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The Slideshare above has a list of Past Questions

It’s called a cross‐ platform Study and you are expected to use an area of media which has a cross ‐ media presence – i.e. examples in Broadcast, Print and E‐ Media.

You are expected to refer to all three platforms and show as much relevant media knowledge as possible. The key is to show off spe cific knowledge but also not to be descriptive – explain, analyse, explore and discuss.

What you need to do

Think of an area of media which is represented in some way across all three platforms.

Choose one of the following:

1. Music ‐ how does a band or a rtist promote themselves across various platforms? Don’t forget the importance of social media.

2. X Factor – how do spin ‐ offs, such as the website and newspaper, magazine coverage help to generate audience interest. What is the role of social media?

3. Soaps – how do secondary media (print and e ‐ media) help to generate audiences for the primary form (TV)

4. Sport – how does a club promote itself across various media platforms . How do they counteract unfavourable results and TV coverage – e.g. Man UTV etc

5. Adverts e.g. car adverts / Compare the Meerkat etc – how do companies use the three platforms to sell a product. Is one media platform dominant? Why? How do the codes and conventions vary across platforms?

6. TV comedy – Inbetweeners‐ do they exist solely as TV text s or do websites and print media help their fanbase? What about the role the film of the TV series?

7. Broadcast fiction ‐ e.g. Sherlock, Dr Who, Downton Abbey – to what extent do they use social media, websites and print media to increase their market share.


Research the primary media presence – Institu tional aspects: who produced the text? When? Target audience? Number of episodes? Ratings? Trends ‐ is the audience growing / decreasing? How is the programme posit ioned to appeal to certain audiences? Is the institution a PSB like the BBC (non ‐ commercial; think about the PSB remit) What about synergy, commercial aspects, merchandising?

Look at the Codes and conventions of the primary media platform and compare them to the other platforms.

Look at other RAILING aspects and examine them across the different platforms ‐ Audience, Representation, Narrative/Genre, Ideology & Values

How do the following theories and models fit in? Blumler & Katz’s Use and Gratifications Hypodermic Model Cultivation theory and Mean World Syndrome Oppositional and preferred readings Propp’s character types Binary Opposition (Levi Strauss) Todorov’s three part narrative structure Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Young and Rubicam’s 4Cs model

Choose an essay title below and answer it, using your study

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Young and Rubicam’s 4Cs model Choose an essay title below and answer