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Re-write these sentences using a modal verb, so that they have the same meaning as the original.

Pay attention to the tense, if it is the present or the past. 1. I'm sure John locked the office before leaving. He always does. 2. If I were you I would tell him the truth. 3. It wasn't necessary for her to phone me back. 4. Ann had finished the project on her own although it wasn't necessary to do so. 5. It was a mistake to sell the house. I wish I hadn't had. 6. Perhaps we'll go swimming tomorrow. 7. I think Mary was probably at home because the windows were open. 8. Perhaps John knew about the trip, but I'm not sure. 9. My dad didn't know how to drive until he was 30. 10. They were obliged to reply to the invitation within ten days. 11. The students were allowed to talk to one another after the test. 12. Jaime wasn't allowed to ski last year. 13. She wasn't obliged to pay for her course in advance. 14. Perhaps we'll rent our house in summer. 15. It was absolutely necessary that we had finished the article by that day. 16. You cannot smoke in the underground; it's forbidden. 17. It was quite possible that they had been away last weekend. 18. I wish I had accepted his offer. 19. It is essential that we had talked before the meeting started. 20. Why didn't we go on a camping trip?