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Curriculum Vitae

Asif Belal Usmani

Email:asifusmani19@gmail.com Mob no:- +91542140090


Exam Diploma in Embedded System B.TECH INTERMEDIATE High School

Institute/College/School CDAC,PUNE K.I.E.T Ghaziabad Christ Church Inter College Christ Church Inter College

University/Board CDAC U.P.T.U U.P.BOARD U.P.BOARD

Year 2008 2007 2000 1998

Result Grade-A 74 % 64 % 68 %

SOFTWARE ORIENTATION Programming Languages : Embedded C, basics of ARM, Assembly Language, AVR microcontrollers,89C51. Software Knowledge : AVR STUDIO, GCC, Win ARM. Operating System : Windows 7, XP, Linux. Protocol : RS-232, I2C , CAN BUS.

PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN IN CDAC 11)Title 1) Title:- Device Driver for Stepper Motor Role: Designer Project Experience:- 3 months Objective:-In this project I have tried to implement driver for stepper

motor by connecting parallel port of the computer to the stepper motor through ULN-2003.

2) Title:- Pseudo Char Device Driver Role: Designer Project Experience:- 3 months Objective:- I have passed a module parameter to tell the driver to manage N

no. of pseudo devices. Each pseudo device is a kernel buffer allocated in one of following ways :- 1) kmalloc 2) vmalloc 3) kfifo I have allocated one device object per pseudo device and the total number of devices are based on the users requirement. The device object is maintaining all the resources and status information regarding each pseudo device. I have used two threads to test my driver-one thread writes and one for read. Only one read and write thread is allowed at a time in driver on a per device basis.
FINAL YEAR PROJECT WORK Title :- Scrolling display notice board Role :- Designer Project Experience : - 6 months Objective:-The project aims at designing an LED display system which can

be used for colleges notice board or other relevant information for a large number of people. The system works on AVR microcontroller. The microcontroller fetches data from a non-volatile memory and shows it on the display.
OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS Thrice qualified in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Examination),scoring 98,96 and 94 percentile respectively. Captain of electronics cricket team. Captain of school cricket team. Head Organising Com


Name Fathers Name Sex Marital Status Nationality Address Date of Birth Languages Known DECLARATION

-Asif Belal Usmani -Mr B.A.Usmani -Male. -Single. -Indian. -Flat no 5,new halim market,chaman ganj, Kanpur(U.P.) -19th jan 1982 -English, Hindi, urdu

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Place:- PUNE

Asif Belal Usmani