massive heart attack. The son is in Europe for his studies and was unable to travel to Chennai. The doctors had said that the father needed a triple bypass heart surgery , but no dates were given for the operation. Questions: 1. Will the father have the surgery ? 2. Will the surgery be successful? 3. Any immediate threat to his life e.g. he may get another heart attack while waiting for surgery etc. ... Birth details of father 18th Oct 1954, 21:45hrs, gopichettipalayam, tamil nadu.. Lagna and moonsign mithun, VMD of venus-rahu, with natal venus in 6H sco, and rahu in 7H sag.. I approached Shri Shankar Hedge ji, partly as I didnt have access to my astrological software and mostly because this was a very critical situation, hence I had faith in Hedge jis expertise in predictions. Below is his predictions: Sheevani ji, Venus is in 6th house & fatal degree or mrityu bhaga. Rahu in 7th for a dual sign is negative. Transit Jupi & Sat influencing 11th house which is8th from 4th (heart). More over they are influencing radical Sun the significator of heart. But there is no connection of 64th Navamsha, 22nd dreshkona & 85th Dwadashamsha to dasa & antara-pratyantara lords. Only dasa lord Rahu is aspected by Sat the 22nd D-3 lord & 85th D-12 lord. In chara it is Virgo-Gemini...etc... so operation is certain with good outcome. with best wishes.... Feedback from son,, His father has had his surgery on 28th November 2011 (Monday) and is doing well. Surgery was successful. Perhaps this maybe of interest to the group hence I am posting it. I would also like to thank Shri Shankar Hedge ji wholeheartedly, for his quick response , compassion and accurate prediction. Sheevani


Marriage life case Female Date: February 14, 1975 Time: 12:56:00 [ rectified time, original is 13.00] Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 74 E 38' 00", 26 N 27' 00" Ajmer, India For BTR. 1) Death of mother 3 oct 1988. 2) elder sister : 30th jan 1971 , No brother. 3) Graduate in M.com. 4) only son. 5) What happened in first six month of 2009. ? Query about marriage and here is multiple choices. 1) Troubled marriage life hence divorced. 2) Conjunal life was good but health problems. 3) Death of husband. 4)