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Humor For Those Who KNOW That The Joke's On Them SEPTEMBER 16, 2004


2004: JAN COX

Ordinary people who, by definition do not grasp what is going on, insist on offering reasons for why mortal things are as they are, while the man-who-knows will only point out how things are – which is all it takes to wake up the alert.

One man hears what he says is surely someone living in the bushes behind his house. (Which he still somehow feels is an improvement over his earlier hearing of the same racket in the front shrubbery.)

One man continues to say he is being held on trumped up charges.

Says one man:

“What I like best about memories is how I can sneer at myself for having them.”

Once when he became physically ill and the conscious part of the brain started verbally lambasting the rest of the nervous system for letting it occur, a man (in that magical manner possible for humans) made it change course and say: “What am I doing: we’re all in this together,” then stopped and reconsidered the situation:

“So why the hell don’t they realize it, and act accordingly without me having to point it out!?”

And old man river still kept on a’rollin’.

In one land, right before they hang a prisoner, they give the bass player some, (just to ratchet up the pain of the situation).

So inserts one man:

“The very fact that I did not receive a single vote tells you all you need to know about the field I’m in.”

People are always trying to fix stuff, and primarily things in man’s second reality, which he created -------- apparently already in need of fixing.

(Sort of unusual, wouldn't you say.)

Man’s brain is one radio station that never receives a card from consciousness saying: “I’m going to stop listening to your station unless you start playing only songs that I like!”

(Monopoly is not just a board game or commercial stratagem.)

One guy pondered:

“What if the reality of the truism: ‘Only the strong survive’ is that only the strong have the strength to proclaim that they do?!

(For some reason, that possibility really bothers me.)

All it takes to make one man instantly grin is him suddenly realizing again how serious had been the consciousness his instant realization just replaced.

The safest business bet in a civilized setting is encouraging people to vent their dismay at various facets of civilization.

The nature of life in man’s intangible reality is such that all attempts to solve problems become themselves a problem.

A guy who’d considered being a third year med student was stopped still one day when the question suddenly appeared in his head: “Why doesn’t my consciousness get bed sores from laying there in the same thoughts all the time?”

Mulled one man: “If there was any true justice in life then The Alzheimer’s Eradication Society would forget what their aim is.” And while doctors won’t tell patients that ninety per cent of their complaints will clear up without treatment of any sort, lawyers and priests don’t hesitate to encourage their potential clients to go it alone (which is what has decimated the used car business). A reader emails: “Now I’ve forgotten what the original point was?!?” Some mornings when he awakens, one man feels better remaining in bed, and other mornings, just the opposite (which needless to say has

given his bed a neurosis).

And another chap ponders: “Maybe the only people who get-it are those who say: ‘I get it!’ ”

Merely removing a tyrant from the palace will not necessarily depose him from power any more than knocking a man unconscious will wake him up.

The freedom enjoyed by the certain man would make ordinary people feel awkward and at loose ends.

JourneyJourneyJourneyJourney AdvisoryAdvisoryAdvisoryAdvisory PertinentPertinentPertinentPertinent OrdinaryOrdinaryOrdinaryOrdinary Men’sMen’sMen’sMen’s PerceptioPerceptioPerceptioPerceptionnnn OfOfOfOf TheirTheirTheirTheir Life.Life.Life.Life. Somewhere between the beginning and the end, the essence of the middle gets misplaced.

As he dried his hands and prepared to depart the restroom of his favorite tavern, the man glanced at his reflection in the mirror and said: “I’m leaving now: as you should know after all these years: I ain’t much for associatin’ with bums,

(present company excepted).”

“It’s true,” noted a father to a son, “inter-family cannibalism does exist, in that man’s intangible reality continually eats its young, (and you might care to note: you are its young and fattening up quite nicely).

Bon appetit.

A prisoner extending a helping hand to another will commonly poke the other's eye out.

All intangible actions not only produce re-actions but all such actions ARE re-actions. (Reminder: The conscious part of the brain will entertain almost anything to keep from being by itself.)

A kid said to the ole man: “Sometimes I fear I cannot live up to your expectations.” “Hell – don’t sweat it: I can’t live up to them either.”

ClichéClichéClichéCliché UpdateUpdateUpdateUpdate. Rebel consciousness comes to understand: “I am part of the solution.”

“Dear Dr. Exacto: I read in The Daily News the term: ‘upper end of the nervous system,’ but what exactly does that signify? Yours,” etc. “Dear Reader: It is where noses brush rumps; silence meets speech; plugs go into outlets, and man’s awareness touches the sky.”

TheTheTheThe ScrumptiousScrumptiousScrumptiousScrumptious Truth.Truth.Truth.Truth. Nobody gets-it while saying/thinking: “I get it,” or: “I don’t get it,” or:

“Reading this book makes me realize why I never got it before!”

Only when internally soaring alone does a man ever reach the spire of the sky.


While you're still on the ground, the whole thing seems like a run around -------- wait.

but just you