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Portfolios in AIESEC UNSW 2012

Interested in applying for the AIESEC Team Member Program but dont know where exactly you want to go? Want to learn more about the core functions of other portfolios? Read on and find out

Exchange Programme Management Finance Campus Communications Corporate Relations Talent Management


Exchange Program Management

Are you passionate about international experiences?
AIESEC aims to develop youth, particularly by giving them the
opportunity to live overseas. In the Exchange Program Management portfolio at AIESEC, you could be recruiting exchange participants, organising events for them and guiding them through their exchange process from start to finish. In fact, you will be the one who is in charge of someones international experience! In return, you will learn and
improve your event-planning, time-management, client management and presentation skills. Furthermore, depending on what you aim to learn in your role, you can specialise in recruiting for or delivering our most popular exchange program (the Global Community Development Program). Alternatively, you could establish and develop our newer exchange program at UNSW (the Global Internship Program).

To be successful in this portfolio, you will need:

Interpersonal and communication skills, Organisational Skills and A Global Mindset

Weekly Time Commitments:

8 - 10 Hours per week

The exciting responsibilities within Exchange Program Management include:

Events Manager in the Exchange Recruitment Team

Presenting and explaining the AIESEC Exchange program to potential candidates. Organise and run large information sessions and events.

Exchange Participant Consultant in the Global Community Development Program Team

Guide exchange participants through the exchange processes. Act as a personal and virtual buddy for exchange participants before, during and after their exchange.

Exchange Internship Coordinator in the Global Internship Program Team

Research global internship opportunities, map out and run a new recruitment process for these specific opportunities. Act as consultants for exchange participants undertaking the Global Internship Program.

Are you keen to develop your financial management skills?
Joining the Finance portfolio can provide the exciting opportunity to develop practical

skills in finance

and accounting, sales and sponsorship, and project and events management. You will be part of a team responsible for the efficient allocation of financial resources to maximise results and facilitate the long term sustainability of the organisation.
You will also have the opportunity to track the entire organisation and its functions.

and manage other teams to ensure the achievements of their

goals and their compliance with rules and regulations. This involves gaining a comprehensive view of

The exciting responsibilities in Finance include:

Monitoring the budget and plans Preparing and analysing financial statements Applying for grants and obtaining sponsorship partners Developing financial policies Performance Tracking

To be successful in this portfolio, you will need:

Attention to detail, Strong organisational skills, Strong communication skills

Weekly Time Commitments:

5-7 hours per week

Campus Communications
Want to express your creative and innovative side?

Communications is in marketing AIESEC to both the Campus and the University in order to raise brand awareness and advertise our exchange programs. Campus Communications is in charge of designing marketing materials, creating newsletters, public relations, event planning as well as the maintenance of our website and mailing lists.
Our focus in Campus As a person in Campus

The exciting responsibilities in Campus Communications include:

Communications, you will receive the chance to develop your sales and negotiation skills, your creativity and design skills as well as the opportunity to develop yourself as a person. On top of
this, youll also have the opportunity to develop your skills in your specialised roles.

Designing marketing materials (Posters, Videos, Graphics etc.) Establishing relationships with University faculties and society presidents Designing and writing newsletters Maintenance of website and mailing systems Conducting public relations via social media

To be successful in this portfolio, you will need:

Weekly Time Commitments:

Creative innovation, Critical Thinking AND Persistence

5-7 Hours per Week

Corporate Relations
Want to build up your sales and negotiation skills?
As a member of the Corporate

Relations portfolio,

The exciting responsibilities in Corporate Relations include:

you will have the opportunity to develop a number of practical skills in networking,

business etiquette

Business Development Officer:

Expanding our partner base through negotiating, emailing, cold-calling, networking and face-toface sales.

and partnership management.

The Corporate

Relations portfolio is the corporate face of AIESEC. It is responsible for creating new partnerships, managing partnerships to be sustainable, and continually selling our products in innovative ways.
Being a part of the Corporate

Partnership Delivery Officer

Managing partnership accounts and product delivery through quality intern-servicing. Screening and interviewing of exchange applicants. Facilitating visaprocesses, relocation logistics and events planning.

Relations team in AIESEC allows you to really challenge and develop yourself through expanding our partnerships with organisations across Sydney and delivering high quality intern-servicing for exchange participants
from all over the world.

To be successful in this portfolio, you will need:

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, Strong organisational skills, Sales and negotiation skills, Proactivity
Weekly Time Commitments:

8-10 hours per week

Do you believe in developing youth potential in not only yourself but in others?
Talent Management is all about enabling the leadership potential in others, giving the
youth we interact with every day the chance to be more, do more and achieve more. In the Talent The exciting responsibilities in Talent Management include:

Talent Management

Member Engagement Coordinator

Organize and run social events, Local Committee Meetings & Award Nights on both a local and regional scale. Liaison with other portfolios to ensure the quality of the AIESEC experience for members, exchange participants and interns.

Management portfolio, you can be a teacher, a tracker, a trainer, a mentor, an entrepreneur and a friend. You are managing people, giving them the opportunity to be more while tracking that development and seeing them grow.
Join Talent

Member Development Coordinator

Develop and execute a personalized tracking system to track the progress of member's personal and professional experience in AIESEC. Train and develop members in a diversity of fields.

Management and discover the leadership potential in you and those around
you. Make new friendships, develop your skills, discover your passions and visions and experience life-changing moments.

To be successful in this portfolio, you will need: Entrepreneurial Outlook, Emotional Intelligence, Communication

Weekly Time Commitments:


5-7 hours per week