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MBA School of Business UITS

Course: Managerial Economics

Subject: Elasticity of demand &Elasticity of supply & its application in Managerial Economics
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Name- Rumana Tashreen Khanam Designation- Lecturer Address: Faculty of Business Administration University Of Information, Technology & Sciences Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Name Mohammad Nayamat Ali ID-10535175 Course code-MBA 50 Batch- 57

Date of Submission- 25th April, 2011

Term Paper For Masters of Business Administration Spring-2011

Letter of Transmittal Date: 25 April 2011 Mr. Asaduzzaman Lecturer Faculty of Business Administration University Of Information, Technology & Sciences Chittagong, Bangladesh. Subject: - Submission of Term Paper Dear Sir, This is our pleasure to submit our Term paper on Elasticity of demand &Elasticity of

supply & its application in Managerial Economics. which we were assigned. It was a
great opportunity for us to acquire knowledge and experience in respect of the functions, procedures and operational activity, other than our topic of study. We believe that the knowledge and experience we have gathered during the period will immensely help us in our future life. We have concentrated our best efforts to achieve the objectives of the study and hope our endeavor will serve the purpose. However, we will always be ready to provide any further clarification that you may require. Sincerely Yours ______________ Suracit Barua ID-10535156 Ranjib Barua ID-10535141 School of business MBA Program University of Information Technology and Sciences Chittagong

Theoretical knowledge does not make a person perfect. As an institute of third world Country, we learn only theoretical knowledge. However, as a student of Business .administration we need knowledge that is more practical. A perfect coordination between theory and practice is important in the context of modern business world. In order to resolve the dichotomy between theory and practice, the school of Business ,University of information Technology and science Chittagong. This program is necessary for every student to complete his/ her academic degree. This term paper is partly effort to earn knowledge in practical field after completing the theoretical education. Term Paper brings students closer to the business theory and practice & thereby helps them to substantiate their knowledge so that they can prepare themselves to start a successful career. In tomorrow world, only the fittest persons will survive. To survive in the tomorrow's world strong business qualified people is highly required. At present time-, MBA is very lucrative degree for business personnel & Term Paper is very much important for MBA degree. The specialization of business education viz. Marketing, Finance & Banking, Accounting & Management puts special emphasis on knowledge of different aspects of a business concerns. The best ways of acquiring knowledge are excursion & such. Term Paper is one of the ways of learning and scarcely necessary for the students. We have been able to gather practical knowledge in the period of Term Paper. We hope this will help to enrich our knowledge by combining the theory we studied and the practice gathered through this program.

Despite all of efforts, printing mistakes deficiencies for which we are only responsible. Our efforts will be successful if this report serves the purpose.